Marassa Jumeaux. Justice or Just Us?

So many voices in America now. Social media has delivered a platform (soapbox.) Use it as long as you don’t push the envelope of their guidelines.

If you’re a conservative that means you cannot speak your mind but — if you are advocating a position that these leftists in social media fancy, you will be given free rein from the social media poobah.

America’s attention span has been diminished by a combination of gaming and sensory overload, combined with a constant haranguing from the main stream media which includes Fox news today — not hard to understand the lack of discernment. Events in recent political history are erased. Our short term memory of events has been assaulted so connecting the dots has become non-existent or at best, a near impossible task.

The Justice Department is a den of snakes and it proves itself to be that day after day (1). Why can’t a leader like President Trump fire every U.S. Attorney like Bill Clinton had done? Bill Clinton fired all of the U.S. Attorneys when he took office in 1993 (all except for one: Michael Chertoff) and replaced them with every sort of liberal punk lawyer that represented the values of he and his wife, The “most honorable” Hillary Clinton, (2) the Benghazi Babe, (did you notice how long it took for the FBI to get over to Benghazi? (3)  They work for the Justice Department.)

There is no justice for Benghazi, there is not justice for Americans. There is only justice for the elite and you can’t fire these justice people. Why? Who has a job in perpetuity — especially, when their performance is at odds with the entity that they are supposed to serve? In this case, we are the entity — the American people.

To remind people how politicized the Department of Justice has become, we must point to the prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens, a Republican from Alaska (prior to the 2008 election).

The DOJ attorneys in this case sought and received a conviction against an innocent man and finally Judge Emmet Sullivan said: “In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case.”

In this case the damage was irreparable; Senator Stevens lost his election to a democrat hack but was cleared of all charges. The republicans lost the majority in the US senate. Harry Reid from Nevada became the Senate Majority Leader where he reeked havoc on America, particularly enslaving its public into Obamacare which was actually Hillarycare (but it didn’t have CANKLES’ fingerprints on it.) Thank Chief Justice Roberts (a three-dollar bill) (4).

Our voices need to become one and demand that justice be done to the Federal Courts, the Department of Justice and their errant child — the FBI (5). At this time, we can no longer afford political infighting to emanate any further from this cesspool. All these lawyers have had their head shaped by modern education, apparently designed to change America into a socialist utopia (gulag).







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