Yale, Military Intelligence, New World Order.

Here’s all we have to know. Barack Obama had the most ethical administration in the history of the United States, while President Trump is the most criminal mob leader to ever hold the office.

You were led to believe that Obama/Mao was the economic answer to all of America’s woes and he fixed healthcare. Today — reporters in America are spouting off that the democrats have outmaneuvered the republicans on healthcare.

The economic turnaround under President Trump is right in front of our eyes. This naked, economic juggernaut of an American economy is being painted as hard times as we try to throw off the shackles of Obamacare. Yes, Obama/Mao promised you could keep your own doctor and insurance — that’s how the democrats outmaneuvered the republicans.

The left cries out about President Trump at the Daytona 500 as they shepherd your children and grandchildren into transgenderism. Gender studies seem to have been foisted upon America by the latent communists in academia in the late 1960’s. Earlier in that decade, Khrushchev banged his shoe at the United Nations.

Today — Rhodes Scholarships are handed out in the third world to women from these developing nations to shape future leaders who will spout the theology, dictated from academia, in the former British empire which is run by its bank.

Not much good came from bloody England — especially the poppy from which it made so much profit from misery. The mass addiction of China has come home to roost in a communist-feudal-society that is more brutal than the Japanese repression of China in the 1930’s. Japan was financed by British bankers in America.

In the early 1900’s forward, beginning with the Russo-Japanese War, financed by American bankers, facilitated the death of the Tsar.

Yale in China — prepared Mao Zedong for his run at power. Yale in China began in 1835… three years after the formation of Skull and Bones. This is the opium connection.


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Yale, Military Intelligence, NWO

References to Mao Zedong have been scrubbed by its site: The Yale Foreign Missionary Society changed its name in 1901 to Yale-China Association.

Do you now understand why the assault against President Trump has a firm foundation at Yale and other schools? It is because the Chinese are returning the favor with hard cash. It was outside influences — starting in the 1960’s (from Russia) then the 1970’s, where Yale in China became cemented in politics.(1)

George Herbert Walker Bush (Yale 1948) was appointed U.S. Liaison to China. He is held up as our first Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China. He was followed by three more Yale graduates who became U.S. Ambassadors to China: Winston Lord (Yale 1951), Clark Randt Jr. (Yale 1968) and Gary Locke (Yale 1978). (Both Bush and Winston Lord were Skull and Bones.)

Mao starved more people to death than Stalin.(2) It was his favorite form of execution. It has been said that he was a sexual pervert.

A casual observation: it seems Stalin, Krushchev and Mao would make good democrats today.

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(1) https://world.yale.edu/news/yale-and-china-centuries-old-partnership-0

(2) https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/maos-great-leap-forward-killed-45-million-in-four-years-2081630.html


3 thoughts on “Yale, Military Intelligence, New World Order.

  1. ANYONE who wants their child to attend Yale is either bat s**t crazy, or totally uninformed, or probably both.
    Excellent article Barefoot, expecially about the China connection.


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