The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers ~ William Shakespeare

Dick The Butcher, Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2

It usually doesn’t take the average American long as they enter adult life to figure out that the American judicial system smiles upon the rich.

If you have the misfortune of depending upon a public defender, (even though that public defender may be very good at what he does,) at best, he is an idealist. The judge may be a piss-poor lawyer himself… but he’s gonna look down his nose at the public defender because money is never gonna pass from the Public Defender’s hand to him.

Justice in America is best served by the best lawyers that money can buy.

If you’ve got the cash, you can walk like Jeffrey Epstein — and his lawyers can expect to go on to even better gigs… like magistrate judge Bruce Reinhardt. A magistrate judge is kind of like a bump on a log. In Reinhardt’s case, that bump is actually pigeon shit.

Pigeons are rats with wings.

The Constitution has been trashed since the 1970’s — FISA courts, no knock warrants, FBI overreach.

Prime examples of which are: Ruby Ridge, WACO, Oklahoma City Bombing (where Garland cut his teeth), and more recently, Crossfire Hurricane and Russia-gate, not to mention the Drunken Mueller. Drunken Mueller is far worse than TRUMP’s mean tweets because Mueller had the power of a grand jury. We all know in America, you can indict a ham sandwich with a grand jury, (just ask turds like Andrew Weissmann how to turn the Constitution on its head.)

Now, all the leftist jews are coming to the aide of hooknose magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhardt (pigeon shit on a log) lover of Early Times rot gut and GMO’d Oreos.

Just a simple kind of man who is probably just as stunted sexually as Jeffrey Epstein. But of course, he fits in with South Florida. South Florida is where the Borscht belt goes to die.

Mensch is a yiddish word that has German origins and it speaks unto a person of good character. Of course, the Nazis corrupted everything they ever touched, because: (1) they were a criminal element and (2) they were a product of german psychology from the 1800’s (which in the 1930’s and 40’s translated into the biggest propaganda machine that ever existed on the face of the earth [NAZISM: a creation of jewish bankers that infested Europe]). The bankers in turn used the Nazis to their benefit, (in the creation of the jewish state by way of a six-million-person-sacrifice of their jewish brethren to insure the creation of Israel in the British Mandate [Palestine]).

A good example of this marriage between jew and National Socialism is the Rothschild’s puppet — George Soros, a jew.

Soros collected trinkets as they went house to house condemning jews to concentration camps in Hungary. As Soros continued to move up the ladder, graduating to gold teeth, he finally ended up in Great Britain after the war under the tutelage of the German banker families running Britain through The City of London. The City of London is the old walled city the Romans left. At a later date the Norman Kings could not conquer this one square mile piece of ground. It was given special dispensation, like The Vatican and you may have guessed it — The District of Columbia, (where a tin-horned dictator Marion Bowser [Donna Brazile’s bitch] keeps January 6th Les Miserables locked up for nothing.)

Soros is best described by the nazi word “untermensch” which means “subhuman.”

This is why the left always hangs names on the right. You can’t hate your fellow human being unless you look down your nose at them. Giving them a name is the opening punch in what may be the dance of death.

The Bower family, (and it may have been Bauer, regardless, they are now RedShield) better known as the Rothschilds are a bane on civilization.

A few hundred years ago, France was the largest, most populated country in Europe.

The Germanic Tribes which were a problem for the Romans had evolved into principalities and these principalities had royal families. The Royal family of England is closely related to the Dutch Royal family. In other words they are actually Saxe-Coburg and Gotha rather than Windsor. They changed their name prior to W W I.

Going back to pre-revolution France… France had been divided internally into Protestant and Catholic, (sectarian violence.) This had reasoning behind it – which was to weaken France and it’s people within their borders.

Britain was a smaller nation and France was a very formidible enemy for Britain, a much smaller and less populated island nation. Recall, it was the Norman Kings that crossed the channel and conquered England.

Through marriage, it was German Royalty that overtook England’s Royal Family.

The Medici popes were dark history in the Roman Catholic Church. They had been merchants before they became princes. But before that, they were jewish merchants. The Medici Popes were integral in fomenting the schism of Christianity in the west which at that time, was Europe.

The last Medici was Catherine de’ Medici who was to become Queen to the French King — Henry II would proceed her in death.

The three sons of Henry II would become King of France. Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III all ascended the French Throne.

There was one constant through this period associated with Catherine de’ Medici: sectarian violence across France. Even when her sons were out of power, no one laid a hand on her head.

Through all of this, England made sure that Irish mercenaries known as the Wild Geese, flocked to France to serve in its military. The Wild Geese did not come empty handed. They carried Freemasonry into France. The Freemasons had one grandmaster for both England and France: Philip Wharton (who had been the Jeffrey Epstein of his day [when he ran the Hellfire Club.])

