Throw In With Uncle Sam Before Tavistock Steals Your Children.

Rasmussen calls the numbers on President Trump. It is like a resounding town crier across our nation. The liberal militant left should wake up. Herein lies the problem: the militant left is best viewed as suffering from “in the bunker-ism.”

There’s a new word for psychiatry — Bunker-ism, death-do-us-part behavior which manifests itself in the culture of death, becoming a destructive, religious-like belief.

The left never caves, like a Spaniard who fled Spain’s Civil War, became a Cuban revolutionary, criticized Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and was locked-up on the Isle of Pines. The purist was deported to the United States with his broken family. Once in freedom, he started a flourishing business and died a… life-long communist.

One half of 33% say the insane impeachment has signaled the death knell for President Trump. Two-thirds of 33% say the insane impeachment had no effect at all. Five percent are post turtles, Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 9.31.01 AM(the lame stream media put them there). Lame stream media suffers from rabid Bunker-ism. They infect the minds of the unwitting.

Over half of those polled said  that President Trump is stronger today because of the insane behavior of the left and it’s attempt to impeach our President.

Trump’s job performance in the face of such adversity is absolutely stellar. Fifty-five percent who say Trump is stronger, should give the democrat-left sleepless nights. It appears the only one left with some cognitive ability is James Carville; he’s a Hillary boy.

President Trump holds rally after rally where more democrats line up to see him and listen, than any democrat candidate can possibly draw on their own hook.

It appears Hillary Clinton will dust off her Mao suits, you know, the ones everybody politely refers to as pantsuits.

If she steals the next election, her Purple Revolution will be run like Arkansas in the 1980’s, or for that matter — the Clinton Family Foundation and Initiative which will not bode well for America.

Trump will eat her alive if everyone gets out to vote on election day.

If the roles were reversed, the DOJ would have performed an intervention. Lame stream media would have seconded the motion. The Harpies on the left and their social media boot would stomp their church floor, Lock Him Up!

The Bible says that the anti-Christ will come to power by a small peoples, an example of this is the communist revolution in Czarist Russia. The Bolshevik Bunker-ism is a siren call at our colleges and universities, because the left has infected kindergarten, a German creation brought forward by Psychiatry in it’s infancy.

Carl Schurz (1) was a fugitive from Prussian justice who associated with Karl Marx. While the two were in London, he met and married Margarethe Meyer (2,3) who (along with her sister Bertha) was integral in The Infant Garden in Tavistock Place. The couple moved to Watertown, Wisconsin. Schurz became a republican and an ardent supporter and campaigner for Abraham Lincoln while his wife founded America’s 1st kindergarten at Karlshuegel.




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