Woe To You Taxpayers!

America has become a wondrous nation in its short history; however, many Americans in recent times wonder if the nation will survive.

The elites who run the global economy have subverted every part of American life and Americans alive today have absolutely no idea of their rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

We have always been a nation of laws. It was a point of pride, our justice system… not perfect but close to it.

Today, we have “mandates” and CDC “guidelines” which in three letters — spells: BUREAUCRATIC OVERREACH. An over-reach that can be represented as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and spider-like, (and far more poisonous than Australia’s Funnel-Web Spiders.)

The global elite have driven a wedge.

We have been funneled into the chute. Americans are not upset that the supply line has been allowed to overtake our coastal waters. Americans are focused on the lack of goods. Covid this and Covid that, Vax or anti-Vax, submission or resistance.

What about the back-up of ships off-shore? Not many see that this presents a military threat!

How can our Navy hear undersea threats acoustically?

How could the Coast Guard inspect all these ships physically?

It would be especially nice to know who are crewing these ships that sit off our coast.

“The shelves are bare! The shelves are bare!” Is that to become the Battle Cry in America today?

Our Battle Cry should be “The politicians have bent us over at the behest of their global masters and we have been sold out.” This has all been done to America under the auspices of a Global Economy… as if there is a perfect world where everyone colors within the lines.

“The politicians have bent us over at the behest of their global masters and we have been sold out” is a long battle cry. The average Joe would lose interest at about the fourth word.

Woe to you taxpayers — the American left has become your MASSA. Don’t go to the Capitol, you’ll be thrown in the gulag! Don’t go to the school board to question a public servant who is your employee… a Public Servant. The leftist bureaucrats, (yes they exist) from the FBI, whose paycheck and retirement you pay through taxes, will kick your door in and take you away. All because of a label. The Left are name callers.

The elites have parsed America to the point where now superman is gay. This is the revenge of the gay mafia, they couldn’t do it without financing from the elite. You can’t talk about who rules you, the financial elites and the gay mafia. Make no mistake, the elite has lined up every disaffected fringe in America and empowered them. We call them financial elites because you can’t talk about them… everybody with a brain knows who they are.

They were in the right place at the right time, in every country in western civilization.

So when the FBI is directed by the DOJ to focus on domestic terrorists at school board meetings, this is the saber rattling reminiscent of the Obama era. Obama’s foreign policy was lead from behind in a bent-over position. While domestically under Obama, everything on the right experienced a jack boot.

Once again — they’re going to bring the IRS against us because the IRS has power through the Revenue Act of 1918. (It codified all existing tax laws and imposed a progressive income-tax rate structure of up to 77 percent.) The Revenue Act of 1918 is unconstitutional.

Have you forgotten during Obama’s first term, how Lois Lerner was targeting the Tea Party and True the Vote? We see where that investigation went….. nowhere! The only thing that happened was Republicans were able to raise some (more donations) money over it beating the political bush. Republicans are so ineffective it’s unbelievable. Many want to blame Trump’s inaction over the election steal. That is plainly the republicans’ fault. Every republican politician should have been out in the street like these dime-store democrats! You can’t get away from a democrat especially if there’s a camera — they’re in your face. It is so obvious that both sides of a two-party system were lined up against Trump.

It has fallen to the people to right the wrongs foisted upon our nation. Soros and his ability through McCain/Feingold to influence elections of Attorneys General, States Attorneys, and prosecutors, is no different than Jacob Schiff at the behest of Rothschilds advancing Felix Frankfurter to a Chair at Harvard and then the Supreme Court allowing room for Frankfurter to create the ACLU along the way. Before Frankfurter there was Louis Brandeis another leftist pain in the ass. Brilliant but devilishly leftist. The elites of Europe have taken us down and installed Joe Biden a shiftless turd grifter with no shame or moral compass.

We will never recover if we don’t take back the nation from these thieving pawns. The elite will never allow a fair election again, if our world survives that long.

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