Bright Lights, Big City

Our colonial past has now intersected our Marxist future.

Marx was a German revolutionary who was given shelter in England. England was our mother country. We were made to throw them out. Eventually, the British were made to walk the plank at Yorktown, Virginia.

The ties between the two nations were wrapped up nicely by the British financial sector, which eventually rose to prominence here in America, in what we know as the Federal Reserve System.

Through the monied-elite, our 2-party system has been spoiled. But please make no doubt about it, evil is at the root of all our problems. ~ BarefootCavalry

Burning down the house… like the KKK.

The modern Democrat party is more destructive to our society than at any other time in history for one simple reason: we have a whole lot more to lose.

In the short history of America, American men carved a nation from the American frontier.

People forget Virginia was once the frontier.

Virginia has an illustrious past.

The turds we see in the streets today, have been raised in a modern culture, (bereft of God). They’re comfortable losing their morals and knocking about in aimless anarchy; (some with an expensive, but poor education.)

They have been made to think they know it all. Sadly, they don’t even know where we came from as a nation.

Old Dominion — The House of Burgesses was established in 1619 to assist the colonial government, appointed by the ruler of England. (It was to become the upper house in the council of state in the general assembly.)

Once Virginia declared its independence with the rest of the 13th colonies at the 5th Virginia Convention in 1776, Virginia became a commonwealth and the House of Burgesses became known as the House of Delegates.

Burgess is synonymous with Bourgeois or Burger. Burgess originally meant freeman of a borough or a burgh. Burger shows the Dutch influence in England as the royal families in the Netherlands and England are the most closely related of any of the inbred royalty in Europe.

The Netherlands and England are the epitome of colonialism.

Royal Dutch Shell is a modern example of their cooperation (subverting the world through owning all resources they can get their hands on). Ranked the 9th largest company in the world in Forbes Global 2000, its revenues are almost the equivalent of 80%+ of the Dutch national GDP.

England and the Netherlands are in bed with each other.

It appears that the big money guys in the “City” of London and Amsterdam had no illusions as to the likelihood of world wars engulfing Europe in the 20th Century.

Therefore, with a multi-national corporation they were able to sell to both sides during the world wars, much like Standard Oil supplying the Nazi Luftwaffe with essential products, (or Ford factories bombed in Germany that were eventually rebuilt with monies from the American government — after a lawsuit in federal courts). In all of this, the little man has paid a dear price.

Bourgeoise was a term used to identify the rich men and women of pre-revolution France.

In the 19th Century, Bourgeoisie was synonymous with the ruling class of a capitalist society: craftsman, artisans and merchants. Later it became businessmen who accumulated and controlled capital.

Virginia Company of London was chartered by King James I of England. Its shareholders were Londoners and it was at times called The London Company which differentiated it from The Plymouth Company (chartered at the same time and comprised of men from Plymouth, England.)

At the King’s bench in May of 1624 — there was a ruling against The Virginia Company and it was dissolved and miraculously transformed into a Royal Colony. The lawyers have always been good at smoothing the way.

The upper house of the State of Virginia is also the upper house of the Virginia general assembly. Today it is comprised of 40 senators representing districts. It is presided over by the Lt. Governor (in this case, an accused rapist — Justin Edward Fairfax).

Fairfax was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and his family moved to Washington, D.C. when he was 5-years old.

Lt. Governor Fairfax appears to be the golden boy and is a rising star in the Democrat party. (The new royalty for America).

After obtaining a degree in public policy from Duke University in 2000, Fairfax became involved with the 2000 presidential campaign of former Vice President Al Gore. (Al Gore never met a massage therapist or a Buddhist monk he didn’t like.) Gore gave Fairfax a soft job; he was the briefing coordinator for Mary Elizabeth Gore (whom we all know as “Tipper.”)

Fairfax went on to serve on the staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee. It was here that he became familiar with Senator John Edwards and in 2004 — Fairfax joined the John Kerry presidential campaign.

