Today — anti-semitism is in the news and we all know — you cannot speak about those who rule you. One of the most famous Rothschilds in England was quoted as saying:

As you can see from the above quote, Mr. Rothschild was not speaking about England. They were not happy running the continent of Europe, they sought to overtake the world.

The European Kingdoms which ran far-flung empires were turned on one another, and the money people only got stronger. Wars became the proving ground for new technologies; bigger and better. Financing both sides of a war had many perks.

When you realize that the elites in the world regard us as “useless eaters”, (only capable of flipping burgers and drenching french fries,) the current world situation spiked by COVID, comes into focus.

Most people view China as the largest of hermit kingdoms. China outwardly appears to be an entity of itself. The harsh reality is the man (Mao Zedong) who created Red China, attended a school run by Yale University. This Yale school in China allowed Mao the use of its printing press in the basement to crank out communist propaganda.

Through the centuries-old opium trade, European interests were made very rich, which translates to the misery of millions of Chinese addicts and their families.

Today, the elite cabal looks at us — the “useless eaters of the world” in the same light as their predecessors viewed the 10% of Chinese that they addicted to opium.

American shipping had its roots in the British Empire. One of these entities belonged to the Russell family (William Huntingdon Russell and Alphonso Taft founded Skull and Bones at Yale in the early 1830’s). William Russell created the Russell Trust which is the business name for Skull and Bones Society (1856).

When moves were made in the capitals of Europe to isolate the Czar and the Royal Family of Russia, it was at the behest of the Rothschilds who were refused a position they had requested to become the central bank of Russia. These same central bankers have been running our Federal Reserve since 1913, four years’ before the October Revolution which Jewish Bolsheviks overtook and made it their own.

So as you see, Rothschild and other banking families of Europe used the Royal families as vehicles to power. Like every good novel dealing with palace intrigue, Rothschild and other banking entities of Europe, turned the Royals upon themselves.

The first to be isolated were the Romanovs. Initially, a Quaker delegation made contact with them in Crimea where they were summering. Along for the ride was the famous novelist — Mark Twain (who actually became an associate of socialists, especially Russian Maxim Gorky. Mark Twain was his pen name and later in his life, he did declare himself to be a socialist revolutionary).

The Quakers were a new religion created in England; yet another rift in the religious fractionalization of Britain. It was easier for the Royals to govern when they set one faction against another. What resulted was a society within a society.

The Society of Friends moved to the Netherlands to escape oppression where they were coddled by the Dutch cousins of their British masters, so that the indoctrination could be completed. The Dutch Colony New Amsterdam was failing. When the Society of Friends started their journey to the New World, they were ardent supporters of the Dutch who remained in what was to become New York.

Today, the Quakers do not adhere to the standard American view of the world. They are the peaceniks in our midst, offering alternative schooling to rich kids. You do not see a Quaker-run “Friends” school in the ghetto.

In the burned over district of New York which was on fire with venture capitalism as canals and railroads changed the landscape of America and cemented capitalism as our economic model. Other religious groups sprang up. These are societies within societies. First were the Shaker-Quakers, then came the Mormons and the 7th-Day Adventists, while the booming City of Pittsburgh, PA appears to be the home of the Jehovah Witnesses.

You see the easiest way to divide America is to offer alternative religions. This has all been refined to an art. Now we have a new group: Asians, and before that: Hispanics. Where will it end? More than likely, a fractured America which is what their goal has been. The British view us as “the colonies.” In the late 19th century and early 20th century, America’s elites felt as though we would be better governed under a British system. Where did those assholes get that idea?

In the early 1900’s E.H. Harriman landed in Siberia. Harriman had financed an expedition of discovery. This expedition had first stopped in Alaska which at the time, was overflowing with newly discovered gold.

This may have financed the intrigue at the Russian court which resulted in the Russo-Japanese War. Before the war was over, E.H. Harriman was visiting Japan. At the time, there were tens of thousands of Russian POW’s who were being propagandized in socialist thought by American philanthropists.

American banking at the behest of the Rothschild’s man in America — Jacob Schiff, extended loans to the Japanese military. Japan was the victor in the Russo-Japanese war. This was the beginning of a militaristic Japan which sought to extend its empire into China and Korea and take its slice (just like the Europeans).

