“That Fella At The Other End Of The Avenue Wants Everything From The Birth Of Christ To The Death Of The Devil.”

The words in the title were meant for Theodore Roosevelt and they were uttered by one of the longest serving Speakers of the United States House of Representatives (an Illinois politician who had been born of Quaker blood in Guilford County, North Carolina) where General Nathaniel Green, so badly bloodied General Cornwallace, (in what was known as the Battle of Guilford Courthouse) which caused Cornwallace to retreat to Wilmington North Carolina and eventually on to Yorktown where the British were made to walk the plank.

Joseph Gurney Cannon’s family moved from North Carolina to Indiana. His father drowned when Joseph was young.

After law school, Cannon went about looking for work. He ran out of money and was put off the train in Tuscola, Illinois. Within a few years, he became a charter member of Tuscola’s Masonic Lodge #332 which was founded in 1860.

Cannon then went on to become State Attorney for the 27th Judicial District of Illinois; a rags to riches story.  Along the way, he became a follower of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln was supported and raised up in the arms of the Forty-eighters (who had been on the losing side of the German revolution of 1848 within the German principalities before Germany was united).

Many of these Germanic ex-patriots went to England like Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx. Many more went to Wisconsin and became immersed in the abolitionist movement and the Forty-eighters were integral in founding the republican party.

The initial split in the republican party during Grant’s presidency, was led by these German immigrants. Many had fought for the Union Army. The foremost was Major General Carl Schurz, (a confidante of Engels and Marx and Abraham Lincoln) who went on to become an American newspaperman and U.S. Senator.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.47.39 PM                                             (Major General Carl Schurz)

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.55.11 PM

(Major General Franz Sigel)

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.51.04 PM

(Colonel Friedrich Hecker)

Schurz’s wife operated the 1st kindergarten in America known as Karlshuegel in Watertown Wisconsin. (Karlshuegel is translated as Karl’s Hill from German yet interestingly it’s not the spelling of her husband’s name but rather with a “K” which reflects the spelling of Karl as in “Marx.”) Margarethe Schurz was intimately involved with William Randolph Hearst’s mother (Phoebe Hearst) even before Hearst was born.

Schurz gave Joseph Pulitzer his job in St. Louis at the Westlich Post (a German-speaking newspaper) when Pulitzer couldn’t speak a word of English.

Cannon — the 35th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, was by all accounts, a professional politician. His congressional career spanned 46-years of cumulative service. He is the 2nd longest speaker in republican history, surpassed by a fellow Illinoisan — Denny Hastert (a pedophile of homosexual stripe).

Cannon represented the conservative republicans of the day, and the up-and-coming Teddy Roosevelt had every appearance of being a descendant of the progressive Germans who helped in the founding of the republican party. Cannon said of Roosevelt: “He has no more use for the Constitution than a tom cat has for a marriage license.”

Which brings us around to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s family is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Scranton had a very influential mafioso — Russell Bufalino. His word carried a lot of weight in mob circles.

Bufalino had a hitman — Frank Sheeren. Frank never made any mention of having PTSD or suicidal thoughts (despite having spent many days in total combat during W W II).

Martin Scorsese recently made a movie about these people attempting to make a buck off these dead folks. America loves the mob. The mob loves America.

Jimmy Hoffa had a working relationship with Frank Sheeren who had no qualms about “removing” people (because that’s what he did).

Hoffa had made Frank comfortable, giving him power over a newly formed Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware (the 2nd home of our dear pedophile and democratic presidential candidate, demented Joe Biden).

Joe Biden is the democrat answer to President Donald J. Trump. The democrats did everything possible to remove President Trump even going so far as to beg people in the Trump administration to use the 25th amendment, and paint Trump as having a diminished mental capacity.

Now the democrats raise up their candidate… a man with diminished mental capacity. It so happens Joe Biden was able to pick for himself, rather than an appointment through the convention, a woman vice presidential candidate who doesn’t possess the qualifications through her citizenship to be President of the United States.

Therefore, Joe Biden is the only nut that could make Pelosi look good. She is the 2nd in line to the presidency after the vice president, and there’s no way she could be president except through a transfer of power, because that woman could never win an election on the national scene.

We cannot allow Nancy “psychobabble” Pelosi to become President of The United States.

Joe Biden is the friendly old man who is the friend of children. He does everything to appear harmless, except when he comes out of his shell.

Please recall how Joe Biden exposed SEAL Team 6 which led to their elimination. Recently, our military has shown signs of the infection of liberalism; a glaring example is that of Pat Tillman. (Tillman was on his way home and he had made it known that he was going to expose the futile strategy that was in place in Afghanistan. Tillman was killed by friendly fire but SEAL Team 6 was sent into a pre-ordained ambush, facilitated by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION and DARK FORCES within our military.)

