Poop From The Pentagon.

We need to know the names of the active duty generals at the Pentagon who recently impressed upon one of their own — Mark Esper, (West Point ’86) to arbitrarily act against the wishes of the President of The United States.

Esper is a defense insider who was appointed Secretary of Defense to replace General Mattis. (“Maddog” was just a little too cozy with Jeff Bezos, of Amazon.com and the Washington Post.)

“The people” in Washington D.C. read the Washington Post and believe the whole nation follows the lead of this rag. The WaPo is a paper with a storied history of control from San Francisco complete with intelligence operators associated with the Georgetown Set. Many members were Central Intelligence Agency and Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) alumni, (in an era when the 35th President of The United States, [also a member of the Georgetown Set,] was assassinated.)

Phil Graham had become editor of the newspaper which was owned by his father-in-law, Eugene Meyer (Meyer had ties to European banking through family connections which originated in Alsace, Lorraine, France. This is the same area in France where Dianne Feinstein’s people come from.)

Mr. Bezos who now owns the Washington Post went to high school 18-miles away from the Graham Dairy in Miami FL — does anyone else here find this to be just a little odd?

Here’s another one for you: Lt. General Louis Metzger — United States Marine Corps, was born in San Francisco — November 1916. His father was a prominent businessman who died in 1926 when Metzger was a young child of 9. As a principal in the firm of Metzger and Franklin his father, Louis M. Metzger, was credited as one of the men who “made” San Francisco.

Please remember the San Francisco bombing on Preparedness Day in the summer of 1916, and how conveniently a Hearst newsreel team was on the scene in minutes. A suitcase bomb killed 10 and wounded 40 people.

(General) Metzger had attended Stanford University where he met and married Jane Thornton. Of their three sons, two were lawyers and two were officers in the United States Marine Corps. Son — Peter, who chose to stay in the Marine Corps for a career also served as a foreign intelligence officer in the Central Intelligence Agency.

During the Reagan Administration Peter was a military assistant in the Reagan White House. Today, Peter Thornton Metzger is a “head hunter” with global connections. He is in the business of placing people into high level positions for cash. (There’s a fee involved.)

His son, Peter Metzger II also served in the United States Marine Corps. Today, the younger Metzger is working within the Trump Administration, serving The United States Security Council.

The military men in the Pentagon who influenced Esper have no business interfering with the lawful orders of The President of The United States.

If we are to continue as a nation, founded upon civilian leadership through the constitution, we must purge our military now.

It appears they are working their way up to a coup.

If these misguided senior officers attempt a military coup in America, patriots will have to turn their guns upon young military people, (who will be easily led by these dastardly, power-drunk, Pentagon chair-born rangers.)

Just as these power-drunk generals read the Washington Post and believe its propaganda, the publications associated with the military have been overtaken by the same media. It is interesting to note that some military personnel actually serve internships with CNN. This is so they can return to the military and propagandize from their new knowledge. (All the spin is the same.) We cannot allow the CABAL to take us down because we have been asleep at the wheel.

Couple that with a crooked DOJ and its prosecutors who will not prosecute individuals charged with what amounts to armed insurrection and mayhem in America’s inner-cities.

Then there are the politicians of the democrat stripe, running these same cities. They are now holding their hands out to the federal government for compensation for their manufactured CRISES. They should be held responsible; their feckless leadership caused this destruction and loss of life.

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 9.59.41 AM
Feckless Leader, Not Fearless Leader. Get Moose & Squirrel.

It is time for America’s patriots to rise up — there is no sense being late to the dance.

If we do not seize the day, we will be behind the curve ball or behind the eight-ball. Or worse yet, we will be led to slaughter.

If only these military people had been more upset when SEAL Team 6 was sacrificed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

On the other hand, had these military geniuses put on their big boy panties after the attack on the American consulate and CIA annex at Benghazi, General Carter F. Ham would not have been relieved from duty. (Removed before his rotation date and retired early.)

Leon Panetta (former congressman from California) was Secretary of Defense at the time of the Benghazi attacks.

Prior to this, Panetta had been Director of Central Intelligence. He must have been fully aware of what the plan was for Libya, including the demise of Muammar Gaddafi.

Everyone remembers Huma Abedin handing Hillary Clinton one of her (in-tact) cellphones (conveniently on a TV set during an interview) the Chinese were receiving the same messages in real time because they had hacked into her server. Cankles Clinton showboated for the camera: “we came, we saw, he died.”

Panetta had testified he was ready to deploy assets but there was no sense of urgency from Washington, D.C.. Of course, it was more urgent to fire Carter Ham!

Enough of these backwards generals who think they can run America under civilian leadership from the Deep State. Instead, these same types of generals facilitated the Clinton State Department (“Foundation”) allowing it room after Benghazi, to pivot to Ukraine where they proceeded to set up a future that would consist of a criminal enterprise/new world order.

The generals are short-sighted and unfit for command at any level.

It is easy to see that Nancy Pelosi needs to be arrested along with these generals because she is mentally impaired and as dirty as they come.

The Pelosi family was enriching themselves, just like the Bidens.

San Francisco is a dirty place and it is run by dirty money and a gay mafia.

4 thoughts on “Poop From The Pentagon.

  1. Good article again, and so true. As hubby reminded me yesterday when I was lamenting all of the treasonous flag officers, still on duty, he said a lot/most of them holdovers from 44 administration. 44 relieved most of the good ones, another of his gifts that keeps on giving.

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  2. Wow. I am new here via twitter and someone you know. Very insightful POV.
    Reporting on youtube via George Webb supports you.(Especially work he did 3 years ago re: Seal 6) He also connects a lot of dots.
    BTW, you have a great writing style, clean, concise, to the point, with some subtlety thrown in for pleasure.And loaded with information and food for thought. Luv it.
    PS: Just read it again: Reminds me of Yoichi Shimatsu a little bit: your style communicates on one level , but gets the reader’s mind working at several levels beyond mere words. Again, luv it.


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