Basket Of Deplorables

The term basket of deplorables is a suggestion of our future, especially if the democrat/deep-state wins the 2020 election. Democrat/deep-state hook or by crook nature is so apparent when you look at the prosecutions generated by Mueller’s investigation. Sentences handed down by judges (influenced by deep-state prosecutors) suggest we have a big bullseye on our backs. Democrat/deep-state […]

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Kill It Before It Grow.

Mike Bloomberg wants your vote so he can do away with you. He’s choosing this time in his life to make a run at being Hitler.   Mike Bloomberg has no respect for life in the womb or for people who raise life from the ground. He’s more comfortable with Broadway because all the world’s […]

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A Once Prayerful Nation

How did we get here? We got here because we started to listen to the other voices — those who went along to the beat of a different drummer. For instance, Madalyn Murray O’Hair (1). When I was in 1st grade we had one jewish kid in the class and so every morning we read […]

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We Have Their Number.

Ann Coulter sheds tears over the wall and begs us to consider this the only course for impeachment from her five-star world point of view. It’s so unsettling — we once loved Orphan Annie. Today, in American politics — Red China is Daddy Warbucks. George T. Conway III, Yale and Harvard — the poor boy doesn’t […]

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