Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

Have you seen enough? Have you seen enough of the pretender? You know, the president-elect? Today on Twitter, everyone is president-elect for the simple reason they can call themselves anything they want. No matter who on Twitter calls themselves president-elect, it will not cause a riot at the end of the day. This is not the case with the pretender, Joe Biden.

The threat of violence should have precluded this decrepit bag of bones from crowning himself like Napoleon.

One does not have to go far to find proof on the internet that Joe Biden would let the election process take a natural course before claiming victory. A Biden victory? Joe was so confident in his victory, that he campaigned from his basement in Delaware.

The TRUTH is, the road to victory more than likely needed over a million fake votes of one sort or another. Statistically, this victory is so full of holes it won’t hold water.

Not only have we seen enough, we’ve heard enough. We have been subjected to a non-stop diatribe of media talking heads. These pusillanimous pukes have been fed leaks and innuendo by democrat operatives in our government.

The nation has had enough of Russian interference stemming from our 2016 election (which was proven to be a connivance of the democrats. Hillary’s crimes needed cover and they tore the nation apart. Why? Because Hillary said if she goes down, she was going to take half of Washington D.C. with her. Quite frankly, after viewing what they’ve done in the 2020 election, why would that be a bad thing?)

Today — the democrats are using world leaders, (to pronounce Biden a victor) foreigners who are products of the global elite. Puppets of the elites send congratulations to what can only be described as “the candidate or a pretender.”

“This candidate/pretender” the in-bred media has determined for us to be our president-elect (never mind that America has a time-honored process and tradition of electing presidents. The media has a time-honored tradition of rushing to judgement and they are like Joe Biden in that respect.)

Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in his 47 years of political prostitution.

The media is involved in a false narrative. Using RINO’s and foreign influence for optics coupled with the fraudulent voting that they seek to cover up like a fresh turd.

Why would social media go all out to censor the President of the United States?

Yes Virginia, there is foreign influence in our election. Our voting machines even have foreign influence. The same deep state actors have enriched themselves on the backs of American patriots, veterans and tax payers. Members of political dynasties here in America are invested and involved with the firms responsible for these shenanigans.

You can’t do anything without the FBI. (They’ve got to go!) Want to know why criminal activity has not been brought to heel? The FBI is doing nothing. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is not upholding its oath to the constitution!

The FBI has become an enemy of the constitution — there’s no sugar coating a turd.

If it’s not enough to make you go postal? Please turn your eye to Erie, Pennsylvania where a whistleblower came forward describing shenanigans in the post office. We don’t know what will transpire from the information the whistleblower has brought forward. But we do know that the actions by a certain postal inspector are reminiscent of Barack Obama’s administration. The same media (which had a love affair with Obama and Biden) swoops in and duly reports that the whistleblower recanted his story — magically!

The FBI does nothing against the postal inspector, the whistleblower is relieved of his duties, and the mainstream media wants you to swallow this bitter pill.

The American people have only 1 recourse against tyranny. This tyranny is not in power yet and seeks to take the reins of power by denigrating the votes of law abiding Americans. There is no other description for this other than tyranny.

The left has long pointed a finger at J. Edgar Hoover’s cross dressing. The cross dressing FBI is in bed with the perverts of the democrat party. Director Wray is more worried about right-wing conservatives rather than BLM or ANTIFA and the reason is plain to see.

Americans can expect the full weight of the FBI to come down against them if they rise up. Are you ready?

Twitter can censor and monitor your key strokes in real-time; our vote is not safe. In other words, the CABAL has come all-out. If we maintain our cool — but maintain our right to defend the constitution, we will see that the CABAL has brought itself to the gallows.

President Trump can destroy the bad seeds that populate the democrat party and infest our government, along with the RINOS who have shown their heads.

They are all tied to a global elite which has subverted the United States of America for over a century. An elite that has brought war and pestilence to our people. An elite that is only enamored with money and power. The Global Elite, truly Godless and demonic, they are responsible for the Deep State and it’s SWAMP. Time for them to be shown the exit and they have presented themselves for this opportunity.