In his new position Justin was gopher (body-man) for Senator John Edwards (John Kerry’s running mate. The democrat party is full of examples of what is commonly known as “scumbags”)

(LINK) For all the talk of feminism, rape is the democrat culture.

Vanessa C. Tyson is an associate professor at a college and a Fellow at Stanford University.

Tyson accused Fairfax of sexual assault in a hotel during the 2004 Democrat National Convention in Boston. She is not the only woman to accuse Fairfax of sexual impropriety. For his part, Fairfax says these two different women were willing participants at two different times. (Meredith Watson was friends with Fairfax while they were students at Duke).

Rape is not a sexual crime, it is a violent crime. Crimes are the realm of the professionals in our police departments. As such, these allegations should be run through the police instead of on the political stage.

Today in America it seems the left wishes to diminish the police department and law enforcement as a whole. It seems to have started in earnest, with the clarion call for abolishing ICE. This led to the rise of the sanctuary city movement.

Recently, Minneapolis’ City Council has voted to disband its police department, (although the politicians on that city council are spending taxpayer monies for their own protection.)

There has been a rise in retirements by police officers nationwide (especially larger cities) leaving many vacancies in departments across the nation. (Will “human resources” fill these positions with newbies  more amenable to the radical politicians’ view of what America should become?)

Just as COVID19 was a tool to take out older folks, it targeted those with a weakened immune system. Did the democrat governors feel that they were becoming a burden on society? Is that why they filled nursing homes with COVID patients?  Democrat governors loaded nursing home facilities with COVID patients to take these people out. Euthanasia, pure and simple.

NOTE: A Stanford doctor has stated the COVID19 mortality rate for people under 45 is almost ZERO. 

Now radical politicians seek to make the work environment so inhospitable to a veteran law enforcement officer that he will just cash in and take his pension. These leftist politicians already know that they will crash the system and negate those very pensions of those retiring law enforcement officers.

It seems that they have a plan to give us new law enforcement officers who will facilitate the coming tyranny.

This is the democrat rape of our culture and our nation. Euthanasia in nursing homes and defunding our police. The democrats just have a way about them.

In the Virginia senate there are 21 democrats in the Senate Democratic Caucus and they are conducting discussions throughout communities (community is a Democrat buzzword, just as “stakeholders” is the buzzword for the U.N. and its lackeys here in America) on issues during the senate’s special session.

The document produced was titled Senate Democratic Caucus Police Reform and Criminal Justice Plan “we will continue to take public input and work with stakeholders, the house of delegates, state agencies, and Governor (blackface) Northam to refine these measures over the next 60 days.”

The senate democrats in Virginia seek to reduce assault on an officer of the law from a Class 6 felony to a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor carries a 1-year maximum and no minimum, while a Class 6 felony carries a maximum of 5-years in prison and a minimum of 6-months in jail.

Assault on a police officer in Virginia became a felony because of over-zealous prosecutors. These over-zealous prosecutors sought to levy as many charges as they could against some minority defendants, some of whom shouldn’t have been charged. The root of this can be explained as emanating from the Crime Bill that Joe Biden sponsored when he was a DEMOCRAT senator from Delaware.

Law enforcement officers are experiencing today what liberals like to call — hate crimes.

There’s no need to label the crime as hate, a crime is a crime. It’s the lawyers who have brought us to this. And quite frankly, lawyers should be prevented from serving in elected positions.

This is the push-pull of the left; (as they did with the Pentagon,) they will drive out the old guys in law enforcement (who will retire because of this crap) and bring in the new guys (who do not care one wit about the constitution and will do anything they are told by run amok democrat politicians and weasel RINO’S on every level).

The democrats are the most despicable political force in America today. They have put together a rainbow coalition of idiots. The stupider, the better and there is no “low” they will reject.

Lavar Stoney is the 80th Mayor of Richmond, Virginia. He was born in New York and his parents never married so he and his younger brother were raised by his father and his grandmother in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Stoney worked on John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential Campaign (just like another carpet bagger, Justin Fairfax.) Stoney was also affiliated with the Democrat National Committee at that time.

He was caught up in a brouhaha which involved the vandalism of a republican van where the tires were slashed, preventing it from transporting republican voters to the polls.