The Rothschilds developed a mail service at that time — the BLACK MAIL. Today we call it plainly black mail.

In pre-revolutionary France there were three types of Freemason Lodges: Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. All were controlled from England. This is how England set the seeds for Bastille Day and the French Revolution.

These long-range planners in England weren’t done!

Even in the midst of a civil war, France was too big for England to tackle. So the Jewish Bankers gave rise to Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was the Hitler of that era and the British Royal family were naturally allied with the Germanic princes because it would be over 75 years before Germany would become unified.

So after endless wars, Napoleon and France met defeat on the Battlefield at Waterloo at the hands of Wellington and his Prussian allies.

At the same time, Rothschild made use of a carrier pigeon to relay the most up-to-date word from the Battlefield at Waterloo. Victory or defeat would dictate the value of war bonds that were generated to finance Wellington’s army in the field.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild snookered the British investors into selling their War Bonds, while his agents bought up everything that the panicked sellers desperately tried to get rid of.

In other words, Rothschild broke the BANK OF ENGLAND and trashed many investors in the process.

This is what Soros did to the other countries and their currency; he has learned his trade well. The British are the oldest drug dealers in modern history. Soros and the British bank went into Thailand, (whose golden triangle is the source of much of the world’s misery: opium and heroin.) George Soros and Jim Rogers (Quantum Fund) in conjunction with the Bank of England destroyed the economy of Thailand.

(In the above video you will hear George Soros laughing about how he destroyed the economies of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Russia.)

Let’s not forget the long range planning in Europe…after Britain and its bankers (who had banking kin folk in France) brought France to its knees with Napoleon Bonaparte, they were free to concentrate on their German brethren.

As German principalities were organized and unified under royalty, that royalty had ties to the English royalty (who were German). As a matter of fact, Kaiser Wilhelm was Queen Victoria’s grandson. This is how the stage was set from England.

In Germany the intelligentsia began formulating what became psychology today. Also, a pipe dream that was formulated would infect the jewish minds of that day: zionism.

The first zionists were actually the first communists and communist thought gave way to fascist thought which was soft socialism married to business.

It is all one in the same.

Zionism is basically collectivism, Communism/Socialism is a descendent of Zionism, and Fascism/third-way descends from Communism.

Back to justice in America — our justice system since the 1800’s has been overtaken by jewish lawyers: Louis Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur Goldberg, Abe Fortas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, Judah P. Benjamin, Samuel Rosenman, Ted Sorensen, Myer Feldman, Robert Lipshutz, Bernard Nussbaum, Robert Bauer et al. The list of appellate judges, district judges, U.S. Attorneys General, U.S. Attorneys, State Supreme Court Justices, States Attorneys General, scholars, media and entertainment and public figures is virtually endless.

For a discriminated group it is quite commendable that these folks have floated to the top like the best of turds. Our current United States Attorney General is actually like a MOB Guy from the early 1900’s. Merrick has an anglicized surname. We can’t have someone named Garfinkle running Justice could we? Well in fact, yes we do. Like Jill Biden, her maiden name is not Jacobs a jewish surname, it is really Giacoppa.

So therefore, our judiciary, (financial structure, banking establishment plus the entertainment industry [Sumner Redstone last name is originally Rothstein: Harvard Law, Georgetown Law) appears to be in a stranglehold of people who will cry “anti-semitic” at the drop of a hat.

They have joined themselves to the struggle of black folks, (because it divides America).

When you have a small peoples you do not go out in the street and start a street fight. You work from the shadows like Murder Incorporated, taking over the Garment District (and its unions)… or Las Vegas and its man in the shadows, Hank Greenspun, King Maker (an associate of Bugsy Siegel and Howard Hughes whose son was Bill Clinton’s roommate at Georgetown. Why was a nice jewish boy going to a catholic school? POWER.)

So enough of the history woven into… you guessed it, current events.

The illegal FBI/DOJ raid on a president’s residence and the wardrobe closet of his wife… can you imagine anything so despicable happening in America? The “Just-us” brothers — FBI and DOJ choose to ignore crimes in front of their faces because those crimes are on the left.

They are ready willing and able to invent crimes to pin on the right. A glaring example? These cry babies call January 6th, 2021 an “insurrection” while Antifa and BLM had the run of leftest strongholds (causing mayhem and murder, even deadly force against law enforcement).

The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are doing everything they can to stifle dissent in America because they fear the American public… and they should. These slimy-dog liberals have pushed us around far enough.

There was a small businessman in Delaware who had a computer repair shop. His name was John Paul Mac Isaac, (obviously, his father was a patriot).

