Desk-Jockeys And The Chairborne Rangers – Hit The Road Jack.

George Walker Bush said Donald John Trump doesn’t know how to be a president.

During Glenn Beck’s almost 3-years’ at CNN where he won the Marconi Radio Award for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year, he interviewed President George W. Bush in the oval office. Beck was to join Fox News (1) after leaving CNN Headline News. According to Glenn Beck: (2)

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 8.52.08 AM

Apparently it does matter who sits behind that desk now.

Bush 43 has had a hissy fit over Donald John Trump — precisely because President Trump does not sit behind the desk acting like a sock puppet.

If we dissect the conversation that Beck had with Bush in the oval office, we seem to have an oblique endorsement of Hillary Clinton “don’t worry?”

Just as in the Justice Roberts case — a case of mistaken identity. Justice Roberts shows the reflection of the Bush mirror.

Bush is exactly like his father, you would think that he was conservative but every once in a while he’d do something to make your scratch your head, like McCain-Feingold — an almost decade-long process started in 1995. The republican party at this time had come to the realization that small business owners were the backbone of the party’s donations. (I was one of them in 1994 and 1995).

McCain-Feingold allowed big money into American politics which in fact, ushered in George Soros, a tireless advocate of nazism.

The mirroring of the two Bush administrations in relation to SCOTUS appointments are exactly the same modus operandi.

Justice Soutor was a weak candidate for conservatives whereas Justice Thomas has performed his constitutional duties satisfactorily for any conservative worth their salt.

Justice Roberts, it has been said was coopted by his adoption problems. His judicial  behavior on Obamacare and McCain-Feingold bear that out. His willy-nilly last minute changes was a naked hokey-pokey dance.

Justice Alito (W’s other pick) insured his entrance into Yale Law School by coming out at Princeton in 1971 — calling for the decriminalization of sodomy, he also was vocal on reforms to the hiring practices employers could use concerning homosexuals.

“W” went to Yale, his father went to Yale, his grandfather went to Yale where they were all Skull and Bones; there’s a trifecta.

It’s very obvious that 43 was controlled by outside influences and why wouldn’t it be? He was a member of a secret society that has rituals and doctrine that are secret. President Trump has none of those problems.

The first thing that President Trump needs to do to save the nation from these bureaucrat-mobsters at Justice, is to fire them wholesale. President Trump then must create a cull pile outside the FBI building in Washington, D.C. Who do these people think they are?

Obviously, they think they are above the Chief Executive, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer and the Commander in Chief of our military who was elected in a nationwide election, not a gerrymandered congressional district, flooded with illegal aliens who are voting. Worse yet? Their voter fraud and ballot harvesting.



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