California Dreamin’ Has Become America’s Worst Nightmare

Everyone wants a portion of a mediterranean diet (the existential fare of western civilization) and of course, it takes a farmer to get it to the table.

There are very few parts of the world that have a mediterranean climate; western and southern Australia, western Cape of South Africa and central Chile (where we get some of our nicest fruits and vegetables).

Not counting the Mediterranean Basin, California is the only other place on the earth that has a mediterranean climate. If it was described in American terms it would be mediterranean-like climate. But you could speak it in modern-American campus-talk so it would be “like mediterranean like climate, he-he-he-he.”

The Roman Empire and specifically — its water management, (parts of which survive today) are a testimony to the weakness of our modern American system. (The Roman Empire’s military — the Roman Legions, did not admit transgenders into its ranks).

The Flood Control Act of 1917 and 11 years later — the Flood Control Act of 1928 placed the Army Corps of Engineers firmly in charge of flood control projects in California and throughout the nation. It was at this stage in American history, that the Federal Government began growing beyond the boundaries delineated in the constitution. Be it as it may, it is the law of the land today.

In the 1960’s and early 70’s the leftist-democrats introduced (against humanity) competing species into water management within The State of California and the nation. (If you were a fish, would you like to live here?)

Fish can’t talk so let’s use the argument that that left uses: a baby can’t voice an opinion so it has none — a human baby. You see how the left has us going in circles?… it’s what they do best!

Rather than having California a great bread basket, the nation was to be made dependent upon foreign agriculture, (much like it was made to be dependent on foreign oil in the 1970’s).

The money boys don’t like the little hungry mouths in America. This all played into the hands of the globalists who seek to reduce the world’s population.

California and the Federal Government have allowed the infrastructure associated with water management in that state, to fall down in disrepair (because the people of that state have been made numb as to what is a necessity and what is not). The whole system has missed many updates and is antiquated at best. Californians’ ability to discern cause and effect has been taken from them, and they are right where the left wants them: floating on intravenous injections upon feces-lined streets.

Yet… the Delta smelt is protected in its pristine environment, while human beings are denigrated and aborted in the womb (for convenience).


Abortion of babies in the womb and the Delta smelt are protected under Federal Law. Before Roe v. Wade, California was the only state in the Union with legalized abortion.

How much more California Dreamin’ can this nation take before we go up in smoke?


One thought on “California Dreamin’ Has Become America’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Good article, Barefoot. I have not read POTUS’s solution to the water debacle, but he did address it when he was in Bakersfield, so hopefully, he DOES have a plan. Too bad part of CA, particularly the very fertile and productive part, can’t vote to extend their border(s) and join the ones in OR wanting to do the same.

    Keep ’em coming……….


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