It’s Not Just The Democrat’s Mess

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About our unprincipled politicians: would they rather the nation sin before God, than right a wrong?

How can senators Collins and Murkowski be so cold blooded?

They voted with the despicable democrats against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

These two despicable/political/2-steppers then voted for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. (1)

What they are doing is protecting abortion, not the survivors.

Here in America we poison/kill the unborn in the womb as if they are the crazed monk from Russia — Rasputin. The aborted are our most innocent citizens and what have we replaced them with? A deep-state onslaught of illegal and uneducated from elsewhere (new voters for the democrat plantation).

These two women are just fine with aborting a baby that can feel pain but are so sanctimonious they’ll allow a baby (that has survived a botched abortion) to endure another medical nightmare (at the hands of the people who tried to kill it in the first place).

Collins and Murkowski should be made to empty the canisters at the busiest Planned Parenthood DEATH CAMP for a month. Would the ladies be pleased to look at the many hands, feet, heads and mangled bodies sucked from their mother’s womb because of their political posturing?

We assume that everyone has been taught to learn from their mistakes. But if you are the new face in the democrat primary, you don’t have to worry about your mistakes. Mike Bloomberg is so rich, Harvey Weinstein would be jealous about his payoffs to women.

America has been whipped by the left with every cause that they hold in their fists as they attempt to wrap themselves in the flag and constitution. In other words, they want it both ways.

Take for instance — Colorado public housing; people like Mike Bloomberg wish to tax poor people for their bad behavior: smoking cigarettes, sugary drinks and food loaded with salt. Yet the people in public housing in Colorado are plagued with radon gas and the government is not interested in alleviating this problem. (2)

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No Radon Mitigation For You There Are Nazis In The Soup

America cannot get ahead because the democrat junk sciences and pseudo causes, prevent the nation from going forward.

The democrat’s impetus for constantly whipping the American people with their tainted point of view, is so they maintain fresh recruits for their plantation. That is why they are knee deep in academia and the news media. Their ideas are always fresh in the minds of the immature and those with low intellect.

Peter”B” is not a viable candidate for president; he is there to keep the male homosexuals happy. Sanders keeps the socialists happy — Warren’s there to keep the women happy and Biden’s there to keep the deep-state happy. All until Hillary shakes the cobwebs out of her colostomy bag.

When the devil comes to take you away from God is he going to check your profiles on social media to see if you’re standing up for one nation under God?



2 thoughts on “It’s Not Just The Democrat’s Mess

  1. We see their True colors; they’d rather be friends with other woman then a friend to a innocent baby about to be slaughtered! And no matter how you try to make it about women; it’s about stopping the beating heart of a growing baby inside her mother’s womb! It’s a horror show!

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