Kill It Before It Grow.

Mike Bloomberg wants your vote so he can do away with you. He’s choosing this time in his life to make a run at being Hitler.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.14.24 AM
There behind mini-Mike, are Bill and Hillary Clinton


Mike Bloomberg has no respect for life in the womb or for people who raise life from the ground. He’s more comfortable with Broadway because all the world’s a stage.

Michael Bloomberg worked his way up in Solomon Brothers from counting securities by hand, to general partner and somehow managed to get fired, ending the 15-year career after becoming general partner. He left with a $10Million parachute.

He is one of only 4 individuals to have served as mayor of NYC for more than 12 years. We know he likes to throw his money around.

A big proponent of gun control and climate change as well as other left-wing causes, mini Mike has donated $8Billion. He is worth $62.8Billion as of today, February 17, 2020.

Bloomberg LP was founded as mini-Mike hit the ground running from Solomon Brothers. He put up “seed” money for the company in 1981. The consummate monopoly player, mini-Mike owns 88% of that business which has an estimated annual revenue of $10Billion. (1)

In November of 2019 — Forbes had Bloomberg’s wealth at $54.1Billion; this is a difference of $8.7Billion in two months.(2)

In 1978 — both AT&T and General Motors Corporation had assets lower than this amount of money. Putting that into perspective, $8.7Billion in 2020 would be about $2.2Billion in 1978. This is what happened to our money and it happened because of people like Bloomberg.

In the late 1960’s the minimum wage was $1.10 and today the minimum hourly wage is $7.25. Today — $7.25 is worth less than the $1.10 an hour in 1970.

You see how the rich have gotten rich? Mini Mike is a very rich man but in December of 2018 (then 76 years old) he made a promise while appearing on Radio Iowa — “but I think at my age if selling is possible, I would do that” he also said “at some point you’re going to die anyway so you want to do it before then.” (3)

While in Iowa in 2018 Bloomberg embraced ethanol and hob-knobed with the gun control crowd but was quoted as saying “eventually you’d like to get a world where we don’t burn anything.” He visited a solar panel business in Cedar Rapids and chatted with community college students who are learning to maintain wind turbines. Where are the wind turbines in New York City after your 12+ years there as Mayor? Not in your backyard?

Billionaire mini-Mike has a history of discriminating against women and actually told an employee to “kill it” when she announced her pregnancy. What we clearly see is a powerful money man who is pro-abortion and gun confiscation admitting he knows abortion is MURDER.

There may be 2 reasons for running for president that Mini Mike would not discuss in public. His billions invested in China and the fact that he is in Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book.(5)

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