Hop On The Bus, Set Yourself Free.

Charles Schumer and Joe Biden are the old school democrats from the same mold. Farmed straight out of law school (neither have ever practiced law) becoming professional politicians, haunting a generation. They just won’t go away.

These two have been integral in the declining morals of society; promoting the baseness of their party of slavery, which routinely trades one slavery for another.

Democrats are using Bernie, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley to farm a new group of democrats for the plantation. The farm will produce a new slavery for our future.

If a former bus driver can be president of Venezuela, make no doubt —  there is a socialist in the wings being groomed right now to rule America (so its wealth can be stolen).

NOT a system of government but rather a vehicle to power and seize a nation’s wealth;  socialism is a huge lie. A former bus driver — Maduro, is a modern day Ralph Kramden who has become the socialist leader of the most mineral-rich country in the southern hemisphere. Venezuelans were pushed by orchestrated recessions and depressions towards Hugo Chavez who held out the wealth and told Venezuelans they would be taken care of… in a cradle-to-grave utopia.

The whole nation was fleeced for the benefit of a few, and this Caracas bus driver has every Venezuelan seated in the back of the bus while his family and friends sit up front.

The democrat party is not far removed from this trash. Slavery was their beginning and let us hope, slavery is their end. PAUL PELOSI. HUNTER BIDEN.

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 9.27.26 AM

Michelle Obama floating in Paris on a barge while Notre Dame burns, coincidence? Whispering to Obama: “all this for a damn flag?”

They will take everything from you including your children. When the socialist tyranny knocks on your door — after their promises of utopia, there will be nothing you can do about it. You will be unarmed, defenseless and half-starved.

This is the divide in America. They have stolen your children’s minds in the educational system that the federal government has mandated in a prayerless jury-rig.

The reason why Netanyahu cannot govern Israel is the same reason our youth has been propagandized and brainwashed. The left is a worldwide movement of slavery.

Through the media — the left is fighting with the left. (1) They want America to believe that the right flies the nazi flag. The right in America wears a MAGA hat, even Jussie Smollet knows this (his contrivance did not include the KKK or swastika).

Leftists pukes are stealing America and they will do dirty deeds with the vote that will occur in November. They have stolen the minds of our children with a poor education and enslaved them with enormous debt. Where does this money go? It goes to the left. Where does the repaid debt go? It goes to the elites who run the left. The elites wish to take over the world and install their tyranny.

(1) https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a31260921/nazi-flag-bernie-sanders-rally-swastika/

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