Stoney initially claimed no knowledge of the incident to police, but when the FBI got involved he stated that he was present in the democrat campaign office when his colleagues came in, bragging about the slashed tires.

Stoney then went on to testify against these individuals in full cooperation.

In 2011, Terry McAuliffe gave Stoney a consultant job at GreenTech Automotive Incorporated. Eventually in 2018, this bogus entity filed for bankruptcy after having raised $141.5 million from hundreds of investors under a program to allow immigrants to qualify for permanent U.S. residency. (Want to know why Virginia’s so blue today? There’s a bunch of people there from someplace else).

In 2013 Terry McAuliffe ran for governor of Virginia.

His campaign manager was Robby Mook. The same Robby Mook who in July 2016 on the George Stephanopoulos show painted President Trump’s campaign with Putin. Mook planted the seed (like a treasonous Johnny Appleseed) for the bogus Russia investigation.

Stoney was Mook’s deputy campaign manager.

In the transition following the election, McAuliffe described Lavar Stoney as his closest advisor.

On June 16th 2020 — Richmond’s mayor, Lavar Stoney, requested the resignation of Richmond’s police Chief, Will Smith.

On July 1st it was reported that the monument of Stonewall Jackson had been removed from its place overlooking Richmond’s Monument Avenue and Arthur Ashe Boulevard by the order of Mayor Lavar Stoney.

Obviously, Lavar and his crew weren’t happy enough with changing the names of streets such as Arthur Ashe Boulevard. The road had been named Boulevard, now it’s Arthur Ashe Boulevard.

Arthur Ashe died of AIDS in 1993 from a blood transfusion.

(LINK The most notable purveyor of tainted blood in that era was Governor Clinton and the Arkansas prison system. They shipped tainted blood products, worldwide.)

It is doubtful many in Richmond have any idea of this recent democrat history.

In 1996 — an athletic center on Boulevard had been named for Arthur Ashe, a tennis player.

Thomas Jonathan Jackson was a man who inspired other men to run headlong into fire. “Stonewall Jackson” taught Sunday school to slaves after his own church services. (This was prior to the War Between the States.) After Sunday school, he taught some of those slaves to read and write (which was against the law at that time.)

Before we leave Virginia we must point out the hypocrisy of the democrats. To do this, we must address Virginia Attorney General, Mark Herring.

A.G.Herring, (a weasel) had called on Governor Ralph (blackface) Northam to resign after a racist photo in his medical school yearbook showed him in black face.

It seems however, (weasel) Herring also attended an affair as an undergrad in college in blackface.

None of our founders ever wore blackface, just modern democrats. Mammy! I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles…

Since John Edwards has been discussed, you must see what lawyers like him, have done to America.

John Edwards was a notorious trial attorney. He seemed to be a high flyer and it is well known that Wall Street was not the only profession affected by cocaine in those high flying days. We have to wonder about people who associated with Senator Edwards; a man who got a party-girl pregnant while his wife and mother of his children, was battling cancer.

The young lady was born Lisa Jo Druck, the daughter of James and Gwen Druck of Ocala, Florida.

The Drucks led an equestrian lifestyle. (A lot of horses from New Jersey spend winters in Ocala).

James Druck was an attorney whose specialty was defending insurance companies. Oddly enough, James Druck came under investigation for the 1982 death of his daughter’s horse “Henry The Hawk” (a superior jumper).

The show horse community had a subset of worms that traveled the circuit, helping owners defraud insurance companies. It was discovered that James Druck had been involved with people who murdered horses.

Perhaps this is why Lisa Jo Druck descended into her lifestyle and received a reputation as a party girl? Her parents divorced in 1982 the exact year that “Henry The Hawk” was purportedly electrocuted with an extension cord clipped to his ear and his anus for the $150,000.00 insurance policy. Lisa Jo was sent spinning into the world.

Lisa Jo became involved with author Jay McInerney who was somewhat older. He was known for producing a novel Bright Lights, Big City which was published in 1984 at the height of cocaine importation into the United States via Florida, California and Arkansas.

