The Sheriff Of Nottingham

The High Sheriff of high taxation and confiscation.

Americans have lost many rights and we have given away our monetary system to foreign bankers who have enslaved us. Foreign bankers have made a lot of money from dope throughout the centuries and it is undeniable; just look at the Opium Wars (1) in China.

Many rich people from India have been caught up with Hong Kong-Shanghai Bank.  These trading families of Britain, India and China go back centuries. The new world order is actually the old world order that seeks to own every slice of the pie.

India was very rich and had a high civilization (while America was a vast, undeveloped colony) and so — the small island nation of Britain, could not take care of the insurrection in its American colonies and maintain the big plum: India.

Less than 100-years after American independence, Queen Victoria declared herself the Empress of India. B196_095074_1914 / Queen VictoriaShe was the drug dealer for China and the poppy made its way as a symbol for military veterans in both Britain and America.

How many of you have bought a poppy from the VFW?

Civil forfeiture can be traced back to British Navigation Acts. Maritime laws from the mid-17th Century mandated that all ships carrying goods bear the British flag. Any ship that did not do so, could immediately be seized. This was the era of British opium, the American colonies, the slavery of addiction in China and the subjugation of the Indian sub-continent.

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 9.16.31 AM

In the American colonies — forfeiture laws were considered unreasonable searches and seizures (which denied citizens of life, liberty or property without due process). Over time, congress adopted civil forfeiture laws and once into U.S. law, they sat unused for the most part. Initially, government officials were allowed to seize the property of anyone who did not pay their taxes. Income taxes should be unconstitutional.

It was in the 1980’s when President Reagan (who had signed gun control and abortion legislation into law as Governor of California,) signed the Comprehensive Crime Control Act as a means of dismantling drug empires by seizing cash and/or property.

See how well that worked? If that were the case, HSBC Bank (2) would not exist today. In criminal forfeiture, a person must be convicted of a crime.

Civil forfeiture requires neither a conviction nor any proof of wrongdoing. The action is against the property rather than the person. Do you wish the laws impacted  corporations like HSBC this way? They have been making money on dope for centuries.

Now these banks have you (little people) scared to pad your mattresses with cash, by using the civil authorities. Bankers want you to go “cashless” so they can pull the rug out from underneath you. They have been changing the paper money and coinage so as to date older money.

They seek a cashless society because they care not who makes the laws… if they own the money.

They are a criminal enterprise — serviced by dandies at the window.



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