NWO Triumphs!

Here we have Joe Biden, (installed like a toilet) — Biden has been a pain in the ass to America since elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972.

Before that, he was just a minor pain in the ass to a county in Delaware.

Joe Biden had gotten in the way of President Gerald Ford when Ford was evacuating South Vietnam. Our allies were becoming stranded there.

Biden also voted against the resettlement of Vietnamese people in America because they were conservative. (He did this in conjunction with the democrat power structure in California — San Francisco in particular.)

Quite frankly, Biden has been at war with conservatives since 1972.

Why would you think he would have any worry about what you or I think of him stealing the election? His wife Jill, is so trashy, she’ll work harder to stay in the White House, this was after all, her life’s dream.

Joe’s first wife — Neilia Hunter Biden, died and Biden married the babysitter…Jill. Jill Biden’s grandfather changed the name from Giacoppa to Jacobs. She’s a doctor of education now and wants everybody to call her doctor. Sounds a little bit like Haiti, doesn’t it? (Papa Doc and Baby Doc?)

When American votes were sent overseas to be “tallied”, it seems as though they waylaid in Italy, (where it appears shenanigans went on [sounds a little mobbed-up?]). It appears we have a bunch of communist mobsters in Italy and a very dark pope. (Pope Francis’s parents fled Mussolini’s purges of criminals and Communists in Italy to Argentina.) The Pope seems to be higher up in the secret handshake structure than Nancy Pelosi… if you haven’t checked that one out, here is a clip:

For all those people who want to point a finger at the Roman Catholic Church as the Synagogue of satan, they’re missing their chance with Joe Biden, (and of course – Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi.

Biden’s son Hunter couldn’t make it as an Officer in the U.S.Naval service, because he was addicted to cocaine. (How did he even qualify?)

Everyone thinks that Hunter’s a mess. Hunter is a mess by design. They keep him stoned. The wounded psyche, an unlimited amount of sex and drugs and rock and roll. The world that Hunter lives in… carries him along. He is NOT in the driver’s seat.

Speaking of driver’s seats…. Joe Biden wants to clear out the military of anyone who appears to be conservative. Joe wants a military that will disobey the Constitution. A military that will obey him rather than uphold the Constitution. A military that will toss the Constitution and leave it behind like a rag in one of Hunter’s motel rooms.

Joe Biden seeks to rule (without the law) through tyrannical mandates and CDC guidelines. In the process of cleansing the military of conservatives, Biden will sully the service and dedication of these good and upstanding young people of America. Most of the people in our military are just kids, and they are at the mercy of a turd like Joe Biden.

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