Prince Bernhard was one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group. When he was a student in Switzerland he became a sworn Nazi. His country of the Netherlands opened its doors to the Third Reich as Hitler’s armies circumvented the Maginot Line and entered France.

You can imagine how much money the French government borrowed from its bankers (monies that were paid back with interest by French taxpayers) to construct the Maginot Line. The whole line was as worthless in its beginnings as it was in its end.

The Royal family of England is most closely related to the Dutch Royal family than any other of these other inbred bluebloods.

Queen Victoria had declared herself Empress of India; therefore, the muslims and Hindus in what was India at that time, were every bit as much her subjects as the former serfs of England.

Victoria’s last name was NOT Windsor but rather Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. The British Royals changed their name to Windsor prior to W W I. Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm was Queen Victoria’s grandson.

In America, Prescott Bush (the father of George Herbert Walker Bush), was a confidante of Averell Harriman who was at first married to Kitty Lanier. It was Kitty’s father who financed some railroads for Averell’s father – E.H. Harriman. Kitty was almost killed in a riding accident early in her relationship with Averell Harriman. Averell and Kitty had two daughters, the youngest — Kathleen Lanier Harriman, was born on December 7, 1917, two years’ into the marriage which ended in 1929. Two year’s later in 1931, Harriman Brothers and Company merged with Brown Brothers and Company to form Brown Brothers, Harriman and Company.

During W W I I, Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed Harriman – Ambassador to the Soviet Union on October 23, 1943. (FDR’s maternal grandfather worked for the Russell family. Delano actually made two fortunes in opium and the 2nd one involved selling opium to the United States during the Civil War.) Kathleen Harriman was 26-years old when she served as hostess for all embassy affairs and her girlfriend (daughter-in-law of Winston Churchill) eventually became Averell’s 3rd wife in 1971. Her name was Pamela Digby-Churchill-Hayward-Harriman. Bill Clinton appointed her Ambassador to France.

Averell (“Old Crocodile”) and his brother Roland (“Bunny”) along with Prescott Bush, (“Odin”) were members of Skull and Bones at Yale University. Prescott worked for Harriman and was known as “Hitler’s Banker.” The assets of the Union Bank which Prescott ran, were frozen in the days leading up to America’s entry into the 2nd World War. How could a man like this become a U.S. Senator from Connecticut?

Isn’t it odd that our veterans in both the United States and Britain have a tradition of “red poppies?”

Now today, America is addicted to a new jab. Yes of course, heroin is still a drug of choice for many, but millions are lining up for a shot of mRNA and a spike protein because of a hyped-up flu.

The enemy released from China, with its GAIN OF FUNCTION, was financed by American tax dollars in a scheme cooked up by a doctor Fauci and a former President Obama.

China is not an entity to itself. Number one: they are extremely involved in the world economy, and number two: they are extremely enslaved by British-controlled banks in Shanghai.

Today, China’s power structure is heavily controlled through the City of Shanghai. There are trading families in China and in England who have had ties for almost 500 years. Where would you find the history in this if you weren’t part of these families?

If the people of the world do not open their eyes and see the threat for what it is, these elites will reduce the world’s population in a Luciferian nightmare. COVID has been an intel psyop run against the population of the world.

The Chinese released it.

It was financed by a traitorous president and a pawn of Senior Executive Services.

But in all actuality, the hand of the British is hard to discern.

Make no doubt about it — COVID is as British as the Steele Dossier. And just as the Steele Dossier got its legs, who was the Chief of Station in Britain? None other than Gina Haspel who replaced the communist John O. Brennan.

Gina turned out to not be any better.

She was owned by Britain.

4 thoughts on “Build-a-Burger?

  1. WOW!!! Covered so much and tied it together with a big red bow!! Scary as hell but we need to learn the truth. Well done.


    1. Thank you so much, it has made a trip around the world. China, Ecuador, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Chile, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Indonesia, Canada, Sweden all stopped for a view. If these are not ghost protocols, then we are educating the world, (or stepping on toes.)


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