Wish We Had An Accounting Of All The Cheap Chinese Junk In Our Landfills

“Wow, these reading glasses from China are really affordable!” (Until you discover how many replacements you will need. They are so cheaply made and they break one pair after another!)

Cheaply manufactured goods dovetail with the “throw-away” mentality in America. (Things became cheaper and easier to replace rather than repair).

Truly tragic when you realize how we regard human life since Roe v. Wade, which helped to foster the throw-away mentality in America.

Quite frankly, this “throw-away society” was well orchestrated by Planned Parenthood.

Carefree life? Or care less? Either way, trash supplanted value and durability.

Meanwhile in America — during the late 1970’s, the first Chinese manufactured items to the U.S., hit the flea markets across the country. They were thick-spun cotton shirts, in red and black, and blue and black, checker-board patterns.

Remember… immigrant jews from the 1800’s and 1900’s ran the garment industry and its associated unions through Murder Incorporated.

The only death in modern America that resembled Jeffrey Epstein’s was Abraham Reles aka “Kid Twist” in the Half Moon Hotel. Reles was widely considered the most feared hitman employed by the national crime syndicate, contractors — known as, Murder Incorporated.

China has addicted the world to cheap consumerism and once again, China and its consumption of the world’s natural resources, causes it to play on a different checkerboard.

In another communist bastion — Cuba, manufacturing on a large-scale does not exist. Therefore, after the Cuban revolution and until this day, the cars and trucks made in 1950-America, still operate in Cuba. It appears Venezuela is running down the same road as Cuba. But of course, in all of this, the Chinese have made in-roads in both nations because of their insatiable thirst for natural resources.

In 1934 — General Smedley Darlington Butler (USMC-RET) testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. He exposed what became known as “The Business Plot.” He went on to specifically name Prescott Bush as a conspirator. In less than 10 years, the federal government exposed Prescott Bush as Hitler’s banker in the United States.

Despite this, Prescott Bush still managed to become a United States Senator.

Prescott was the father of George Herbert Walker Bush and the grandfather of George W. Bush — all three attended Yale, and all three were Skull and Bones.

We should have realized the deep state was fouling our air. Prescott Bush was both an early eugenist and an early proponent of Planned Parenthood.

Recall Barbara Bush was pro-abortion as well as Laura Bush. Their husbands, however, appeared to be for abortion at the same time they were against it. In other words, we still have abortion in our nation because of the pusillanimous Bush family.

It was the same deep state that assassinated President Kennedy which ran the Watergate PsyOp on America and its president, Richard Nixon. (Nixon was forced to resign after the mockingbird [CIA controlled] media made his presidency unviable.)

It was Prescott Bush, Yale, and Skull and Bones who had an evil hold upon Richard Nixon, (from his earliest days as a congressman from California).

Nixon was not a rich man, but he had presidential ambitions. Prescott Bush was very rich but could never be president because of his connections to Nazi finances.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 3.28.40 PM
Prescott Bush adjusts the brim of Richard Nixon’s hat while a picture of Allen Dulles looks over Prescott’s wrist from its place on the wall.

The deep state had its claws on Nixon. They also had their “man” planted in the Oval Office: Henry Kissinger, a Bavarian pseudo-intellectual.

Many thought Kissinger was a Rockefeller plant. Actually, the Rockefellers had planted Prescott Bush into the financial heart of America via the Harrimans (who were also Skull and Bones). So in reality, Henry Kissinger ran for the deep state.

Richard Nixon resigned from the Office of the Presidency on August 9, 1974. Gerald Ford became president. (A former congressman from Michigan who had been hand picked by Lyndon Johnson to serve on the Warren Commission which investigated the JFK assassination). The ultimate product of the JFK assassination and the Watergate PsyOp, was a politically-fractured America.

On September 26, 1974 — President Ford appointed George Herbert Walker Bush to the position of Chief of U.S. Liasion Office to the Peoples Republic of China. Bush became known as the unofficial American Ambassador to China (1974-1975). George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, rode their bicycles through the fetid alleyways of Beijing.

At this time, China was barely recovered from the cultural revolution where millions of Chinese had starved. (Those who lived, were sometimes forced to eat human flesh. They swapped their infants with their neighbors so they would not eat their own child.) We know that the Chinese will eat some very weird food.

Henry Kissinger, a deep state operator, may well have handed Nixon paperwork that debilitated him through chemistry, as the United States and China were moving towards establishing diplomatic relations.

