Her und Burr, Inhofeinstein.

It’s a wonder that our nation has survived — we have become known as America even though there are two continents named America. Have we stolen the name? Our America has not survived in the manner intended by those who formulated this great experiment in freedom.

Our first president was not a member of a party. He had been Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and as such, it was within his power to become king. Many small-minded pundits of the day were calling for a king. Thank God President Washington was a true American patriot! He was so pro-American Republic that he gave warnings for future behavior; one such warning was against placing party before country.

We now see this was how the swamp was built.

The swamp was built by the two-party system; enabling psychopaths to prey on people who were political opposites. When the country went off the rails, Andrew Jackson rose up as the people’s president and the press vilified him and the country hicks who installed him in the White House.

We are living through a repeat with our people’s president today.

Like Andrew Jackson — President Trump has picked a bone with the money changers; it’s quite obvious the money changers do not care one wit about the little man.

Look at Red China as a pawn of the money changers in Shanghai. The money changers have used the Chinese system of government to shade their dealings with the release of the Chinese virus (COVID-19).

The banks in Shanghai are the same banks that do business here in America and even control our Federal Reserve system.

The name on the front of the bank matters not, it’s where the money ultimately goes which signifies who is “the boss.”

On January 24th — President Trump’s top health officials held a briefing that the senatorial psychopaths in the two-party system played for their own means. Those who lined their pockets at the stock market made trades, and those who stuff the mattress with the unseen money, came out against our president.

Hollywood for Ugly People is an apt description of Washington, D.C. — a place where the psychopaths rise up on the backs of the people with a saddle on both ends. You have the democrat saddle, you have the republican saddle… and of course this crowd loves their whips and spurs.

Americans have been blinded to the despicable nature of the swamp-dwellers. (Also blinded to the Chinese being run by Shanghai Bank). Because they have us at each other’s throats… this suggests that they are actually running for the man (men) at the top of the banking structure (who wish to have it all).

When we see Kelly Loeffler give her Corona Virus update (following a meeting with President Trump, Mike Pence, and Steve Mnuchin,) you have to wonder about the mental state of a woman who just does not have enough money. (1)

Another warning by President Washington? Stay out of European affairs!

(1) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/richard-burr-coronavirus-kelly-loeffler-dianne-feinstein-james-inhofe-sold-lots-of-stock-virus-fears-started/


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