We Have Their Number.

Ann Coulter sheds tears over the wall and begs us to consider this the only course for impeachment from her five-star world point of view. It’s so unsettling — we once loved Orphan Annie. Today, in American politics — Red China is Daddy Warbucks.

George T. Conway III, Yale and Harvard — the poor boy doesn’t understand who he runs for. Harvard and Yale are knee-deep in Chinese cash(1). We can thank the Arkansas Mafia, and George Herbert Walker Bush (and the CIA that ran Opium [the bastard stepchild of the O.S.S.] to finance Chiang Kai-shek)

The O.S.S. was actually the bastard stepchild of the English opium runners in America. Is this Fitz-opium? Fitz denotes the bastard child of nobility. The Chinese and the British have a long history. Shanghai is the financial center where they intersect. The power (of the bogus Peoples Republic) emanates from this financial center. China is the test bed of our future which the Rothschilds have foisted on the formerly-addicted Chinese.

In China, former Red Guards (raised up under Mao) are addicted to money and the people in China suffer worse than the serfs and the Irish who were ridden by British Nobility. British Nobility are actually German bloodlines and it is easy to see that they farmed communism after the failed Prussian Revolution. They brought Marx and Engels to their shores. New religion was used to populate the U.S. with those known as “free thinkers.” (That doesn’t sound like religion, does it?)

Back to Yale — which started as a divinity school and somehow became home for the most nefarious cult in our political history: Skull and Bones (founded by opium runners). A few years ago, thoughts like this were labeled conspiracy theories by the CIA (after the assassination of John F. Kennedy). This is how conspiracy theory was injected into the American lexicon. Early Rush Limbaugh had a kook test – today he could pass the test. (The black helicopter people had it right.)

America was being stolen in the 1990s and the Rothschilds had the Chinese financing it. Don’t forget Lloyds of London stepped in to insure North Korea’s food crops in the late 80’s and early 90’s (sustaining their nuke program with hard cash) — those were Bush 41 years. The son of Hitler’s banker, Prescott Bush (Skull and Bones) — can this all be a conspiracy theory? No! It is common knowledge!

Both Bush presidencies were Skull and Bones.

Bill Clinton was raised (politically) by segregationists; yet, like a chameleon, he’s the First Black President, (just a poor black child from Hope.) He learned at the feet of Senator Fulbright (2) his mentor and followed in his footsteps to Oxford (just another Cecil Rhodes scholarship bunny).

This brings us to…Bunny Harriman (3) another Skull and Bones family, steeped in eugenics (4). Eugenics spawned the Negro Project which became Planned Parenthood. Today, Planned Parenthood and the lying left are ensconced in our halls of government because America has been hoodwinked by this elite.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 9.40.53 AM


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