Political Posturing and The Plunder By The Budget-less Congress


“We never had a hearing to discuss it.” That is how Ken Buck (R-CO) describes the Christmas tree ornaments that speaker Pelosi added to the Corona virus emergency funding bill. Also:

$1.349Billion all destined for OUTSIDE of the U.S.

  • $264M for diplomatic programs
  • $435M global health programs
  • $300M international disaster assistance
  • $250M economic support fund
  • $100M worldwide security protection.

None of which was asked for by the president who had requested $2.5Billion (for the CDC and Prevention and the NIH). $1Billion of this was to develop a vaccine (plus therapeutics) and for stockpiling protective equipment.

Nancy Pelosi (who handled this in the manner of a 3-ring circus,) described the president’s request (February 25th, 2020) as being “inadequate” in a series of tweets — a week before Super Tuesday.

Pelosi promised that the house would address the scale and seriousness of the public health crisis (that was finally voted upon the day after Super Tuesday and 8-days after her series of tweets). In the 8-days leading up to the vote on March 4th, Nancy Pelosi (and her witches coven in the House of Representatives,) stirred up a brew that was $5.8Billion more than what the president had requested.

Because democrats have paralyzed the processes of government and the deep-state has overcome the DOJ and FBI, we have not been able to investigate the Biden crime family (and the kickbacks to politicians and officials in the Obama Administration). Foreign aid was their money tree and between them and the media they have us chasing our tail over a bad cold that will in fact, kill some people.

Everything is political in this nasty pie that Speaker Pelosi has her thumb in.

Only two House republicans voted against the bill: Colorado’s Ken Buck and Arizona’s Andy Biggs.

Rand Paul was the only “no” vote in the senate.

Between early March 7th and early evening March 12th, 2020 — the deaths attributed to Corona virus in America rose from 16 to 41; an increase of 25 deaths in 5 1/2 days. In America (as of Thursday evening) there were 1663 confirmed cases according to Johns Hopkins University. Johns Hopkins also listed 128,343 confirmed global cases of the disease (what it did not say was what the death rate was). In other words, who called this a pandemic?

The true danger of corona virus has been identified and it is considered that patients needing treatment could very well overwhelm our healthcare system. In the midst of this, you have idiots like Andrew Cuomo and his drive-through corona virus testing facility.

Does it make people better if they test negative when they have no symptoms at all?

Or could it be a place to go get infected? More infections in NY, more money for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

It doesn’t take much to see that Americans have become unable to discern for themselves as they react to reporting from main stream media. These anchors have IQ’s in the chimpanzee range.

At least Walter Cronkite was smart enough to hide the fact that he was a communist.


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