Farewell, Oh Hiawatha

Has everyone heard of Kim Foxx — the Cook County State’s Attorney? Everyone may not have heard of Dionte Johnson, a ne’er-do-well juvenile who unsurprisingly grew into a gangster. When he was 14, (1) he participated in a brutal slaying on Chicago’s southside. The murder of 16-year-old Derrion Albert is on video. (All the others involved received prison sentences; Johnson was released from extended juvenile jurisdiction after 5 years and 7 months.)

Soon after being released, Dionte Johnson was charged with felony aggravated fleeing and alluding, and prosecutors said they would activate the 30-year prison sentence he had skated on for the murder in 2009.

A Jury began hearing evidence on the Johnson case the day Kim Foxx was elected State’s Attorney in Cook County, Illinois. By Thanksgiving of 2016, the Chicago machine started to cover for Johnson’s gangster behavior. Political donations are (of course) the meat of these politicians. (Some donations never see the books).

On February 9th of 2017 (shortly after Ms. Foxx assumed office) Dionte Johnson was released for time-served and he went home.

In August 2019 — Dionte Johnson jumped off a porch and ran away from pursuing police (who caught up with him and recovered his hand gun). He was due in court March 9th 2020. This is not new stuff in America.

In the past 1100+ days there has been no prosecution of the deep-state by the Department of Justice. It seems that no matter the party, (the faces of which change from year to year,) the corruption is always in the background.

Minnesota is abundantly rich in rivers, creeks, lakes and wetlands; it is a hunter’s paradise.

Minneapolis is like a mini San Francisco — it has a very high LGBT population. Homosexuals have long been drawn to radical political movements in America’s short history. In earlier years (when homosexuals were ostracized) — radical and communist elements welcomed them with open arms.

Isadore (Kid Cann) Blumenfeld was Minnesota’s most notorious mobster — a murderer and bootlegger.

Cann was well known for the murder of Walter Liggett, a newspaper man, who had worked for the NY Times, The Sun, The NY Post and The NY Daily News. Walter was the founder of a weekly paper called the Midwest American. Liggett may well have been a marxist and he was very much an idealist who could not believe that socialism/communism did not exist in pure form, untainted by criminal behavior in the case of Minnesota’s Farmer-Labor Party.

Minnesota was a hotbed for communists at this time. Minnesota politics were ruled by the Farmer-Labor Party (FLP).

Walter Liggett (age 49) was machine gunned in an alley (near his apartment) on December 9, 1935 by Blumenfeld whose nick name was Kid Cann. (2) Liggett’s wife, Edith, and his daughter were in the car and witnessed the murder.

Liggett had been exposing Minnesota’s Governor Floyd Olson [Farmer-Labor Party] and his mob master: Kid Cann.

Floyd Olson grew up in the same neighborhood with Blumenfeld (Cann) and was also the prosecutor who kept Cann out of jail. Olson was known to campaign in jewish neighborhoods — speaking fluent yiddish (which he learned as a child).

Many witnesses at the trial of Kid Cann said he was the trigger man. Cann was acquitted and no one else was ever charged. Mrs. Liggett referred to Blumenfeld’s brothers (in courtroom proceedings) as Governor Olson’s gang.

Minnesota has its share of odd duck politicians, and it has its own brand of democrats. Hubert Humphrey was a New Deal Democrat, working in the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as an administrator. Hubert seemed to be at the right place at the right time, working the peripheries of government and a professorship at Macalester College in St. Paul. He was head of the debate team which focused on the coming United Nations and International Politics of the day.

Losing a run for Mayor of Minneapolis in 1943 — Hubert Humphrey became a radio news commentator (and then mayor in 1945). Humphrey had been instrumental in joining the FLP with the Democrat party to form the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL). When (the anti-crime fighting) Mayor Humphrey resigned to become a U.S. Senator, the acting mayor (Eric G. Hoyer) went on for four more terms. Hoyer had been a campaign-worker for Floyd Olsen in the Farmer Labor Party.

Hubert Humphrey can be seen through his many political connections — Senator Russell Long (D-LA) from his college days in Louisiana, and his debate team-member Orville Freeman (at the University of Minnesota).

Freeman was a four-term Governor of Minnesota and Secretary of Agriculture under presidents Kennedy and Johnson. When Humphrey resigned his senate seat, Russel Long (Huey Long’s son) replaced him as Senate Majority Whip in December 1964. When Orville Freeman lost his bid for Governor of Minnesota in 1960, he became Secretary of Agriculture for eight years.

Humphrey was a chameleon, and looked as squeaky clean as they come. The reality is and always shall be, Hubert Horatio Humphry was a shill for the new world order.

“We have removed all 2nd-class citizenship from our laws via the 1964 Civil Rights Act” declared Vice President Humphrey.  “We must remove all elements in our immigration law which suggests there are 2nd class people.”

Conservative critics of the 1965 Immigration Act (3) concluded that it was a scheme to curry favor with liberal special interest groups for establishing a future voting base (of recent immigrants) for the democrat party.

Some notables of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party (besides Hubert H. Humphrey) include:

Walter Mondale (who had been appointed Attorney General of Minnesota by Orville Freeman and went on to become a U.S. Senator and Vice President under Jimmy Carter and an unsuccessful democratic nominee for president).

Eugene McCarthy (also a U.S. Senator from Minnesota  — who ran unsuccessfully for president 1968).

Paul Wellstone (actually born in Virginia — Wellstone had taken a position at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.  He was also a community organizer.) Wellstone’s parents were Ukranian jews and he fit into the radical atmosphere of Minnesota politics.

We cannot forget comedian — Al Franken, whose family had moved to Albert Lea Minnesota when he was 4 years old. In Franken we see that Saturday Night Live and politics go hand-in-hand.

Today both U.S. Senators from the State of  Minnesota — Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are DFL. Five of the eight seats in the U.S. House (MN): Angie Craig, Dean Phillips, Betty McCollum, Ilhan Omar and Collin Peterson are DFL.

Minnesota’s Attorney General, Keith Ellison? Is also DFL.

The Trump campaign is pouring money into Minnesota for the 2020 election. (Only losing the state in 2016 by 1.5 percentage points.) The 2020 campaign has every indication that Minnesota is in play for Donald Trump’s reelection. The politics of Minnesota need to be reinvigorated with American ideals.

Governor Floyd Olson is considered (by some) to be the best governor in Minnesota’s  history. As a young man he had worked a series of odd jobs in Canada and Alaska but it was in Seattle, Washington where he joined the Industrial Workers of the World .  Just the right credentials to elevate Olsen in Minnesota politics above another former Governor Jesse (“the body”) Ventura.

(1) https://chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2019/8/27/20834723/dionte-johnson-derrion-albert-fenger-beating-arrested-on-gun-charge

(2) http://www.citypages.com/news/the-forgotten-crime-boss-kid-cann-the-original-teflon-don-reigned-over-minneapolis-6570344

(3) https://www.history.com/topics/immigration/us-immigration-since-1965

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