Also — recall Joe’s candor relating his badass-ness involving a Ukraine prosecutor who just had to be fired for investigating the Biden Crime Family’s transactions in Ukraine. It is a mob; a mob that uses the government against the very people who empowered it.

American politics has become the home of political crime families. The Clintons, The Bushes, The Cuomos, The Pelosis, The Feinsteins, and many more not mentioned.

It doesn’t restrict itself to one party, this political mob is run by the elites who in turn, run America (through both parties).

Want to know why President Donald J. Trump has been messed with on such an epic scale? All of the media and the deep state firestorm which has come against our president has succeeded in restricting any legal repercussions that would put the deep state in jeopardy. No one involved in the treason that befell our nation due to the 2016 election, is serving time. It’s 4 years after the treason began.

The deep state and American politicians have a long history which involves selling out America.

In days gone by, it was a few powerful senators and congressman who would orchestrate legislation. 1913 is a wonderful example of how the deep state worked in the past.

Leading up to 1913, involved one of the Tafts who was the only man to be both a U.S. President and a Supreme Court Justice.

President/Chief Justice William Howard Taft was Yale — Skull and Bones. This elite among the elites is truly poison because they work for foreign interests.

Skull and Bones was founded by families involved in the opium trade. “Yale in China” has an extensive history. (Yale even had its hand on a young Mao Zedong who attended one of their schools in China.)

Alfonso Taft, the father of President William Howard Taft, was a co-founder of Skull and Bones at Yale.

The media throughout American history has played a major part. Yellow journalism is responsible for the persona of Theodore Roosevelt (who was the culmination of progressive politics in the republican party). The media fed the “intricacies” of American politics to Americans so as to create factions. (Politics became a grand soap opera in the printed press.)

Joseph Gurney Cannon retired from the U.S. house of Representatives (Ohio’s 18th district) on March 3, 1923. On the exact date of his retirement, TIME Magazine published its first issue. Joseph Cannon was the first to appear on TIME’s cover.Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 4.40.36 PMIt was TIME magazine that gave us Strobe Talbott who runs Brookings Institute to our detriment. TIME Magazine has never been any good for America. It took 75 years for the American reading public to figure that out.

It was yellow journalism that started the Spanish American War. Spain’s possession — Cuba, had been economically depressed (purposefully) by American business. America had annexed the Hawaiian Islands, stealing the land of indigenous people (by way of the children of missionaries. These children of missionaries began growing sugar on a yet unheard-of-scale, on land that they stole.)

Cuba had been our source of all sugar grown outside the United States. The sugar cartel turned on a dime and imported all of its sugar from Hawaii. Millions of Cubans died in starvation and conflict with Spain, while U.S. businessmen fretted in the press about their holdings in Cuba.

Since before Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, it has been 150 years that Americans have sought to make Cuba a state of our nation. The Confederate States of America (which was a product of British influencers) made it known that Cuba would be welcomed in their Confederation. So annexing Cuba in one way or another, was not a new idea. This is how the British work.

Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft were good friends. Roosevelt  returned from the Spanish American War as a hero in the press. His unit (known as the Rough Riders) had no effect on the American victory in Cuba.

Immediately, Teddy was elected Governor of New York in 1898. Roosevelt is descendent of the Dutchmen who first settled the area known as New York.

It was the press and specifically, William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, who made Teddy Roosevelt’s public persona. Roosevelt, for his part as Governor of New York, would hold twice-daily press conferences which the yellow journalists would feed to its reading audience.

Another Dutchmen who became exceedingly rich as a corporate lawyer from New Jersey was Garrett Hobart. Hobart became vice president of the United States serving under William McKinley. He had the misfortune of having a heart attack at the age of 55. He died in 1899 and McKinley never replaced him during that term.

William McKinley had become a freemason after being a prisoner of war in Winchester, Virginia during the War Between The States. He had observed how the southern freemasons would give special attention to the northern freemason prisoners and he was sold on the idea of joining the Masonic Society.

The fix was in and Teddy Roosevelt was handed to William McKinley like a Masonic handshake.

In 1900 — the New York State political machine convinced McKinley (a boy from Ohio which also was the home of the Taft family) to take Teddy as his vice presidential running mate for the election. McKinley and Roosevelt ran on a platform of peace, prosperity and conservatism.

Roosevelt had brought another future president into McKinley’s administration — William Howard Taft. Taft was sent to the newly acquired Philippines to head the commission tasked with organizing a civilian government there. This would become known as the Taft Commission.

The plan for Taft was to resign from his judicial position on the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals (a lifetime appointment). After his work with the Taft Commission was done, McKinley had promised Taft a nomination to the Supreme Court. (Who would they have to bump off to get that done?)

