Organizing For Action During Bill Clinton’s second term, (as the Presidential paramour to Monica Lewinsky) key Democrat operative (and husband of Republican strategist – Mary Matalin) was sent to Israel to advise Ehud Barak. Corporal cue ball Carville is actually Mr. Matalin. Dispatched along with Carville were Stanley Greenberg and Bob Shrum (later forming the consultancy […]

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Make Sure The Plug Is In!

Profiting from government has become an art. This art has such a following that the people’s government is broke and the politicians continue to profit in and out of office. A government shutdown looms closer and our government officials have spent the last 6 1/2 months holding hearings which amounted to free campaign optics. […]

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Globalism: Members Only

Who has the biggest news megaphone in Washington, D.C.? John Podesta would have you believe it’s the paper he works for – the Washington Post (which in earlier years played an important part in national politics) and is now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (2013). Jeff is now developing a cloud for the CIA with […]

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Bohemian Grove: Not For The Little Guy

In Orange County, California – Representative Dana Rohrabacher is being challenged by a stem cell researcher. Hillary Clinton narrowly edged Donald Trump in this (until now) reliably Republican district. Democrats in California have a great white hope inĀ Hans Keirstead, a Canadian immigrant who soldĀ Irvine-based California Stem Cell Inc. for more than $100 million in 2014. […]

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“You would have loved not to have contributed to the Clinton Foundation”

Here we see as Donald Trump says these words to Bill Clinton’s gopher, George Stephanopoulos – “You would have loved not to have contributed to the Clinton Foundation” the little weenie George, covers his little weenie. We all know Seth Rich was murdered somewhere in Washington, D.C. between the street corner and the hospital, in […]

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