Drug Culture of the 60’s: America’s Self-Induced Weimar Republic

On May 9th, 2013, Malcolm Shabazz was murdered in Mexico City. Most won’t recall where they were on this day but we do know that the president, a former ACORN attorney, was already a few months into his second term.

I personally believe there was massive voter fraud via electronic means. We have precincts in more than a few states with higher voter turnout than population. But the truly fertile ground for voter fraud is tampering with results electronically.

One of my personal tools for assessment on this fact is: although Bill Clinton was a polarizing president, one never had to go far to find someone who actually voted for him. This is not the case with Barrack Obama. Organizers have a penchant for inflating their work like a Bolshevik factory manager. In other words, organizers are the new class of commissars.

The fact that ACORN is worldwide now, albeit neutered here in America, the nuts have found fertile ground in foreign lands. This is the international aspect the communists have focused on for over 100 years.

The oldest union in America is the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Not to say their members today are communists, but it’s where they came from in their early formation.

Wade Rathke struck out on his own to Arkansas and created ACORN. At the same time, he was cultivating a relationship with a kid from the McGovern campaign who would eventually become President of the United States. Wade, an SDS’er had much in common with comrade Clinton.

Approximately three months before his death, Malcom Shabazz was arrested by F.B.I. agents as he was leaving America to attend a conference in Iran.

“Imam Dawud Walid, an acquaintance of Shabazz and executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Michigan, told NBC News, ‘I do know that Malcolm was involved in human rights and that he had a relationship with a gentleman named Suarez in Mexico.”

(source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2322541/Grandson-Malcolm-X-beaten-death-robbery-Mexico-15-years-jailed-starting-killed-grandmother.html#ixzz3sccJnRfO)

It appears while meeting with representatives of RUMEC (Revolutionary United Mexicans in Combat) and Miguel Suarez, (founder of RUMEC) is where Malcolm met his demise. Although the true details of his murder might never be uncovered, it is quite sobering to see the people he chose to involve himself with in Mexico City.

RUMEC was building a mosque in Oakland, CA with Mr. Shabazz. It seems highly unlikely that this meeting between like minded organizers was business they would have conducted within the borders of the U.S. RUMEC is founded on the same principles as Malcolm X’s organizing.

Inspired by Malcolm X, who organized the Black community through Muslim Mosque Inc. and The Organization of Afro-American Unity, RUMEC is establishing organization through construction inspired by our Muslim affiliates.

We hold the belief of Malcolm X that you “leave your religion at the door” in a time of gathering for a greater cause. This is to say, that we are all-inclusive in our movement, regardless of any religious affiliation. We have great respect for the discipline and organization behind a religion, however.

(source: http://sfbayview.com/2013/03/rumec-fighting-corporate-oppression-ignorance-and-poverty-through-construction/)

When you look at criminal behavior and realize the most lucrative business in the world today is drugs, you have to wonder if all evil serves the same master: community organizers, drug dealers, politicians, business leaders, media and entertainment moguls, (you know, the ones who invaded Washington D.C. when the Mena coke dealers were in the Oval Office?) It’s like a CIA gun running operation to Cuba. It just isn’t right to go home empty. To avoid being remiss, this list is completed by adding crooked banksters.

There is no way that you can look at all of this and not determine that evil knows no bounds. The quickest way to be labeled an extremist in our society is to challenge this structure.

Communism: a post feudal, opiate-induced dream. Never achieved in its purest form without owing to massive outside factors able to prop up its failing system.

It must be noted, the underlying cause of a communist China was the importation of opium by European powers, pirating a profit off untold misery. The economic juggernaut that Mao set in motion with the Red Guards, gambled on a third industrial revolution. Today, realizing they are short on breeding stock, China, with her 1.4 billion people, is just now relaxing its 1-child policy.

It is more than likely probable (as the world economy tanks), China will become more authoritative domestically, and militaristic abroad. If you were a high level communist in Russia and China, the overpowering strategy against America and the liberty it represents, would be the foremost thing on your mind.

Suffice it to say, Mao Tse Tung and Breshnev realized America must be brought down from within to avoid annihilation of the world. Wanting not to destroy the world, they were seeking the reins to worldwide communism and controlling its commerce.

North Korea is a microcosm of dealing with these two communist powers. China has North Korea on a yo-yo string and the U.S. State Department and defense establishment are preoccupied with this versus realizing it is all working in conjunction to bring us down.

Russia and China pursued state craft on a separate basis with the United States and have been colluding for many years. When Nixon went to China he was sucked-in by Kissinger, and was made to believe there was a wedge between the two communist powers. Russia was the nuclear power and remains so after the decline and fall of the Soviet empire,  spreading tentacles of intrigue across the globe with arms dealers and Russian mafia.

China was enabled by American turncoats in its quest for warfare technology. At the same time, the economic boom in China was being facilitated by American consumerism; cheap products arriving at our docks at an unprecedented rate while the most basic manufacturing in America withered on the vine.

Conclusions? The drug culture of the 1960’s is in power and bent on destroying us, either from domestic or foreign quarters. They have allies in China, former Red Brigade but the most surprising enemy of America? The moneyed elite of England; the former drug supplier to China.

5 thoughts on “Drug Culture of the 60’s: America’s Self-Induced Weimar Republic

  1. Enjoyed the read. I know where I was August 9,1965 Watts Riots. Inspired by black Muslims HN. Most were bused to LA. The plan for riots when needed. Ferguson and Baltimore in 2015 same plan. Reorganization that never work. There is a lot more wrong than right for individual freedom but there are no solutions YET?


      1. Dales July 7, 2016 an there back! This time inspired by BHO🐍black lives matter while watching a march, one member killed 5 cops. He claimed BLM will white cops in large numbers this summer. Is he right?


  2. it isn’t any movement other than the Ex David Horowitz compadres. it’s here now. Mao is the inspiration and Mother Teresa is the face. Mother was so right about life, and death.


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