Ford appointed George Herbert Walker Bush as the head the Central Intelligence Agency (1976-1977) which had been under the control of the deep state since the days of Prescott Bush.

We see that big business/deep state put their man in China. Then he became Director of Central Intelligence and soon a presidential candidate. He was elected vice president in 1980. Then Poppy Bush almost became president when a Bush family friend appeared as the patsy in an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life. (Nancy Reagan was known to say after the shots were fired, “do not let anyone with the last name Bush anywhere near my husband.”)

What has become of the world?

The Communist Chinese Party suppresses Christian and muslim communities in China. Yet, the Chinese have relations with muslim nations and Christian nations which include the Vatican. How is it that we turn a blind eye to the persecution of humanity in communist China? We turn a blind eye because “it’s all about the money, boys!”

American manufacturing left America when black Americans were promised a piece of the pie. Manufacturing jobs disappeared so therefore black Americans did not have many manufacturing jobs.

We went broke in Vietnam in more ways than one — we lost 58,320 Americans in the nine years between 1965-1974 and it destroyed our economy, (as the Vietnam War and the “oil embargo” changed our society).

Oil has never been in short supply within the United States, it was an unnatural shortage. Under President Trump, today’s boon in domestic oil production highlights this fact.

It was the deep state elites who led us into Vietnam and  orchestrated the leftists who demonstrated against the war in Vietnam and against America (the same leftists who attack our society today). The deep state elite propagated many lies about the world running out of energy, and nuclear winters, and global warming, and climate change, and of course, COVID19.

Yes, some black Americans had jobs on the assembly lines in Detroit, but there were strikes and union restrictions. The EPA put restrictions on automobile emissions and gasoline consumption and Cafe Standards dictated gasoline consumption of the vehicles Detroit produced. All of which caused a constriction in production and opened the door for foreign automobiles to pour into America.

In the 1990’s the hottest selling car in China was a Buick. Built in GMC’s newest factory, these vehicles domestically-produced in China, had absolutely no pollution restrictions on the motor and the Buick would scream down the road.

Abortion clinics popped up in inner-cities and black Americans were aborting in record numbers. Black American women were then made to work in menial jobs, mostly in the fast-food industry when Bill Clinton reformed welfare. At the same time, welfare was extended to the new minority — migrant latinos. America’s welfare expenditures doubled overnight.

How is this good for America?

Can’t we all do an honest day’s work and get an honest day’s pay? That is the same reason all these people, motivated by the deep state, are against Donald J. Trump.

The democrats are holding out reparations for black Americans trying to keep them on the plantation. They have the race-baiters bellyaching about slavery.

What will they do with reparation money? Buy $3,000 Nikes that are made with Chinese slave labor and then tweaked by some idiots in Brooklyn, New York with HOLY WATER and a CRUCIFIX?

Does anyone see where this is going? The deep state thinks they have all the answers that will keep them in power. They will turn Americans against one another and they will turn America on its head until they have all of us enslaved.


Our checkerboard and the Chinese checkerboard (star of David) are two different things.


The Radhanites (jewish traders) had been trading with China and the East since the days of the Roman Empire, long before Marco Polo. Marco Polo got much of the credit for the spice trade (which was totally undue him).

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 3.50.14 PM
Walk on WATER Nike “Jesus” shoes costing $3,000 filled with HOLY WATER and blessed by a priest sellout in minutes (see link above)

It seems that today is the same as yesterday, where many jews are in the background of business (and happy to let others take the credit.)

China is run through the banks in Shanghai. China is just shy of a 500-year history of trading with the British. The banks in Shanghai are actually run by the British financial sector. (Before that — the Chinese traded with the Radhanites, [jewish traders,]lo and behold, the British bank is run by the same peoples.) They are jews who are not really jews — they love their star of David, but not the Star of Bethlehem.

It would be so very nice if Christians would realize they are NOT zionists. They should be the tools to bring forth God’s people from their disbelief, into the arms of Jesus The Christ.

Just as we must pray for our Christian brethren who are persecuted in China, we must pray that the last jew that will come to Jesus Christ, makes his journey. We should also pray/evangelize the world until the last gentile is preached the gospel.

Because when that day comes, a day that only the Father in Heaven knows, it will cause the events that lead to the 2nd coming of Christ Jesus. Jesus will not return as The Suffering Messiah. He will return in His Glory and the worst place to be at that moment might well be the money changer’s house.

The House of Rothschild.

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