Diversity Is A Nightstick That Has Been Used Against America.

Our justice department has run amok. The attorneys at the DOJ have assumed a position to which they have no right. They are not a separate branch of government with special powers over American citizens, denying their constitutional rights.

Although not a fan of Roger Stone or Paul Manafort, what has happened to them can only be viewed as over zealous prosecution accomplished with a willing judiciary. Example: Amy Berman Jackson. (1)

President Trump spoke out about Roger Stone’s suggested sentencing guidelines from partisan DOJ prosecutors (who imagine themselves to be above the law, and immune from termination). They are held up by the left (and RINOS) as pious and sacred judicial warriors… sacrosanct, when truly — they resemble the untouchables on the fetid streets of India.

The left have raised their voices: President Trump is applying illegal and undue pressure to the DOJ. Who are these to question the 1st amendment rights of the chief legal officer of the U.S.? It is not illegal for POTUS to comment nor is it illegal for AG Barr to act in this matter.

Will someone please tell us why Eric Holder was known as President Obama’s “enforcer?” Where did Holder get his directions? Barack Obama had Eric Holder dismiss  the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party in May 2009. imageThe dismissal was corrupt in nature, complete with false statements characterizing the case, and orders came down for career attorneys not to comply with lawful subpoenas (they sought to investigate Holder’s unlawful dismissal of the voter intimidation case.)  Attorney John Christian Adams resigned his position in June 2009. True to form, the left have smeared Adams and his career at every opportunity.

Eric Holder, Student Radical

Nine democrat senators fired off a letter to AG Barr urging him to resign immediately for overruling the sentencing recommendations of the prosecutors (who work for him!)  These prosecutors are Obama holdovers. Partisan senators are seeking to protect partisan lawyers by advancing undue influence on the Attorney General of the United States!

There are over 100 million untouchables in India. They themselves are divided by castes and the law affords them little protection. The lawyers at the DOJ performing prosecutions with malfeasance, should be made a sub-class within our society. They are a smaller minority than any group within the nation, yet they wish to run roughshod over any and all they deem deplorable.

The elites have ginned up the CFR and Trilateral Commission while Bilderberg has no trouble filling its meetings; in other words, our two parties are really about the new world order. Money in politics?

Isn’t this up to the American people?

The bureaucracy has become oppressive because it has been politicized by the two parties. This did not take place because of either party; they are both involved. That Rockefeller Republicans became RINO’s is not a conspiracy theory and neither is the fact that the democrat party have become socialist turncoats. The two parties are complicit.

It is time we the American people say “Enough is Enough!”

(1) https://patriots4truth.org/2019/01/26/judge-amy-berman-jackson-is-a-corrupt-mueller-witch-hunter-coming-for-roger-stone/



2 thoughts on “Diversity Is A Nightstick That Has Been Used Against America.

  1. IMO, a nightstick is far too nice a term to describe what the left has done w/diversity. More like a nuke, and it hasn’t stopped. 100+ years of the DS operating, with no interference, will not be able to be fixed fast, and often so very difficult to know who is friend and who is foe in the fight. Satan is the master of disguise! Am so glad we have POTUS, but even he can only do so much. Under O, they didn’t even try to hide their lawlessness, and suffered no consequences. I and, am cerain, many patriots are totally disgusted with the total corruption of government, and ready for the hammer to fall.

    Good article, Barefoot.

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