In God We Trust

Does anyone doubt that the democrat/deep-state party is as dangerous as a wounded animal? Earlier this month — the democrat caucus in Iowa was a painful sight. Low turnout was the rule of thumb and the numbers suggest a thumb’s down (for any effort that this despicable party will put forward in the presidential election).

Enthusiasm for these lying scoundrels pales in comparison to the visuals we have from any number of Trump rallies around the country. President Trump has no empty seats. There are always a bunch of people outside who are turned away.

The Trump campaign has taken to providing a live feed outside the venues where the president has no shortage of ardent supporters. Trump is loved on the inside, the outside… top to bottom and front to back.

Democrat/deep-state’s dismal showing in Iowa (before the bogus impeachment trial) ย demonstrates clearly, that the lying democrat/deep-state hit its high water mark with Barack Obama.

America is in a much better place: lower inflation, plentiful jobs and the population (outside the blue Clinton Archipelago) is so much more polite to one another.

Year’s ago it was said that courtesy was the lubricant of the road, and courtesy is something lacking in the places where the democrat/deep-state enjoys its power base.

One thing is certain — the lying, dirt ball, democrat/deep-state politicians who sought to impeach President Trump, have a cadre of those willing to believe the lie and then attempt to hammer conservatives (at every opportunity) who support their president.

The democrat/deep-state-party represents the new world order which is globalist in nature; it seeks to have its own religion. Communist China today seeks to run religions within that nation. Everything must be approved by the state; therefore, China is further along in the new world order than any country on earth.

Living in red China does not seem to be on the bucket list of many Americans and for good reason. In America, our rights descend from the Creator — in the past, Americans realized this was from the God of Israel. When freedom of religion was delineated by our founders, they never entertained thoughts of wickens or muslims — not that they weren’t versed in knowledge of these so-called religions, quite the contrary — they realized the inferiority because if it is not from our God, then it is from another source in the arena of spiritual battle.

Jesus taught us to call God our Father and that is blasphemy in Islam; therefore, Islam is not compatible with Christianity. That shouldn’t need to be said but we have secularists running governments telling us that the social order, (masquerading as a religion) is equal to Christianity.

Christians are taught to love thy neighbor as thyself and muslims are taught to smite the neck of the infidel. In recent human history two godless empires became fast friends with those who follow Islam: the nazis of Germany and the communists of Russia.

Bernie Sanders, a secular jew, has no problem with those who hate Christianity.

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