The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

It’s classic! A boy in South Carolina ran his mother and father’s liquor store, the Sanitary Cafe. Napkins, anyone? A combination restaurant-bar, pool-hall and liquor store.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 11.42.35 AM
Huma and Lamb Chop together again.

Maybe this is what drew him together with John McCain.

It was John McCain, the newly returned POW who threw his injured wife over for the Arizona beer distributor’s daughter. Cindy Lou Hensley has familial ties to the Bronfmans.

Lindsey’s parents could have been rum-runners in the early days (we would have never known but it would dovetail nicely with the Bronfman angle) but what we do know is Lindsey Graham (once the darling of the left) is now accused by the left of being all in for Trump.

These accusations may have been effective enough that Lindsay has come out with a statement to the effect “he won’t bring Obama in front of his committee.”

What does this wolf in sheep’s clothing think he’s doing by that?

It’s not for the good of the nation. If the nation is ever to heal, one side has to win, right? No!

President Trump is making considerable efforts to unite the country and highlight the fact that there is not a right and left party in our country. It is GOOD versus evil.

Lindsey may think he is garnering a few black votes in South Carolina by leaving ObamaGate lie (so that he can carry on as the wolf in sheep’s clothing from South Carolina.)

Americans have been so oversaturated with information that they sometimes tend to forget important events, giving our boy wiggle room.

He runs this forgetfulness tightrope as well as any of the Flying Willendas, on a good day.

Meghan McCain, is a leftist. She is on record saying that she “cannot criticize Lindsey Graham” because he is like family — is this a criminal family?

Meghan is the latest member of the traitorous McCain family. Related on her mother’s side to the rum-running Bronfman family in Canada (the NXIVM cult [Prince Andrew and Epstein] who are foot soldiers of the British Crown and that criminal element).

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.04.47 PM
Katherine Davey Vaulx McCain (Meghan McCain’s great grandmother)

The McCain family originated in Mississippi. Meghan’s paternal great grandmother was from Fayetteville Arkansas (which was at the time the illuminati center of America.) There is a statue of a Confederate General from Arkansas in Washington, D.C. Albert Pike was a satanist who was originally from Connecticut. Today, no one in divided America seeks to take down the statue of this Illuminati-sage. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.44.08 PM
Margaret Garside Vaulx (Great great  Grandmother to Meghan McCain) – born Lancashire, England

It is so very odd that John McCain’s great grandmother was from England, especially in the light of her great grandson coming home from England with the Steele Dossier in his pocket. England has been at the root of a lot of Skull Duggery in America since the days of Yorktown where the colonists in revolution made them “walk the plank.”

John McCain’s great grandfather, the Reverend James Junius Vaulx, attended an Episcopal seminary in Nashotah, Wisconsin (prior to his service in the Army of the Confederate States of America).

Less than twenty-miles away at Watertown, Wisconsin, German refugees who were associates of Karl Marx, had America’s first kindergarten.

Carl Christian Schurz had been born in the Kingdom of Prussia and he became a prominent member of the new Republican Party, ushering Abraham Lincoln into the presidency.

Schurz had Lincoln’s ear and Lincoln made him a General in the Union Army.

After the war, Schurz became a newspaperman and a U.S. Senator who gave Joseph Pulitzer his first newspaper job in America. William Randolph Hearst’s mother was an associate of Schurz’ wife — Margarethe Meyer known as Molly Meyer Schurz. Phoebe Apperson Hearst had studied to be a teacher and she became a lifelong benefactor of this German system of educating the young, we in America call kindergarten.

The Schurzes became immersed in the anti-slavery movement. This is how European interests pushed America into its Civil War. The death toll makes the Corona virus pale but make no doubt about it, European interests have pushed this economic misery upon America with this lockdown today. It was based on the Imperial College model.

We do not recognize foreign intelligence operators because our discernment has been educated out of our national DNA. We have become an easy mark for deep thinkers in the elites.

It was early on in our history that education was turned towards indoctrination and newspapermen became propagandists.

This has been a hard pill to take as it has brought us to this division of our nation today.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 12.44.32 PM
Rev. James Junius Vaulx (Episcopal minister and Great great Grandfather to Meghan McCain) born Madison County Tennessee

What is it about the illuminati? First they start recruiting Freemasons by guaranteeing them a packed funeral home with an array of pallbearers after a life of community service and philanthropy.

The Illuminati chooses prospects from Freemasonry with promises of riches and the key to an ordered society. This ordered society is along the lines of Cecil Rhodes and the Fabians.

Freemasonry has spread all over the world but was founded in London. The Illuminati was formed in Bavaria at the Rothschild’s castle. The Rothschilds happened to be the financial wizards of Europe — specifically, England.

Before the 2012 election Twitter was full of British trolls. True to form, it was within the letter of the law that the British could spy and influence here legally. (All the T’s crossed, all the I’s dotted? FIVE EYES).

These same trolls from England had set one American against another in the run up to the 2016 election. We had differing camps supporting the diversity of candidacy… Ted Cruz, Marc Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Jim Gilmore, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee and those who tested the waters but did not run: Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, George Pataki and Rick Perry and about 20 more who speculated but did not enter the race. This was all planned to divide the Republican party beyond repair so that Hillary Clinton could stumble into the White House like it was a parked van.

It wasn’t healthy for the political discourse in America and so where do we find ourselves after the 2016 election?

We’re just opening the #ObamaGate now. The Steele Dossier from England was every bit a fraud. It would be interesting to find out if Hillary Rodham’s father was actually British born, rather than 1st generation American from British parents.

But what we do realize is the Chicago mafia was unlike any mafia in the United States, they had players from every ethnic group.

Bill Clinton was educated in England along with Strobe Talbott who translated Khruschev’s book. Then you have Barack Obama whose father was a British subject (we are told.)

Now the British are saying the Steele Dossier was fake. That’s as good as Crowd Strike saying they have no evidence of Russian collusion. (Four year’s after the fact that Dmitri Alperovitch was quoted by democrat operators all the way into the CIA as having the expert opinion that it was Putin and the Russians who hacked the DNC emails.)

The deep state has played a scorched earth withdrawal from power which includes  keeping the truth from America (through the media) and dividing the nation with wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is why the game that Lindsey Graham plays is so dangerous. No matter who is in power, Lindsey Graham will maintain his position. How is that fair to the American Republic?

If we allow the deep state to win, we will become, more or less, a colony of Britain, once more.

Please America, never forget that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx used the Imperial College model to shut down America.

If America shuts down the world shuts down.

The Chinese have achieved parity because the whole world has been taken down by the City of London crowd which runs China through the banks in Shanghai. The cozy China trade deals have been up-ended (like the money changers tables in the Temple) by President Trump.

We can use an analogy in modern America: the failing State of California will be used to take down the whole nation so that we are all on par with this failed state, run by the left.

Please notice that the house of representatives is run by the California delegation. These Californians in congress seek to control both the 2020 election and 2020 census.

We cannot let them win.



2 thoughts on “The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

  1. Excellent article, Barefoot, and another reminder of the tangled web of evil that belongs to the Left, and the Illuminati. Sending this one out to friends for sure.


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