We Should Have Watered The Liberty Tree.

When Donald J. Trump CRUSHED a crowded field of republicans, he garnered the 2016 republican nomination for president.

The republican establishment was as confident as any democrat (worth their Jim Crow bullshit) that Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to win. The establishment of both parties are run by the same people. This has been accomplished through campaign finance reform, most notably — McCain-Feingold.

BIG MONEY pushed out the small donors and small business people, while at the same time the machine of government, (full of bureaucrats who can’t be fired) have waged war on small business owners which makes up middle America.

Small businesses were the BEDROCK of conservative donations to the worthless republican party.

Today’s reality is an inbred cesspool that finances the politicians through their K Street lobbyists (while holding the purse for both parties).

Many “thinking-Americans” realized that President Trump would destroy both the democrat party (completely) and also reshape the republican party (or destroy it if necessary).

Democrats haven’t been worth a shit since 1963.

Until Trump’s 2016 victory, the republicans hadn’t been worth a shit since 1987.

What most Americans did not see at that time? Republican politicians assisting the demonic democrats in taking down our populist president.

President Ronald Reagan did not accomplish what President Donald Trump has done.

Frankly, the country wasn’t as far gone in 1981. But the deep state was about to spring its master plan with Reagan’s vice president at the helm. Thank GOD the bullet stopped its travel on its way to President Reagan’s heart. Later in his administration, Reagan came away from a handshake with a younger Donald Trump saying “I felt like I was the one shaking hands with the president.”

It is plain to see — republicans and democrats run for the same people. It cannot be observed from any other perspective.

Republicans would rather commit suicide and enable the democrats to steal the 2020 election than face another four years of a Trump administration.

How I wish the Spirit of God were to go into our national cemeteries and raise the bones of an army of patriots!

We do not have the same breed of men today. American men have been assaulted by the enemy of our GOD. Americans have been brought low and made almost useless. A shame to think that a nation which trusts in God would be this far down the cattle-chute to the slaughter-house!

If American patriots remaining in this sad nation don’t bust down the false reality that is restraining us? If these remaining patriots do not overtake the domestic enemies who represent abject evil, then we are not worthy of being called Americans any longer!

The enemy is inside the gates! President Trump represented the renewal of America and it is OUR job as GOD FEARING AMERICANS to represent the REVIVAL to GOD.

Pray that it be God’s will to turn evil away from this once proud nation! It is revival which would have brought us back to our roots as a nation that trusts in God.

This may be our last chance to turn this evil away before God’s plan, for the end of time, comes to fruition.

How can we depend on the courts? These judges? These lawyers? Or how can we depend on boastful twitter accounts or other social media (who may or may not be real people). Psalm 118:8 Better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man. The only true remedy is to water the LIBERTY TREE.

This particular tyranny encircling us is spiritual. We do not have to make ourselves part of this world.

Make no doubt about it. Many will lose their souls who may have been saved but for our inaction as the end of times engulf a nation that trusts in God.

Evil is bringing us down to the wire and our once great nation may only exist for a few hundred more hours.

Please notice the directions the young boy gives to Bascum Lamar Lunsford, as they search for Lost John, “your square dance man.” America… don’t forget what brung you to the dance.

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