Justice, Not Vengeance

Chuck Corona Schumer revealed his plan to inject federal funding into the upcoming emergency “deal.”  Only in Chuck Schumer’s world (of retail government) is the infusion of taxpayer monies a “deal.”

Getting the money to local hospitals and municipal governments (to tackle the corona virus, Trump asked for $2Billion they gave him $8.3Billion) is a place where the American taxpayer can get ripped off.

Prior to Corona virus, Schumer was screaming for emergency funds to aid lower Manhattan’s Chinatown museum in the wake of a devastating fire. In years gone by this was not considered the realm of the federal government, because the federal government did not take income tax; it operated on money from tariffs.

The bloated federal government is set up to bring home the bacon and this is the problem. Concerning this particular bacon?… Senator Schumer is NOT kosher.

Although Schumer passed the New York bar exam in 1975, he never pursued a professional legal career. At age 24, Chuck was New York State Assembly’s youngest member since Theodore Roosevelt. He married Iris Weinshall and the couple had two children.

Schumer served in the U.S. House of Representatives (1981-1999) then won a U.S. Senate seat in 1998, after defeating republican incumbent, Alphonse D’Amato (whose indiscreet extramarital affair had been sniffed out by NSA… which had been coopted by the Clintons).

If you can’t get em with the intelligence community, you get em with the DOJ. Example: the illegal prosecution (overseen by Robert Mueller) of Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. (1)

President Trump has been such a joy to many Americans and a tough customer to the deep-state, (which has weaponized both the intelligence community and the DOJ against him).

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.04.58 AM

Senator Schumer and the six ways from Sunday comment, was warning President Trump of the coming poop-storm from the intelligence community. We had an eyeful of Senator Schumer in front of the Supreme Court (flinging poop like a monkey at the zoo.) Schumer apologized for his threatening words (which supposedly mean nothing – if we are to believe him.)

The ladies and gentle persons Schumer spoke before wish to snuff out the little vaginas and foreskins, to prevent them from seeing the light of day.

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 10.05.29 AM
Denial of God, pollution, decay and moral turpitude, are hallmarks of the democrat party

The Schumer’s younger daughter Alison, married another woman. Alison is described as a six-figure earner at Facebook rather than a full-figured lesbian. She had donated $50,000 to her father (who is a big supporter of Facebook) and the woman she married works for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). (2)

Chuck’s wife Iris — was former Commissioner of the NY Department of Transportation. It appears that there is much cross-pollination between NYC DOT and MTA and MTA Council. There is a coalition of 16 public safety agencies in the greater NY metro area. It’s all about the money.

15 U.S. senators have been expelled Article-1 Section 5, clause 2 of the constitution; Schumer should be 16. He threatened two Supreme Court justices while court was in session.

(1) https://mustreadalaska.com/robert-mueller-oversaw-witch-hunt-against-ted-stevens/

(2) https://www.advocate.com/politicians/2018/11/20/chuck-schumers-daughter-alison-marries-woman-nyc


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