What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Bernard Schwartz was a jewish boy who grew up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. He has a B.S. in Finance from City University of New York. He is a veteran of The U.S. Army Air Corps serving in W W II.

After the war, he went to work as an accountant on Wall Street. Eventually he became vice president of American President Lines, LTD. — a subsidiary of a French shipping company.

American President Lines, LTD has a long history — but in the period after W W II, they began integrating containers and launching ships capable of carrying containers in bulk. Schwartz then became president of Reliance Insurance Company — insurance is a big SCAM (we see this after the World Trade Center towers, insured for multiple hits).

In 1972, Schwartz bought his way into Loral Corporation — a manufacturer of satellites and associated systems. He would become Chairman and CEO for 34 years.

During the high flying Clinton years, Schwartz was investigated for missile technology transferred to China (1996) and of course, Janet Reno’s justice department exonerated him of any wrongdoing.

Like a good democrat, Bernard L. Schwartz then established a senior fellowship in business and foreign policy in 2002 at the Council on Foreign Relations. The fellowship was gifted from the Bernard and Irene Schwartz Foundation. (Irene Zanderer Schwartz was his first wife — she died in August 2014 after 63 years of marriage to Bernie.)

Hughes Aircraft Company acquired telecommunications entities and formed Hughes Network Systems. Shortly thereafter in 1994 – Hughes Electronics introduced DirectTV. By 1995 — Hughes Space and Communications Company became the world’s largest supplier of commercial satellites. Hughes was also tainted by the technological transfer to China of missile technology that “may or may not have transpired in the 1990’s.”

Again, the global economy was used to stiff the American taxpayer who had paid for the R&D and in turn, for the defense of the nation. When Hughes and Loral transferred technology to the Chinese (who were unable to launch commercial satellites with much success), they were given the keys to the kingdom. As a result of this transfer, the Chinese had the ability to MIRV nuclear warheads. MIRV is an abbreviation for Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle, referring to several nuclear warheads carried by a ballistic missile referred to as a “BUS.”

Both Loral and Hughes were associated with a small state with a very big footprint, no not Israel: DELAWARE.

So therefore, in the grand scheme of things, the people who pull the strings attached to Joe Biden’s ass are responsible for the next arms race. An arms race they started by gifting telemetry solutions to the Chinese in the 1990’s under the guise of global economy.

The Chinese think in the longterm. Their minds are not oriented like ours. It appears the Chinese want revenge for past wrongs hundreds of years old… revenge for the millions of its peoples, in a centuries-long addiction to opium. An addiction foisted by British traders. The Chinese and the Americans share a history with these British traders. It was not opium that they extracted from America; it was tobacco and cotton.

This is why the north — owing to its abundance of water power, became a manufacturing center, and the south… a hub of agriculture. Our manufactured goods were not in worldwide demand but there was a large internal market as America was experiencing unprecedented growth. England on the other hand, had a large manufacturing base but a small population.

India was already a high society with many riches and the opium that the British extracted from India was shipped to China and used to purchase goods from the Chinese. (British goods were not in demand in China, while at the same time — many Chinese goods, especially tea, were very much in demand in Britain.)

Some American shipping families found their way to the opium trade through blessings of the British.

Like a mob, things did not get done without their blessing. You must recall that the British Monarchy would send out men on ships with secret charters, enabling them to pirate on the high seas without facing legal retaliation at home in Britain. Britain is therefore…. the home of Jolly Roger; a band of cutthroat businessmen.

As little as 40-years’ ago — there was a group of people in America known as conservative democrats — these were people who adhered to the party but were conservative on social issues and firmly rooted in a strong defense of the nation. In 1980 (after the high water of American Liberalism in the 1970’s, which gave us the presidency of Jimmy Carter), democrats left the party in droves and voted for Ronald Reagan. The media was confounded.

What is amazing about the media? It has been shown to be liberal and at the same time through Operation Mockingbird, controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency.

That should be hard for a conservative to wrap their mind around.

Conservatives it seems, automatically assign their values to this secret organization and time and time again, this trust has proven to be unhealthy.

Reagan was one man — and to fill his administration, he needed to bring on thousands.

First of all, he had to accept George Herbert Walker Bush as a running mate before even running as a Republican for president. Just days into his presidency, an assassination attempt was blamed on the crazed member of a family (with friendly ties to the Bush family).

You do recall we mentioned the CIA is unhealthy?

Even though Ronald Reagan barely survived the assassination attempt (and was extremely popular with the people of the United States,) the media despised him. No matter how hard it tried, the media could not turn America against Reagan. When we say media, you must realize it was the Mockingbird media at the behest of the Central Intelligence Agency. So in 1988 — when the Democrats ran Michael Dukakis, (a liberal Massachusetts governor with a popular Hollywood cousin) against George Herbert Walker Bush (a bogus war hero and former director of the CIA), Dukakis couldn’t win (even with an M1 Abrams tank).

Vice President Bush rarely had bad press. Even after Bush was tied to Iran-Contra, his press wasn’t all that bad. What really shows his insulation by the press was the coverup of child prostitution among D.C. elites. The Franklin Child Prostitution scandal even had ties to Barney Frank… very convenient. It broke in June of 1988 leading up to the election, and spilled into the Bush Presidency, but was covered up by the media.

