The New Nationalists

Its seems as though it’s always fringe — that pushes against the constitution by overreaching action against America. The democrats have evidently been usurped by leftists/socialists/communists and their newest growing faction: radical islamists.

When Senator Hiram Revels (R-MS) and Congressmen: Benjamin S. Turner (R-AL), Josiah Walls (R-FL), Jefferson Long (R-GA) and Joseph Rainey, Robert DeLarge, and Robert B. Elliott (Republicans from South Carolina), took their place in congress, they did so within the norms of society. These men were the first black members of congress and they could carry on with the best of any white man in that body.

Notice there were no blacks elected to the congress from northern states? What was good for thee is not good for me? Why have we been separated and made to hate? A good portion of all this stems from the democrat party.

Combine that with unbridled immigration beginning in the 1800’s which included leftists from Eastern Europe. America was an open country.

Lawyers from the welcomed Jewish community rose up and some were to become Supreme Court Justices.

Some lawyers were financed in academia by jewish bankers in America. (These bankers had been placed here by European banking interests, i.e., Jacob Schiff. They were essentially the richest immigrants to ever come upon American shores.)

In that process, one such lawyer founded the American Civil Liberties Union: Felix Frankfurter. Felix was a jewish immigrant from Austria who had come to New York City at the age of 12.

Felix was an accomplished chess player who enjoyed his studies in a public school and stayed busy shooting craps in the street.

He attended political lectures and spent many hours reading in the Library at Cooper Union (a college built by an anti-slavery son of New York City.) The Library at Cooper Union stayed open until 10 pm.

After graduating from City College of New York in 1902, Frankfurter worked for the newly created New York State Tenement Housing Commission. He attended Harvard Law with the money he made at the housing commission.

Frankfurter then went on to become an editor of the Harvard Law Review.

His academic record at Harvard was the best seen since the days of Louis Brandeis. (Brandeis was a Bohemian jew who graduated Harvard Law School at the age of 20 and went on to become Associate Justice of The Supreme Court of the United States.)

Before the days of the Great Depression, there was virtually no anti-semitism in the United States. What is called anti-semitism today is actually a result from the activities in the financial sector which resulted in the Great Depression. Also, there was a push by leftists (outside the financial sector) within the jewish community to create a communistic America. These folks considered communist ideology superior to our form of government in America. Most jewish immigrants of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s were packed like sardines in tenement housing, which became a hotbed for communism.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.39.38 AM
Italian immigrants in a windowless tenement – NY

Frankfurter was encouraged by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis to become more involved in the struggle of zionism (via the British proposal for a jewish homeland). In his position as Judge Advocate General under Secretary of War Stimson during W W I, Frankfurter was in a position to lobby President Wilson for this jewish homeland.

In 1918 he participated in founding the American Jewish Congress and became very much involved in zionism which had become a worldwide movement.

As founder of the ACLU, Frankfurter was an early proponent for recognizing the Soviet Union. He studied at Oxford University in 1920 and returned to Oxford in 1933 to act as the visiting Eastman Professor (Eastman Kodak).

By 1933 Felix had become a trusted advisor to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Felix Frankfurter should have been considered a foreign agent for British Intelligence. British Intelligence takes its orders from the bankers in Britain.

Modern liberalism in the United States can be traced to one individual: Herbert Croly — a political philosopher who attended Harvard (in between nervous breakdowns). Leaving Harvard for the final time in 1899, some believe that he spent a year in Paris before returning to America.

As an editor for Architectural Record, Croly became friends with Charles A. Platt, a prominent architect who built Herbert a house in Cornish, New Hampshire — a quaint town in Sullivan County, with 3-covered bridges. It supported an art colony from about 1895 through the end of W W I.

It was in this elite town of Cornish, that Croly penned his argument for progressive, liberal government in the 20th century known as “The Promise of American Life.”  The book influenced Theodore Roosevelt and his close friends — Judge Learned Hand and Felix Frankfurter. It also influenced the “New Dealers” who called themselves The New Nationalists.

The new nationalism called for a strong central government, does that  sound like F.D.R.’s four-terms? In hindsight, F.D.R. can best be described as a white Barack Obama. It has taken all this time for the reverence given to him by a generation, to die out through life’s attrition.

In 1915 Croly published “Progressive Democracy” in which he perceived the constitution as a living document. This is how the  progressivism of Teddy Roosevelt flipped to the progressivism of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, both controlled by the descendants of Dutch Patroons.

Upon the death of Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo, (a descendent of Sephardic jews) Frankfurter was nominated by Roosevelt for the Supreme Court vacancy.

The senate had many objections in the confirmation hearing:

  1. Frankfurter was considered an unofficial adviser to the president.
  2. There was the question of the special interest groups he was involved with.
  3. Many on the committee pointed to his affiliation with communists and the anti-Christian movement (and also the fact that he was foreign born).
  4. The glaring fact that there were no justices on the supreme court who were from areas west of the Mississippi.

In other words, the elite of the northeast had garnered the judicial power of the supreme court.

Not one of the questions raised by the senate confirmation hearings pertained to Frankfurter’s jewish heritage. (You must see here that even after the Great Depression there was no pushback against judaism. This problem is not really anti-semitism it is leftism which came to the forefront when the communist spies were revealed in the 1940’s and 50’s.)

Frankfurter was sworn in as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on January 20, 1939 and he served in that position for over 23 years.

F.D.R. was known for his desire to “pack the court” making Frankfurter all the more suspect. One of his clerks (Philip Graham) went on to marry Eugene Meyer’s daughter — Katharine who was better known later in life as Katharine Graham of the Washington Post.

Philip Graham served in the Office of Strategic Services (“O.S.S.”)  during W W II. A group of elites had formed the Georgetown Set at Washington D.C. It was Philip Graham who impressed upon John F. Kennedy to take Lyndon Johnson for his running mate. For some reason, Graham started to lose his mind and took his life with a 20-gauge shotgun (at least that’s the story today) several month’s before that fateful day in Dallas, Texas in 1963.

It was Jesus who conquered death once and for all. He is the Shepherd Who has protected us from the wolves with His Staff. In these times we should seek His voice and rally to Him. It is not flesh and blood that we struggle against but rather, principalities.


2 thoughts on “The New Nationalists

  1. Thanks Ruth Ann, look at this excerpt from the link of Ms. Graham’s book. You may have missed this.

    Phil’s involvement in the whole matter — besides pushing Lyndon on its importance from the beginning of their relationship — began in earnest in July, when he invited {civil rights lawyer} Joe Rauh to our farm in Virginia, Glen Welby. Phil’s invitations often came in the form of commands, and this was one. He needed Joe’s help because Joe had a solid relationship with the black leadership in the country, especially Roy Wilkins, then executive secretary of the NAACP.

    Phil asked Joe to bring Felix Frankfurter along. Both Phil and Felix worked on Joe throughout our dinner, suggesting that the most important first step for the 1950s was the right to vote. {Rauh favored a much broader civil rights bill, but the Senate had watered it down.} Now I can see how extraordinary — and out of order — it was for a Supreme Court justice to be stepping over the boundaries to this extent, but I didn’t then. It was very much in Felix’s nature, and he was dealing with two men — Phil and Joe — to whom he was as close as though they were his sons.


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