We Have To Do What We Have To Do

Some States Have Politics So Convoluted That The Power Brokers Could Be Likened To One Of Joe Biden’s Favorite Terms: Super Predators

America today has lost its foundations — everything is subject to change and it is reinforced on a daily basis through our devices which have come to rule our lives. The tech giants not only have foreign censors from tyrannical countries, but also psychologists trained by America’s academia. We don’t know which one is worse. But due to recent exposure, we have learned that the two are merging.

America formerly had a two-party system. Today we will focus on New Jersey where the two-party system is a grab-bag, run by super predators.

The first candidate to examine is Rosemary Becchi. She looks good on the surface, but may be every bit the sociopath as Nancy Pelosi. The sad truth is we must vote for candidates like this to ensure President Trump has half a chance of accomplishing the goals he set forth before he appraised the depth of the swamp.

Ms. Becchi was born in Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania and attended the University of San Diego. This Roman Catholic institution describes itself as being committed to advancing academic excellence, expanding liberal and professional knowledge, creating a diverse and inclusive community and preparing leaders who are dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service. (You should focus on the words “preparing leaders.”) This place promotes democrat and global citizenship — in other words, this place is a bastion of liberation theology.

Rosemary went on to attend Gonzaga University where Dean Jacob H. Rooksby states: “We think you’ll find our humanistic multi-dimensional approach to legal education equips students to serve as public intellectuals and leaders in law.” It advertises itself as a humanistic institution and a Jesuit institution and a Catholic institution (with a commitment to diversity.)

After spending her time acquiring a law degree in Spokane, Washington — Becchi moved on to Georgetown University Law Center for a masters degree in law. (Another Jesuit institution located in Washington, D.C.’s fading Chinatown).

This school fosters: “”Georgetown Law students don’t just study the law.” In D.C., they experience it. Washington, D.C., is the nation’s capitol, a global hub and a lively metropolis. At Georgetown Law, students learn the law in the place where laws are made.” (Who wrote that and what were they smoking?)

After receiving her masters degree in law, Ms Becchi began her career as an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service, then moved into an advisory position on the staff of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee as a tax counsel.

Ms. Becchi went to work with Citigroup and Fidelity Investments and she is an independent contractor with Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Schreck. This firm was founded by three graduates of the University of Colorado Law School (Norman Brownstein, Jack Hyatt and Steve Farber) in the beautiful town of Boulder.

Steve Farber was instrumental in bringing the 2008 Democratic National Convention to Denver, Colorado. You remember Barack Obama’s greek columns, the replica of Pergamon’s altar?

Was this reference not just to the altar, but also the Roman state of Pergamos?

Pergamos was a major center of occult/pagan worship and persecution of the early Christians.

Sounds like Denver’s airport which the firm of Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber had its hand.

Denver Airport is known for its Marxist, satanic artwork (along with underground tunnels and murals). Take for instance what is known locally as Blucifer.

The work of artist Luis Jiménez. It is the artist’s rendition of the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse. Jimenez originally planned to use red lasers for the steed’s eyeballs. At the end of the day, red light bulbs were used.  Luis never saw the statue reared up at Denver; it killed him when a piece of the sculpture fell and severed his femoral artery.

Jack Noah Hyatt died in 2017 and Steve Farber died in March 2020. Norm Brownstein has no plans to retire. When you look at the above video, Mr. Brownstein talks about a sojourn in New York City. There are persistent rumors on the internet that Mr. Brownstein was a lawyer for the CIA during the directorship of George Herbert Walker Bush. (If this were the case, it would appear he was tapped for the job while in New York City.)

Mr. Brownstein from Denver Colorado, was integral in bringing Frank A. Schreck into Brownstein, Hyatt and Farber.

Schreck had founded the law firm of Schreck and Brignone in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brownstein already had a client in Las Vegas: Brian Greenspun and the media empire left to him and his siblings (by his father, Hank).

It appears that these two firms had more direction from the outside than from within.

Brian Greenspun has two degrees from Georgetown University where he was a roommate of William Jefferson Clinton (and before Clinton attended Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. Bill Clinton was eventually thrown out of England for raping a woman he had picked up in a pub.)

More so than not, the political landscape of America has been affected in many more ways than you might believe from Sin City; no, not Washington D.C., but rather… Las Vegas.