A stoned,out-of-his mind Hunter Biden, (son of the Thief-n-Chief) stumbled into his repair shop with a laptop.

Like a good business man, Mac Isaac completed his task and contacted his customer, Hunter Biden, (the whacked-out son of the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave) to pick up the lap top.

Hunter Biden never showed up.

This happened to be the same month that Hunter’s father announced his candidacy for president. This was loser Joe’s third attempt at a presidential election.

Mac Isaac became a little nervous about July of 2016. Robby Mook went on George Stephanopoulos’ show that month and claimed that computer experts had evidence that Trump had colluded with the Russians and also that the Russians had hacked the DNC and its servers (all of which is now known to be a bald-faced lie).

A little less than a month before the November election, Mac Isaac made a trip to see his father in New Mexico to deliver a copy of the hard drive. The plan was for Mac Isaac’s father to hand over that copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive to the FBI.

Lo and behold! On November 1st, the FBI reached out to Mr. Isaac’s father and on December 9th of 2019, two agents came into Mac Isaac’s Delaware store to retrieve the backed up hard drive with the laptop and other related paperwork.

The FBI told Mac Isaac that if anyone came looking for the laptop for Mac Isaac to “tell them you keep the abandoned equipment off-site, like a warehouse location.” “Tell them it will take a day for you to check and they should call back the next day.” “Then immediately text me at my cell number. From now on, only communicate through my cell number. Not agent X, just me. We need to avoid communicating through, ah, normal channels. I’m sure you can understand. Text me and we will get the equipment back to you and deal with the situation.”

As they left Mac Isaac, these two FBI agents were walking out and agent Y paused and turned to face Mac Isaac: “It is our experience that nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things,” then turning, he walked out the door. Mac Isaac had no idea if this was a direct threat or (as he stated) a thinly veiled one. The whole thing took two months to transpire from when Mac Isaac handed over a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive to his father, so he could deliver it to the feds in New Mexico.

So here you have the FBI protecting the crack-head son of the guy who stole the election. The DEEP STATE takes care of its own.

There is no justice in America.

George Soros was just a small cog in the wheel of the Nazi tyranny that attempted to swallow Europe on the way to worldwide conquest. But in all of that, Hitler was soft on Great Britain; he did not want to destroy the British and there are volumes written on what his motives were. Regardless of his motives, the easiest explanation is that the true masters of Adolph Hitler were in Britain itself; the German bankers.

On the other hand, Winston Churchill would not allow the British people to settle for anything less than the unconditional surrender of Germany.

Germany had to be destroyed, once and for all. This was the goal of the long-range planners.

No doubt, it is hard for the American public to imagine a long term strategy such as this. We are a society totally immersed in instant gratification; every one of us is guilty of this.

Our institutes of higher learning are hamstringing our future by not teaching our young students critical thinking.

What they are teaching today is our future slavery – “gruppendenken” (group think). Gruppendenken shows the influence that became pervasive in American education with the likes of Herbert Marcuse and his Frankfurt Institute which took shelter in America prior to World War II, leaving Germany traveling to Switzerland and ending up in the U.S. The teachings of the Frankfurt Institute were foisted upon our nation through academia. In the 1940’s the Frankfurt Institute Leftists were salted into our newly birthed Intelligence apparatus. This shows the British influenced (by way of a Canadian by the code named of Intrepid – Sir William Stephenson)

This shows what the British long-range planners have in mind for the United States. We will be reduced and brought under European rule again.

4 thoughts on “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers ~ William Shakespeare

  1. Absolute hit the nail on the head.
    Rather than my own waffle when trying to explain all this to people your writing is succinct and joins the whole jumbled dots into a fantastic easily seen picture.
    BTW The Payseurs. You’ve probably checked out the lineage, but they have a lot to answer for.


  2. You’ll find upon serious research, Payseurs equal a rabbit hole.
    If you’re looking for something evil out of France look among their bankers. In America, it is DuPont, they run Delaware and Joe Robinette Biden.
    Swede, Dutch and Switzer Deutsch, bankers as well are of the same evil ilk. These are the same kind as Medici popes. Someone will come to power by a small peoples, his kingdom will end badly.
    Recall Warburgs were on both sides of the table at The Treaty of Versailles/Versailler Vertrag.
    BIS (later a NAZI slush fund) in Switzerland was first run by Richard McGarrah Helms grandfather, Richard interviewed Herr Hitler at the ’36 Olympic Games and he was one of the first in Hitlers Mountain retreat.
    It’s all about the money boys.
    Thank you for enjoying what I write, it’s not for everyone here. Barefootcavalry has worldwide appeal, it sparks interest in some very interesting people.


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