Kill The Mockingbird.

Why, within 5-years of its creation, (and at a time when it was run by military men from the top down,) did the CIA institute Operation Mockingbird? Newspapers had been run as fiefdoms of various publishing entities since the end of the War Between the States (where the elites of Europe caused America to turn on itself and prosecute the War).

The CIA isn’t supposed to turn inwardly, it is strictly entrusted to focus outwardly. Therefore; there is no trusting the CIA.

Operation Mockingbird, (the CIA operation to control media,) has weathered the storm. Operation Mockingbird is alive and doing very well, thank you.

Everything that is reported in America is factored; a percentage of truths and a percentage of lies. The global elite masters that pull the strings at the CIA are ultimately the arbiters of the lie. Even if its only .0001% lie… it is a lie.

Make no doubt about it America — the Son of God, Our Lord Jesus the Christ, warned us that the devil was the father of all lies.

This is a spiritual battle.

It must have pleased the elites who ran Hollywood to produce the movie “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Most people don’t see the connection, but the CIA and Hollywood all run for the same masters. They are one in the same. The big screen had become a 20th-Century propaganda tool for the elites.

What is the easiest way to explain how political leaders changed their appearance in the 20th Century?

In the early days of photography which rode in on the heels of oil portraits, the great men of days gone by… never smiled.

Leading a nation was serious business.

So at that time when modern America was married to early and mid America at Mount Rushmore, they had to wipe the used-car salesman smile from “Teddy” Roosevelt’s face.

Ever since 1913 — the United States of America has been saddled by pusillanimous politicians with an unconstitutional income tax, enslaved with the Federal Reserve, and made subject to popular elections for the United States Senate. All the while, modern politicians have been smiling in our face.

Before the end of the 19th Century, the two brightest stars in the world of American newspapers had been labeled yellow journalism.

The Hearst and Pulitzer organizations came of age at the same time as psychology became a course of study in universities around the world. By then, newspapers were how popular opinion was formed.

One may wonder why there are not still photographs of president William McKinley’s assassination? McKinley had become enamored with motion pictures. He was the first U.S. President to be captured on a film clip. So the “stage” was set and somewhere in time, there is a motion picture of his assassination. This films’ existence can only be explained today because of the absence of any still photos of the event, which placed Theodore Roosevelt in the White House.

America loves Hollywood today, but Hollywood has snuffed Lady Liberty as it is a propaganda arm for the elite.

Therefore; the CIA, running for the elite, could not afford to let radio, newsprint, motion pictures or television go on willy-nilly. Today’s social media platforms are controlled by the same elites that control the CIA.

The elites looked at America and determined that they would make the 2nd Amendment a point of weakness. Like everything else that is done in the public realm by the politicians on the string, it is Kabuki.

First let us look to countries in the world who do not have the benefit of a 2nd Amendment.

Australia had a rich history of gun ownership. They were coerced by their politicians to turn in their weapons for “the greater good.” Today, there are mass demonstrations in Australia — they have no guns. So where do they seek their security? In numbers!

The same with France — and in any number of places where demonstrations are organized so that people can feel safe — in numbers.

In America there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the right and the left. That fact is verified in the silence of Republicans across the nation, refusing to take up the cause of the Arizona audit. These same politicians were so eager to paint President Trump as a loose cannon who incited revolution against a legal election. When in fact, they installed Joe Biden by action and deed.

The Second Amendment has been attacked by the right and the left for gun control. It was under George H.W. Bush that the ATF entrapped Randy Weaver, which resulted in the tragedy at Ruby Ridge.

Ruby Ridge: a rustic off-the-grid homestead where members of the Weaver family were murdered by the F.B.I.

The same George H.W. Bush was involved in the importation of massive amounts of cocaine into the United States with the help of people like Ollie North (who thought they were doing a service for America). They used former CIA assets as contractors, stepping through legal loopholes, to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

The Bush family were heavily involved in trading with China and President Bush (41,) sought to curtail “assault weapons” when China and its firearms industry, (which was/is an arm of the PLA,) sought a share of the American gun market.

It would appear that everything that happened from the Great Depression to almost this day, had a Bush involved. We were lucky that a Jeb Bush candidacy did not usher in a Hillary Clinton Administration in 2016.

It wasn’t that George H.W. Bush owned Bill Clinton, they are run as assets for the elite. During the importation of cocaine into Mena, Arkansas, George H.W. Bush was senior to the rapist in Chief.

It was those elite masters of Bush and Clinton that caused 9/11/01 and gave us The Patriot Act.

We know why it’s named The Patriot Act.

They are coming for the Patriots.

When the son of George H.W. Bush became president, the U.S. Army recruiting slogan was changed… Army of One.

In itself, Army of One is conflicted.

The elite took our Army, a brotherhood, threw in Wiccans, Feminists, and Queers for the social experiment that would generate the miscreants who would turn their weapons on American Citizens today.

Today they have turned the people of our nation against one another with fear and propaganda.

Americans look about themselves today and they see every sign of tyranny closing in on them. They don’t gather en masse in the streets. Americans have guns and ammo at the house, they feel secure in themselves like an Army of One. They don’t need security in numbers. They go each to his own house and feel as though they can survive, like a Hank Williams Jr. tune, “A Country Boy Will Survive.” It all sounds good, but it’s destined to go nowhere and that is exactly what the elites calculated. We have a 2nd Amendment and no call to arms, (they own social media and they have shutdown any debate and with that, the 1st Amendment.)

2 thoughts on “Kill The Mockingbird.

  1. Wow!! Outstanding, as always, and many thanks. Going out to my email list, and my social media.
    Love word pusillanimous, and wonder how many of our totally corrupt bastards would think it was a compliment if someone thanked them for being so pusillanimous?


  2. My Jr. High School English teacher was from Arkansas. She is responsible for instilling that word into my vocabulary. There were other words, but none covers ground better than a cuss, like pusillanimous.


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