What is the fiber that holds all the world together? Vice. Whether it be dope, illegal cigarettes, child trafficking or even legalized gambling — Senator Harry Reid is no longer in the picture. Believe it or not, there is a connection between Harry Reid and the republican candidate for New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District — Rosemary Becchi.

New Jersey has been a gambling state for over 40 years.

When I was a young voter, I always voted no on the gambling issue when it was on the ballot.

I was under no illusion as to what the ultimate end of gambling is.

The link between Harry Reid and Rosemary Becchi is also a link to Howard Hughes, Deutsche Bank and about three private equity firms of the top eight in the world: The Blackstone Group, TPG Capital (Texas Pacific Group) and Apollo Global Management. Which all come together at the intersection of Schreck and Reid (former gaming officials for the State of Nevada) and Schreck’s new law firm. Throw in a dose of media with the family of Hank Greenspun which connects the Teamsters’ pension fund and the mob’s skim of Vegas casinos for any and all who wish to search it.

Frank Schreck was appointed to Nevada’s Gaming Commission in 1971, just 6 short years after graduating from Yale University. Nevada’s Governor saw Schreck as a bright individual who could work out the delicate balances needed to take Nevada into the modern age of gaming, (corporations, rather than casinos being handled by an individual).

Schreck facilitated casino acquisitions by corporations which was just what Howard Hughes needed to overtake Las Vegas from the mafia. But in truth, Howard Hughes brought together a new mafia; the Mormon mafia of which Harry Reid was a capo.

Howard Hughes beat down the mob through his connections within the Central Intelligence Agency along with a bunch of W W II guys. This became the new mob on the block. The first person that Howard Hughes brought on to handle publicity? Hank Greenspun — who had been made use of in the same capacity by his friend — Bugsy Siegel.

It was Greenspun that brought down Senator Joe McCarthy by labeling him a latent homosexual.


Now it is plain to see what amounts to the full court press of the Chinese; politically, technologically, and with biological agents in and out of our nation, while they manipulate our willing media.

The Private server of Democrat Queen Hillary Clinton (given a pass by the Main Stream Media) should be held out as a scarlet wound, ridden around the country by Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur and chief of staff Hu Phlung Dung.

Back to New Jersey.

Next we come to David Richter. The former CEO of Global Construction Management Firm: Hill International — a firm founded by his father, Irv. The firm has had its ups and downs and figures prominently in the Biden’s scandals specifically, for its partnering with James Biden and the $1.5 Billion Iraqi Housing Project. Hill International had no experience constructing homes.

David Richter’s father – Irv, has been sued by the corporation and David has been accused of enriching himself to the detriment of the firm. David was originally set to run in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District but democrat congressman Van Drew switched parties and was endorsed by President Trump.

David Richter is now running in New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District.

Richter has created problems for himself. He voted in Florida recently and also ran into trouble for having a Florida driver license rather than a New Jersey License as required by law.

Richter has a total of 5 degrees from University of Pennsylvania, University of Oxford and Harvard University. He had a career spanning 22-years with Hill International.

Richter has the misfortune of swimming in the same pond as the de facto dictator of South Jersey democrat politics — George Norcross.

George is a Rutgers dropout who has built an insurance empire and along the way, a political machine that is the envy of most political despots of every stripe. Norcross is one of the richest men in New Jersey, worth over $250 million.

Richter’s campaign is self-financed and his net worth is somewhere around $5-$6 Million.

Fifteen years ago, The Philadelphia Inquirer started to investigate George Norcross — he liked it so much, he bought the newspaper.

Besides firing the editor, he placed requirements on journalists which prompted a lawsuit. This resulted in Norcross losing control of the Inquirer.

David Richter can expect a massive onslaught to come to a crescendo in the next two days if Norcross has anything to do with it.

George E. Norcross III is widely regarded as the most powerful, unelected official in New Jersey. He has parlayed the economic misery of a broken city like Camden New Jersey, into growth zones, where monies pour in and those who are connected, line up like West Virginia’s poor for cheese.

The result is Camden is still a ghost town at five o’clock in the afternoon. Through all this, we hope that by voting straight Republican, New Jersey will begin the arduous task of taking back the state from super predator politics.

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