McKinley was shot not long into his second term on September 6th of 1901. Roosevelt was in Vermont and he traveled to Buffalo to visit the wounded McKinley. As McKinley appeared to be strong enough to recover, Roosevelt returned to his vacation, but this time in the Adirondacks, closer to the wounded president.

Roosevelt became president upon McKinley’s death and the power brokers who put McKinley into office, were disenchanted because Roosevelt was not their pick. Roosevelt also chose not to fill the position of the vice president before running for reelection.

In 1904 at the republican convention — Indiana senator, Charles Warren Fairbanks, was chosen by the convention to be Roosevelt’s vice president.

Roosevelt did not care for Fairbanks who was considered a Wall Street puppet and Fairbanks was against Roosevelt’s progressive programs. Fairbanks was a lawyer and railroad man. He was at one time, counsel to the premiere robber baron of the Gilded Age — Jay Gould.

Gould had attempted to corner the gold market during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant. (One would be hard-pressed to find someone in the past or present that would have a good word to say about Jay Gould.)

Gould died at the age of 56 and his eldest son, George Jay Gould, inherited the Gould fortune and holdings.

In the late 1800’s — George Gould hired Bat Masterson as a body guard for his family. Masterson went on to become a sports writer in New York City. Masterson also became a good friend of President Theodore Roosevelt who appointed Masterson — Deputy U.S. Marshal for the Southern District of New York in 1905. (If you think nepotism and celebrity are a problem today?  It’s nothing new.)

The eventual falling out between Taft and Roosevelt was nothing more than conjecture in the media. When Taft became president there appeared to be a feud between Roosevelt and Taft. This feud was actually nonexistent and it was between these men that a fatal split in the republican party was caused. The result of this split enabled Woodrow Wilson (an extraordinarily weak man) to be placed into the presidency by monied individuals. These elite individuals then went about wrecking the United States through amendments to the constitution one of which was the creation of the Federal Reserve. It’s all about the money, boys!

When Roosevelt had formed the Bull Moose Party, it became gasoline on the printing press. America would be had in 1913.

Wilson was putty in the hands of the elite and America was suckered into W W I —  but the bigger bullet that was dodged, was the League of Nations. America did not join, the elites were very angry, women were given the right to vote, prohibition was enacted and a new era of lawlessness began to overtake America. All while The Federal Reserve precipitated the crash of 1929.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 10.23.47 AM

You must see that the criminal mob in the early 1900’s was the ANTIFA of the day. They were the BLM of the day and they were used against America in much the same manner.

There were many murders and much lawlessness, especially with prohibition which became a vehicle to riches for politicians and the criminal element. It was an unholy marriage.

It has been said that Meyer Lansky was a puppet of the Bronfmans in Canada who are Knights of Jerusalem through the British Crown. Please remember Prince Philip’s words:  “If I were reincarnated I would…be…as a killer virus…”

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre led to the jewish mob and the Italian mob coming together in Atlantic City, under the auspices of Meyer Lansky’s wedding. The only criminal blemish on Meyer Lansky’s record was from his activities at the Saratoga Race Track in New York. Meyer was invested in Cuba. So you see… the mob and the politicians all run the same race.

In all actuality, the newspapers created a firestorm as the eager public was lead by the nose by reading the papers generated from the wire services.

The wire services morphed into horse racing and sports betting.

It’s funny how Cuba keeps returning into our history. The mob and their lost casinos of the 1950’s are among the holdings of Americans held in a socialist limbo by the communist regime in Cuba.

The Grateful Dead had a hallmark tune “Truckin'” (Up to Buffalo).

Russell Alfred Bufalino (born Rosario Alfredo Bufalino) was born in 1903 in Montedoro Sicily. His family emigrated to Pittston, Pennsylvania and a few months later, his father — Angelo Bufalino, died in a mining accident. The family returned to Sicily. He bounced back and forth between the U.S. and Sicily. His mother died when he was 7 years old and he ended up back in Sicily. By 1914 he settled into Pittston and three years later, he shuffled off to Buffalo.

Jimmy Hoffa’s long time attorney was Bill Bufalino (Russell Bufalino’s cousin). Bill was born to Italian immigrants from Montedoro Sicily whose family had settled in Pittston, Pennsylvania. William studied for the priesthood but after two years, he switched to law and graduated from the Dickinson School of Law. During W W II he served as a Lieutenant in the Judge Advocate General Corps.

After the war in 1945 — William E. Bufalino married Marie Antoinette Meli with whom he had one son and four daughters. Marie was the sister of Little Vince Meli who at one time was acting underboss of the Detroit Crime Family.