Even the end-all, do-all, secret op — which would be used to supply Iran’s secret weapons and to supply the contras secret weapons was Mo Better for the importation of massive amounts of cocaine into the United States, through a conservative state, run by a democrat governor – Bill Clinton.

They had people like Bud McFarland and Ollie North working with Porter Goss’s old buddy — Barry Seal, who in turn was friends with Lee Harvey Oswald take the fall. Still… America is not following this story through the media looking glass.

Today — Ollie North is crying about weapons technology being transferred to China via Afghanistan — specifically M1 Abrams tanks. The M1 tank is outdated technology. Yes, an arms race will be ignited, but it appears as though the United States has been struck from within. Ollie North should have thought better about the importation of cocaine into America. Yes — it did finance Iran-Contra, but at a cost to America that was so great that it cannot be equated to dollars and cents.

Cocaine enabled the limp wrists to overtake America as society was relaxed and coked out.

Today, China is using Ollie North’s method of subverting America — albeit, a method North wasn’t conscious of. But rather a subversion the Chinese are fully familiar with.

Rather than a massive amount of cheap cocaine, the Chinese are floating massive amounts of cheap fentanyl into America with help from ally nations who are corrupted by drug money. Fentanyl is so strong and poisonous it could be considered a weapon of mass destruction. If one were to fly a crop duster filled with fentanyl, millions of people would die in urban areas if it were applied.

The Cold War was supposedly over after the fall of the Soviet Union.

After a massive buildup of troops from most every nation on earth in the Middle East against Saddam Hussein, Bush 41 started chirping “New World Order.” Christians were the parakeet in the coal mine, warning America and incurring the wrath of the elite masters of both political party.

Colin Powell — a political general who was involved in analyzing the Mÿ Lai massacre and also clamping down on militant black power elements in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, advised President Bush NOT to proceed up the road to Basra into Iraq.

If we had gone and taken Iraq achieving total victory which is what Norman Schwarzkopf wanted to do, we would not have had 9/11 happen on our shores. Total victory and rebuilding Iraq, would have been cheaper and less costly from the aspect of casualties, than packing it in, only to come back 10 years later. Our military stayed for almost 20 years, with no lasting effect.

This was perfect because Bush could lay blame at the feet of Colin Powell. We see this is a tried and true method of political expediency. Joe Biden has Kamala Harris who is probably the only person on earth who could take over as president as do a worse job; or Pete Buttigieg who is enticed to adopt children just in time for the supply chain screw up. His breast nursing photo ops will forever grace historical references, highlighting what good the limp wrists are in government. Now the Levine fiasco is a Four Star Admiral, how nice. Or Lloyd Austin, (Sec-Defense) who followed James Mattis’ footsteps into CentCom (and again in his footsteps to Sec-Defense). Two globalist-idiots and both of them are liberal democrats.

September 11, 2001 was run by the global elites. The same who ultimately run the CIA. They turned us on the Arab world, involved us in a perpetual war with no firm victory to be had.

We had numerous small wars flaring up and our Marine Corps took their eye off the ball. Marine Corps war planners were made to focus on counter insurgency/small wars.

There have been any number of presentations to the United States Marine Corps and to our Federal Bureau of Investigations by a British agent hiding in plain sight.

Everyone in America knows him as Seb Gorka. How in the hell did Seb Gorka become an expert on counter-terrorism? You must research this for yourself, please?

Was it his false accent that made him seem so much smarter than the rest of us?

Quite obviously China was the threat all along. China had subverted us for over 30 years and we have gone around as if in a cocaine fog.

They bought their way into the White House in 1992 and 1996 and they were reimbursed handsomely by a President Clinton who could do no wrong in the media. We see the same set up with Biden. He can do no wrong. I wish the Press would give him the Trump treatment. Joe Biden would have a mental breakdown. He deserves it.

Be that as it may — he can do no wrong.

The media is handy at setting the stage for the elite masters. When one ponders how conservatives could love Mattis and despise Austin — it is odd. Both of these Generals are liberal democrats This was done through the media.

Back in 1992 — when Bill Clinton ran against GHWB, he had to run as a conservative democrat. There is even campaign literature of Clinton/Gore with the Confederate Stars and Bars. As soon as Clinton was made president he started after the guns which is exactly what George Herbert Walker Bush had done. But this time, it wasn’t a small place like Ruby Ridge, it was a religious compound in Waco, Texas home of the Branch Davidians — an offshoot of Seventh Day Adventists.

Just as Reagan in his term could never do anything right, (according to the media) Clinton could do no wrong. YET…. Clinton was used to raise up a generation of republican haters. Then came the war mongering George W. Bush to drive a stake into the republican party for all time, thanks to the Mockingbird media.

The Central Intelligence Agency had a dry run at the World Trade Center in 1993. Thankfully that bombing failed. Was anyone looking for short sales in ’93? No! But in 2001 people DID look for short sales and they found them and the Mockingbird media calls them conspiracy theorists.

The black helicopter people from the Clinton era are considered conspiracy theorists – yet everything they spoke about has come to pass. Jet fuel cannot melt steel. My days of laughing at Rosie O’Donnell over this are over.

Funny how people will switch positions. Reagan is a prime example… as well as President Donald J. Trump.

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  1. BC: You articles never fail to educate me further! Another very good one, which I will post and email. Thank you very much!


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