Never again will you find so many Americans lined up behind a president. Everything on the other side is an illusion. (BLM and its marxist ideology, ANTIFA and its anarchy and the socialist democrat party… all an illusion, perpetuated by mainstream and social media. An illusion which could only be accomplished in this modern age.)

We cannot trust religious institutions today because they have been corrupted. We cannot trust our media because it has been corrupted. We cannot trust our government institutions because they have been corrupted. But we can trust our own eyes and ears. Have you heard enough? Have you seen enough? Most certainly you have, especially if you are involved in social media. It’s like you are living in a communist country where you get censored and erased for stepping out against the party line.

Even our new media is suspect because we don’t know where the money comes from and truly, we can’t trust anything but our own eyes and ears. America do you really need someone to tell you what to think?

This makes it all a neat package for a purged and energized Department of Justice.

There are approximately 6 entities that own the mainstream media. We hope they experience an unpleasant round-up in the near future for a prosecution under Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). It must go from the top down. Have you seen enough? Have you heard enough?

The talking heads in the media would gladly throw President Trump and our nation under the bus for another day in front of the camera. They love the lights and they love the one-eyed monster more than America. Our politicians are of the same cloth — they love the power and when the camera shows its lights upon them, they glow and spout their flowery, political language, and we are supposed to stay in line.

It doesn’t matter which side they’re on — as we’ve seen more than enough republicans are willing to throw the president (and America) under the bus. James Lankford U.S. Senator from Oklahoma has threatened to intervene if President Trump doesn’t bow down to the pretender — Joe Biden. Here is how Lankford describes himself on his Twitter profile “Follower of Christ, husband to Cindy, father of two daughters serving the state of Oklahoma in the United States Senate.” This turd sets off Gaydar alarms.

There’s not a dime’s worth of difference. The congratulations from Benjamin Netanyahu were the salutations that stung the worst. And what would make this perennial conservative of a socialist contrivance that rides on the back of ancient Israel, throw in for a president-elect Biden? Bibi put his chips in because for a period in his early life, he and his family lived in Philadelphia. (Not far from the banking capital of Wilmington, Delaware which is the fiefdom of the DuPont’s and their puppet: Joe Biden.)

New York is the loud and proud — a mob if you will. But the Philly mob has always been low keyed. They were reliable hitters. And so, after 36 years of never having to worry about a law suit for voter fraud from republican candidates nationwide, a whole generation of democrat poll workers carried on as if there were no legal challenge to their shenanigans.

DC Clothesline 2013/06/30

Philly is a democrat stronghold and it has had its share of civil unrest in these 4-years of democrat fomented violence and destruction. (We can thank Hillary Clinton who has half of Washington D.C. shaking in its boots.)

The democrats have deep pockets behind them. They represent the radical arm of the elites who control of politics in America. These population centers in American cities are entirely responsible for the civil unrest we see today. This will continue to plague America because the people of this nation have chosen an outsider to be their president in 2016 and 2020.

Yes, Trump is the president and he must fight back and use the courts to prove it.

President Trump must prove in the courts that the democrats attempted to steal an election because the FBI will not do its job. Just like the department of justice did not do its job when the crimes of the Biden family came to light — complete with a credible whistleblower, prior to the election. We should be thankful to our founders for the electoral college; it is the mechanism that actually elects the President of The United States. Not the media, not some tin-horned puppet like Bibi Netanyahu or a slime ball like Senator James Lankford (R-OK).

The electoral college is another holy grail of the radical democrats. They wish to disband the electoral college even as they use it today in the midst of their fraud.

If I only had a brain….

8 thoughts on “Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

  1. If Sen. Lankford is truly a follower of Christ then why would he back Biden and the Democrat party which is backed by Satan himself since the Democrats want to destroy Christian churches. Also, while mentioning Christian churches all readers of these articles if they consider themselves Christians need to get a copy of a book by Pastor Bill Johnson of Redding, CA named “When Heaven Invades Earth” to see why some of us need to get going with what He wants the church to do along the lines of the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles of all places. If you want to see what happened there get the book “They Told Me Their Stories”.


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