Love At First Bite? Don’t Take The Bait.

“You don’t wanna have guns — if you have a gun in your house, you’re something like, 22 times as likely to get killed with a gun. There’s domestic violence, there’s children playing, there’s accidents.” (1)


So there’s Mike Bloomberg; he’s an authoritarian. He doesn’t want the American people to be arbiters of their own destiny (against his coming tyranny). It’s Mike’s way or the highway!

This filthy-rich-leprechaun is playing loose with the facts, it fits right into modern education — it gives useful idiots an off-beat statistic they can throw in your face with their perpetual arguments. Liberals will tell you — your facts are just your opinion. They know they are full of B.S. and assume you are too.

The other side of the democrat coin? Bernie Sanders. Independent from Vermont? Ever notice how independent socialists are? They want your money to pay for their independence.


People signed their names upon The Declaration of Independence (under the threat of death) so that we could be free.

CNN quotes Bernie Sanders:

“in terms of the manufacturer’s liability, I am now on the bill that takes away that exemption”

Quoted at a Town Hall meeting:

“my administration will do what the American people want not what the NRA wants” (2)

Bernie wants to go after the gun manufacturers in federal court — legally.

Shouldn’t he just move to the land of milk and honey where everything is just great. There he can be safe from all of us ogres.

Other side of that coin for Bernie, right?

In reality the democrat field is a three-dollar-bill, rounded out by Buttigieg. The fact that his father is from the former British Colony of Malta and studied to be a Jesuit Priest before becoming a Professor of Literature at Notre Dame — South Bend, Indiana (is becoming harder and harder to dig up). (3)

Buttigieg was the valedictorian in the class of 2000 at St. Joseph’s High School (South Bend, IN). This kid is running for President — 20-years later. His qualification for office? He’s an avowed homosexual. (4)

Graduating magna cum laude from Harvard in 2004, he was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship so his head could be shaped by British masters. Cecil Rhodes was a flaming homosexual who advocated a world run under British rule by you guessed it — more of the same.

At Oxford — Buttigieg cofounded the Oxford International Review. Somehow he received a direct commission to the U.S. Navy Reserve and was sworn in as an intelligence officer in September 2009.

Recently, with bulging pants, he gave a 9-year old (prepubescent boy) pointers on how to come out as gay. Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 6.55.13 AM

The deep-state spied on the Trump campaign according to retired Special Agent Bassem Youssef (F.B.I. Communications Analysis Unit 2004-2014) who ran the bureau’s warrantless spying program. (5)

“I have no doubt or very little doubt that it was used for political spying or political espionage.”

A recent Intellectual Frog Legs has a clip (starting at 17:17 – 17:32) of Bill Maher saying to Steve Bannon:

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 8.02.18 AMIT’S….. A GIANT RICO.








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