How Many Years Was It LBJ Said “Y’all Be Voting Democrat?”

Way back in the day….the Ku Klux Klan was the political action arm of the democrat party. When democrats attempted to take back power from republicans during the 60 years following the War Between the States (or what some call the Civil War), it was very much an uphill battle.

Division was the immediate tool or strategy. An enemy must be defined, and a hatred for this enemy instilled in the target… demographics.

Terms like “jungle bunny” and “porch monkey” were used to describe blacks who were kept in poverty at every turn by the democrat power structure which sought to overcome its loss of power and reinsert itself as a viable political party. One does not have to go far to find democrat hatred for the descendants of black slaves.

The first freed slaves that were elected from the south as members of the United States House and Senate were Republicans. There were no black politicians from the north. THE ONLY CITY THAT HAD MORE SLAVES THAN NEW YORK CITY WAS CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA.

This is where the term “Yellow Dog Democrat” was coined. They would vote for even the yellow dog if it was democrat. Out of that mess grew the Blue Dog Democrat — these were democrats who did not go along with the racist outlook of the democrat party but would vote for the democrat if they were strong on defense.

As psychology became the foremost tool of swaying minority voters from the Republican party for the democrat party, republicans were called “nazis” but before that they were known as “the party of the rich”.

In the 60-year period after the War Between the States (or the Civil War), there had only been two democrat administrations, (we all know today that the United States Government is nothing more than a racket for political gangsters; there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the parties).

Politicians don’t care about party. They are tearing the nation apart with their bullshit. They care about one thing: maintaining power.

We had an outsider in President Trump. The country has never seen lying, thieving, backstabbing like 2020.

Both parties are controlled from above by the same elite; the rip off the United States begins. America is the biggest cash cow in the history of the world.

Recently here, we see Senator Tim Scott, a republican from South Carolina called “Uncle Tim” by the democrats.

It doesn’t take much psychology to bring out what the democrats once called “porch monkeys” and “jungle bunnies.”

We can see the culture that was fed to black Americans from Madison Ave and Hollywood, big screen, and little screen (was actually run by a jewish subculture, whose only want is to have all your money).

Today these elites are even speaking about “you will own nothing, and you will be happy” (and for a college kid, that sounds great). What they envision is a slavery where they will be on top with an enforcing arm that would make Hitler blush. This is how a small group — albeit Bolsheviks, take over on a grand scale.

The psychology they use on America can best be described as “diversity” as they have to parse America into diverse groups and turn them on one another. This is a tried and true method. For the newly educated, it’s the discipleship of Saul Alinsky but he knew all too well; for him it was a discipleship of the devil.

The young, black, gangsters in Chicago don’t follow Jesus. The best of times for America was when we as a nation, trusted in God, (not political parties.)

If we do not take back our nation and turn towards God, the Tribulation will only be hastened through America’s demise.

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