(LINK: Governor Bill Clinton and Mena, Arkansas.) 

The character Amanda in Bright Lights, Big City leaves the 2nd person narrator of Bright Lights, Big City and he descends into a depression compounded by cocaine use and lack of sleep after his mother’s death. Amanda goes on to a modeling career and it seems as though this is somewhat a reflection of the relationship of Jay McInerney and Lisa Jo Druck.

McInerney has described the character Alison Poole (whom he admittedly based on Lisa Druck) as cocaine addled and sexually voracious in his 1988 novel Story of My Life. McInerney chose to write about her behavior because he was both intrigued and appalled (hard to believe when looking back at Bright Lights, Big City.)

Story of My Life gave glimpse into the horse murders which were not revealed to the public until a 1992 Sports Illustrated article. (It may be seen that someone had intimate knowledge of horse murders prior to Tommy the Sandman’s confession in Sports Illustrated.)

The character Alison Poole (inspired by Lisa Jo Druck) also appears in Bret Easton Ellis’ novel American Psycho and Glamorama. McInerney then wrote Penelope On The Pond in 2008 which is a follow-on story of the John Edward’s sex scandal.

A New York Post gossip column unraveled the elicit relationship sometime in August of 2007. In December of 2008, Ms. Hunter revealed that Andrew Young, (a staffer on Edwards’ presidential campaign) was the father, but the National Enquirer and the Huffington Post and the magazine New York, were hot on the trail.

Lisa Jo Druck married Alexander M. “Kip” Hunter, III in 1991. In 1994, she changed her name to Rielle Hunter. The couple were divorced in September 2000.

Kip Hunter’s father, Alex Hunter — was the Boulder County District Attorney in the JonBenét Ramsey case. District Attorney Hunter refused to indict the Ramseys despite the wishes of the grand jury who had come to the conclusion that the Ramseys needed to be charged with the murder of JonBenét Ramsey.

Rielle Hunter named her daughter Frances Quinn Hunter.

When the National Enquirer smeared Edwards, the scumbag publicly denied paternity.

Eventually, Edwards admitted the affair and stoically readied for a DNA test. Rielle refused to cooperate.

Edwards’ family life began to disintegrate possibly because Ms. Hunter referred to the dying mother of Edward’s children as a “witch” who drove her husband into the arms of another woman.

Today, Rielle Hunter’s home is in The Eagles Landing Section of Palm Beach Polo and Country Club. The home appears to be owned by 2682 Players Court, LLC — a corporation which shares the same address as Edwards’ Law Firm, Edwards Kirby, LLP in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Wellington, Florida is horse country and Rielle seems to have been placed among some of the richest of the rich: Neil Hirsch, John C. Malone, Athina Onassis, Bill Gates, Lauren Powell Jobs, Jeremy Jacobs, Georgina Bloomberg and Bruce Springsteen.

Is it by coincidence that Ms. Hunter lives in the section named The Eagles Landing? Her father’s horse farm in Ocala, Florida was known as Eagle Nest Farm.

When I was a young Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, I served with a junior Marine from Tampa, Florida. His father was a psychology professor at the University of Tampa. This junior Marine related to me that his father was very much interested in the paranormal and was involved with satanic rituals on the edges of the Everglades (circa 1974).

Twelve years later in 1986, while working in Clewiston, Florida, the satanists would gather. I remember quite well — the signs with hearts on them, to point the way for their ceremonies in the boondocks. In the days after their gathering, the signs would remain, reminding all who saw them that the satanists had been there.

Clewiston was on the edge of the Everglades in Central South Florida. It is located on the south side of Lake Okeechobe in the western portions of Hendry County.

I also worked in Immokalee Florida, (another town on the edge of the Everglades in 1987). Immokalee was poorest town in America at that time, while on the west side of Collier County, was then the richest town in America — Naples, Florida.

New to the job in Immokalee, I was introduced to an older gentleman in the same line of work. After some conversation, he told me that he had found Christ, but before he was saved by Christ, he had lived his life as a satanic high priest. He told me that the area was full of practicing satanists.

