Who does the Justice Department work for?

If foul language is not what you would like to hear or read, then this is one edition of barefootcavalry.com you will want to skip. I have temporarily slipped back into the days when I was a 20-year-old Sgt. in the United States Marine Corps. Please forgive me and may you not hold it against me. Yojack454 is a reveal of ranks in my service to the country.

General Flynn has just stated (via Twitter): “Rudy Giuliani is over the target in GA., PA., MI., AZ.,NV. & elsewhere. Evidence is overwhelming.”

Attorney General Barr, if there is criminal activity and you do not do your sworn duty to the Constitution of the United States, then you sir, are guilty of a crime.

If you talk in flowery, bullshit legalese, telling the American people: “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election”… while at the same time ignoring the criminal process that enabled the FRAUD to happen? You are a traitor, if you allow these people to usurp the Constitution of the United States as you serve as the top law enforcement officer of the Executive Branch, you should be hanged by the neck, until dead.

We have no time for nit-picking, cocksucking lawyers and CIA bullshit. We have no time for pretenders to the throne and anchor babies-in-waiting.

The Bush Department of Justice allowed Nancy Pelosi to perform election fraud when she certified Barack Obama’s eligibility in 2008 and that gave the nation 2012. Stolen elections, one and all.

This half-senile, demented, witch of a woman, wants to slither her way into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She couldn’t win a national election for dog catcher.

You sir, (a BUSH APPOINTEE,) went after the branch employees of that Italian bank in Atlanta, Georgia, who were knee deep in CIA bullshit for turds, Ollie North, Bud McFarland and George Herbert Walker Bush. Do you believe we are going to let you turn this card over and throw it on the table?

No sir, you’re not going to get away with it.

Lisping pukes like Mattis and low-lifes like John Kelly, (who were used to taking orders,) never left their bootlicking behind them. They were given the opportunity to shine like stars by an outsider who placed trust in their leadership. They backstabbed President Trump for their deep-state masters. No sir, we have had enough, we are tired of all these cocksuckers. You are included among them.

William Barr, you think you have our president on the run. Let me tell you sir, there are many people out here. 3% of 80,000,000 voters is more personnel than the roll call of the U.S. military today. That’s more than enough to take care of your trashy, ho-bag FBI.

No sir, the country has had enough and you can talk any way you want, but if you don’t prosecute these crimes, you will swing one way or the other.

So if I were you, (a jerk-off lawyer,) I would make a deal now.

Remember all of those cocksuckers in the Department of Justice in the first days of the Clinton Administration? All were fired except Mike Chertoff. That’s what’s going to happen again, wholesale – we don’t need you dirtbags.

We don’t need Bill Clinton either. His mother murdered through medical neglect. She simply just sat on her ass doing her nails and let her patient die. She was then granted a pardon by her pervert whoremaster son: The Governor of Arkansas.

Virginia Dell Blythe Clinton Dwire Kelley (nee Cassidy) was a two bit whore from Hot Springs.

Bill Clinton won the presidential election on Chinese money. How about UBS Securities Co. Ltd (a Swiss Investment Bank,) paying $400,000,000 to Dominion Voting Systems recently in October 2020?

The same Bank gave Dominion $200,000,000 in December of 2014. What did UBS Securities receive for these payments?

The Chinese Government owns 75% of the Swiss Investment Bank UBS Securities.

See a pattern AG Barr? You people are real jerk-offs!

Arkansas was the fiefdom of Jackson Stevens and William Fulbright. Young Bill Clinton was actually a flea drinking off Fulbright’s pecker. Just about this same time — Wade Rathke founded the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now in Little Rock. ACORN gave suck to Barack Obama, (another CIA creation).

From 1989 to 2017 the United States of America was in the clutches of the CIA turds running for the deep-state Massa.

Stevens companies were involved in the Department of Justice theft of PROMIS software from Inslaw. PROMIS stood for Prosecutors Management Information System. It was backdoored by government contractors and sold worldwide to friend and foe because of the greedy nature of deep state actors.

We have had enough.

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