Hong Kong, Phooey

Francis and Rosemary Klonts met in Jr. High School they were residents of Washington state. Next month they will be married 68 years. Rosemary’s mother purchased matching shirts for them when they were in junior high school (Rosemary confides that she had picked the shirts out) and there started a tradition that lasted 68 years. […]

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Barefoot Blurb – Game Time!

The governing class, whose inability to accept the “end of the run” has brought us to this place where today, we had a kook give a press conference. 2016 and its election are in the past, numerous foreign governments have swapped out the new world order and the treason is known, worldwide. The other shoe […]

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Stellarwind Handed off the Baton to Hammer – Thank God They Tripped up

He who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal. Everyone points to Richard Nixon as the downfall of America. No! The people in the background like Prescott Bush and his dirty dealing son (who controlled Prescott’s grandsons) are responsible for the modern destruction of the American governmental structure. Prescott’s son — […]

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Up Against The Wall Mutha Fluffy

Who is Mutha Fluffy? Hillary Clinton is Mutha Fluffy. She is actually Bill’s mother, Bills’s daddy, Bills’ big brother… it appears in all actuality, the sun has set on the phone sex guy. The rising phoenix of the last Clinton Administration is Mutha Fluffy herself, and she was so damn sure she couldn’t lose. The […]

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