I have no doubts about what the junior Marine related to me about his father in 1974. ~ BarefootCavalry

It is very interesting that Lisa Jo Druck started her college education at the University of Tampa, where she attended for two years before transferring to the University of Florida in Gainesville. It was from Gainesville that she made her way to New York City.

Just south of Wellington in Broward County Florida, there are reports of child trafficking rings. Are we to turn a blind eye on how the democrats congregate in their rich places on the peripheries of the Florida Everglades?

Back to law enforcement… We hate to lose the older guys, the ones with the cooler heads. But quite frankly, the New York City Police Department before any of these recent troubles, had a rash of suicides. It has been intimated that these suicides involved investigators with knowledge of the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop; in particular, a file named “insurance policy.”

The democrats have forced us into this place in America and it’s not a good place to be. From the top — down, they are all scared to face the piper for the crimes they have committed. This is why they are using the media and social media to push around conservatives in the midst of the civil unrest.

  1. Conservative Americans are afraid to speak out. They have been silenced on social media.
  2. Conservatives have been cowed by political correctness in all areas of our society.
  3. The press is being used to hem-in the president (they are like a pack of hyenas) as he seeks reelection against these satanic democrats who will use every dirty trick in their book.


Virginia is an example of how the democrats have turned a conservative state into a liberal quagmire. It appears they can accomplish this only as long as they can keep blacks on the democrat plantation.

We are going through lawless, civil unrest today because of the sins and crimes of the democrats and the subverted RINO’S of the republican party. But truly, the democrat party represents the VANDALS in our Republic.

The media has enabled the new political operators as people like George Stephanopoulos have attained godfather status within the media.

The media is truly our enemy, not the monuments of days past.

The elites/media have used epidemics as weapons to foster divisions among our people. There is much conflicting information about COVID19 but the media only reports from their 1-sided, myopic, 1-eyed monster.

Please recall that AIDS was rumored to be a tool of the CIA to do away with black people. Quite frankly, Margaret Sanger’s eugenics creation — Planned Parenthood, and its open door has created a larger tomb for black people and it accommodates the most innocent in our society.

Democrat lawyers and politicians (which are oftentimes both,) are despicable.

They have denigrated the moral fiber of America, subverted with drugs and bullshit culture. This culture is a tool for enriching a few while tearing down America with debauched celebrity.

Our modern heroes are tainted by this rot. All the while they call on conservatives whose patriotic nature prompts them to serve in our military.

In the military, they are made hollow by Rules of Engagement, developed by a Pentagon run by sissies.

They are made to suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, then fed anti-depressants and pain meds, pushed by the medical profession (working, in this case, for the Veterans Administration).

The Veterans Administration that has only recently been set on its feet and made to walk straight by President Trump.

Satan is prowling about like a roaring lion because his time is short. A God-fearing America is the largest impediment to a 1-world government/new world order.

Global masters are doing everything in their power to keep America down.

Our schools have been closed until after the 2020 election. Our students are more interested in this insane culture that is served up to them rather than science and mathematics or literature and history. Even if they were interested in all of this, the teachers are incapable of instructing them. The teachers have been compromised by their education.

The students move on to college where they are indoctrinated by Marxists (the same Marxists that taught their high school and grade school teachers) rather than educated by intelligent, free-thinkers.

In Obama’s 8-years as president, he identified as a black man.

He’s as black as Colin Kaepernick or Bubba Wallace.

Obama and his leftist administration couldn’t spark a nationwide race-riot, even with the media shouting “hands up, don’t shoot” after Ferguson (where Big Mike proved how stupid he was).

What kind of mottos are these which the media uses?: “I can’t breathe!”  “Don’t taze me bro.”  “Hand’s up don’t shoot!”

How does any of this prepare our young men for battle?

If America does not come back to God in prayer, then the end of times will come much quicker. Our only power against this evil is a prayerful nation that comes together under law and order.

We have been subverted by satanists who traffic children and commit evil.

They don’t want the police or federal law enforcement to get in their way again.


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