Ever Wonder How a Cigarette Got Its Name?


The elite? The grower? The slave? The slave didn’t name it, the grower didn’t name, the elite named it!  It’s a cigarette; one built on another and another and another all until it reaches a great number.  It’s an addiction. An addiction when it was just a snuff box at the Queen of England’s Court. So how did they describe the tobacco addiction for the common man? A cigarette.

Nimrod was a hunter. A hunter of men, and as such, made them bow down to Ba’al. Today Ba’al’s name is satan. Akkadian, an ancient language of Mesopotamia seems to be the mother of the word cigarette.  Ziggurat, the tower of Babel. Ancient Babylon, in their rebellion against God, sought to build a Ziggurat; a stepped temple so tall that God the Father in Heaven looked down and surely spoke something like: Oh no! You’re not coming up here like that!

We all know how addictions go; the first one, then another, then another and pretty soon your pile of nothing adds up (unless of course you grow your own.)

Nimrod caused every person in Babylon to go to work to build the tower. He is representative of the ant-Christ. A political order. A unification. An international, one-religion, common-cause, build the tower of Babel.

It’s safe to say Christians should not underestimate the power of satan. As the whole worlds seems to be swept along in an ever frantic search for global-political-economic peace, celebrating the diversity that God placed upon us in the days of Nimrod. Without the God of Abraham, his Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, an acknowledgement of the Holy Ghost, America will never repeat greatness.

Since 1966 I had always believed that the anti-Christ would be the one who would bring a false peace but I realize now that the anti-Christ is one who will ride the birth pangs described in Revelation.

Since Eve replied “the serpent deceived me and I ate,” God’s plan for salvation was set in motion when he spoke of a battle between your seed and her seed. So the seed of a woman our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ was the promise to mankind as the Garden of Eden was shut down. We know what it was that she ate; it was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

In Revelation 17:18 and the woman that you saw is (harlot) the great city that has dominions (Babylon, the harlot) – the one who rules over the kings of the earth.

Hillary Clinton keeps a step ahead of culpability. In today’s world, the second she used “bleach bit” it was obsolete. The world is changing so fast, knowledge is increasing, people are traveling to and fro just as in the days of Noah. As the final prophecies foretold in the old and new testament unfold, we see knowledge has increased.

This fast changing world has exceeded human controls. The elites who thought they managed societies around the world, in every country, come together seeking a tighter rein.

Knowledge about Hillary Clinton has increased (thanks to WikiLeaks – never liked the name, it kind of  reminds me of wiccans and that’s what Hillary is.) We have wiccan chaplains in the military! Thanks to the Clintons.

Muslims now have more rights than Christians in America and are protected by the DOJ.

The Executive Branch acting as the overseer of the electoral process? There is no such thing as radical islam according to our president. He (supposedly) won his last election by downplaying the threat of the former soviet empire as “cold war rhetoric” by the Mittster. Of course we knew he’d have  more “flexibility” after winning his next election, due to a hot mic with Dimitri Medvedev. Notice there were no ifs ands or buts, but instead: “it is what it is, Bro.”

Have you ever noticed the law of supply and demand? How many democrat voters are actively engaged in scamming the system while being capitalistic in the dope world?  Smoke that Ziggurat!

Arkansas, when everyone thought hippies were dead. They were just up on the mountain shooting prescription drugs.

Lord Have Mercy On My Soul


5 thoughts on “Ever Wonder How a Cigarette Got Its Name?

  1. ERRICO, The stepped pyramid… one step on top of another? Addiction? The mysticism of fine Turkish tobacco? It only serves Moloch, whose servant was Nimrod. Rod; rule someone or something with a rod of iron
    control or govern someone or something very strictly or harshly. So we have a Rod, 20 in a pack of Ziggurat Zig Zag. Thanks for reading.


    1. I understand the metaphor. But I’m looking for established historical evidence that ziggurat evolved towards cigarette. From the limited searches for more information, word origins don’t seem to connect. Maybe in mystical texts– but I don’t have access to that. I suppose I’m also asking, How do you know? Is this just a theory?


      1. This is barefoot cavalry – we are bare on the footnotes – this is commentary with a historical perspective. If you are seeking to read something footnoted for “scholars” you may go anywhere you wish. Thanks again for visiting!


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