Everything Is Weaponized; Especially 5G.

New York born elitist — Boris Johnson (1)  (we are the world) gave them BREXIT and now he wants to deliver to them 5G by HUAWEI — a company run by The People’s Liberation Army.

This blog has intimated that it is actually Britain’s financial center in Shanghai running China today; meaning — Boris Johnson and President Xi are run by Rothschild. One of those who married into Rothschild is a Jersey girl (one that we’re not in love with).

Born Lynn Forester in Bergen County, New Jersey she studied at Pomona College, a private liberal arts college — member of the Claremont College Consortium — known as The 7 c’s (the “c” doesn’t stand for conservative).

Before studying international law at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva Switzerland, Lynn studied at Columbia Law School.

Before marrying Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, Lynn was married to Alexander H. Platt then Andrew Stein (later a beau of Ann Coulter) with whom she had two children: Benjamin and John.

After 4 years with the international law firm of Simpson, Thatcher and Bartlett (NY) she began working for Telecom billionaire John Werner Kluge (a German immigrant who at one time was the richest person in the U.S.). Kluge had a background in American intelligence during W W II (and was an early pioneer in television broadcasting).

It was Kluge’s Metromedia stations that would become the Fox Television Network. His Metromedia company (after his death), was involved in eastern Europe and post-Soviet Republics in Eurasia and China (telecom, cable and radio ventures through Metromedia International Group).

Lynn Forester was EVP of Development for Metromedia Inc for about 5 years. She was also a giant in paging, wireless data and cellphone service in Latin America (where cocaine overflows). Selling out to Motorola — she reportedly made between $80,000,000 -$100,000,000.

Lynn stepped into Europe in 1998 with Firstmark Communications International and built a 20,000 kilometer network in 15 countries. By June 2000 (when she sold), she had become a giant in European telecommunications (she married Rothschild that year).

You would wonder why Britain does not have a homegrown 5G network when people like this are behind the scenes running the show?

Lady de Rothschild is a huge Bill and Hillary backer. (2) Hillary had no shortage of MAO suits. Those around her would praise Mother Teresa and Mao in the same breath (that would be (lizard-like) Anita Dunn who happened to be Obama’s 1st Communications Director- and married to [former partner at Perkins Coie] Robert Bauer [also former W.H. Counsel]).

So you see it’s the lawyers that are the problem. My son the lawyer has replaced my son the doctor (or dentist).

Recent comments from Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor paint an ugly picture. She is lacking in knowledge of our constitution. These lawyers do not study or understand the constitution; they follow case law.

Lawyers aren’t happy running government, they want to run the world’s businesses too. Red China and its state-run corporations seem to be the best business model because it runs the government as a sideline.

(1) https://www.newsweek.com/boris-johnson-us-citizen-irs-born-new-york-1449974

(2) https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/lynn-forester-de-rothschild-marthas-vineyard-summer-home-article

2 thoughts on “Everything Is Weaponized; Especially 5G.

  1. Once again I learn so much from your investigating, and particularly like the links at the end. FYI, I have a table w/a lazy susan on it, inherited from my grandmother, exactly like the one in the Rothchild’s ‘cottage’………. Also had no idea Boris was born in the US!

    Excellent, once again, Barefoot.


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