Vincent Meli was a graduate of the University of Notre Dame who saw more than his share of fighting in W W II. Returning to Detroit, he became involved with organized crime and eventually became an associate of Teamsters Union President, Jimmy Hoffa.

William E. “Bill” Bufalino Sr., was also a Teamster official as well as a lawyer, serving as president of Local 985 in Detroit for two decades. It was the wedding of one of Bufalino’s daughters which brought together all the actors involved in Hoffa’s disappearance.

Forty-eight hours after Hoffa’s disappearance, the wedding was held at Bufalino’s estate in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. Russell Bufalino did not attend; he was waiting for his torpedoes’ return at the Scranton Airport.

Which leads us again, to Joe Biden. Politics makes strange bedfellows and according to Jill Biden’s first husband, it was more than a surprise to find out that his wife and his friend Joe Biden were doing the horizontal bop.

In a recent article by Hank Berrien for the Daily Wire, Bill Stevenson claims that his wife was carrying on an extra-marital affair with Joe Biden and it appears that it started before Joe Biden’s first wife, Nelia and 1-year old daughter, Naomi, were run over by a truck driver. Everyone can say what they want, but this is very close to Frank Sheeran’s turf.

Joe Biden has lied and said it was a drunk driver who killed his wife in the winter of 1972. Who lies about something like that? Nelia, then 30, was killed in this accident while newly elected Senator Joe Biden was hiring staff in Washington, D.C..

Nelia and Biden’s three children: Bo, Hunter and Naomi were Christmas shopping when a tractor trailer broadsided them, killing his wife and daughter.

Biden and his present wife, Jill, appear to be lying about how they met and this could possibly be covering an even more nefarious deed.

Both Bill and Jill Stevenson worked on Joe Biden’s campaign for U.S. Senate. Bill Stevenson donated $10,900 in cash to Biden’s 1972 senate campaign.

In October of 1974, Bill Stevenson threw his 26-year old wife — Jill, out of the house after four years’ of marriage.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 1.25.49 PM                                    (Bill Stevenson in 1981 Interview)

The event that prompted him to do so was when a man approached him asking “do you own a brown corvette?” Stevenson said “yes, it’s my wife’s car” the man then related that in May, (5 months’ before,) the corvette had crunched his bumper and they told him to get an estimate but he had never heard back from them. Stevenson said “wait a minute! Who is they?” and the man said that Senator Joe Biden was driving.

Wake up America! Just like the man whose bumper was crunched — these people will lie to you.

They’ll lie over anything and we may never know in this lifetime what the true circumstances were in the death of Nelia Biden. He’s just that kind of squirrelly nut and it appears that Jill Biden is just as nuts.

From these new revelations from Bill Stevenson, (Stevenson was owner of the Stone Balloon, a Newark Delaware landmark which Rolling Stone Magazine once called “the best kept secret in Rock and Roll”) it appears that Jill has graduated from “sex and drugs and rock and roll” to “sex and drugs and government kickbacks” as a made member of the Biden Crime Family.

Life is good.

It’s even better when the deep state holds an umbrella over your head.

b679b_mayor thos dalesandro jr

Nancy Pelosi’s father  (Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro Jr.) was a mob-connected politician in Baltimore Maryland.  Tommy was very much connected to the Zionist movement when he was a representative in the U.S. Congress. Tommy D’Alesandro Jr. was so tight with Carroll Rosenbloom that Rosenbloom would fly Tommy with him to away games on his private jet.

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 9.18.02 AM

Rosenbloom was the owner of the Baltimore Colts and Los Angeles Rams who had accumulated the biggest winning percentage of any owner in NFL History. Rosenbloom died under suspicious circumstances while swimming off Golden Beach, Florida.

Nancy’s brother (Thomas D’Alesandro III) was also Mayor of Baltimore.


We see what Baltimore is today.

In the early 1960’s both Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer worked in the office of Senator Daniel B. Brewster (D-MD). i005826a Brewster had a terrible time in the courts attempting to clear his name of corruption charges.

Pelosi was a page and Hoyer was an aide — a full ten year’s before Joe Biden ever made it to the United States Senate, embarking on his 44-year career.

Jill (Biden) was stolen from Bill Stevenson. When Stevenson married Jill Jacobs her name had been anglicized by her grandfather. Jill Jacobs was actually Jill Giacoppa, and so once again, America is duped.

We know nepotism and bloodlines are very important in some segments of society.

If our government and its politicians have been overtaken by a  criminal element, then it is our duty to see it for what it is and act upon this knowledge.

Every socialist and communist government ever to exist on the face of the earth, has been run by criminals. This is the future the left has in store for our dear nation.

We cannot allow 2020 to be the death of our nation.

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