An Abuela Only Schumer And Sharpton Could Love

Mental health professionals are suggesting that Americans who have been affected by the stress of the 2016 election campaign should limit their intake of election coverage (including social media where people are un-friending others for their political beliefs).

The simple fact in all of this when the media came out against Donald Trump to demonize him (for the establishment Republican primary candidates) they were in fact, ultimately working for the Democrats and in this case, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary would want all her Hispanic voters (who have yet to hear she has labeled them “taco bowls”) to view her as the typical abuela. Well this abuela walks down the street with a cordon between herself and the media because she needs her space.  Keep your distance from the queen! You can imagine the wall of 1st Amendment protection she will surround herself with as POTUS!

There are a lot of Democrats who fully understand she’s a danger to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and thus the anxiety is building on the left. Any normal person in America would have reservations about electing George Soros’ candidate.

The damning emails are cascading about her criminal enterprise while her cankles disappear from view yet what is seen is not a ticker-tape parade but scandal after scandal after scandal, incriminating an overwhelming amount of people and jeopardizing global stability. This is what they bring to the American political landscape because Hill can’t carry the nation in an election like Bill. He fooled who he had to fool, killed who he had to kill and bought whoever he had to buy.

Hillary’s divisiveness and its infection were spread by Republican strategists at the onset. During the first GOP primary debate when Megyn Kelly lashed out at Donald Trump, treating him as if he were a sleaze bucket unworthy of the stage, the tone was set for Hillary’s divisiveness.

The Clinton’s coined the phrase “politics of personal destruction” and they are masters at it – it’s what Alinsky calls for. The people who are upset and distressed by the modern political process, cannot blame it on Trump, because he is not a politician – he’s a 1st time candidate  and…an original!


Hillary claimed Trump invaded her space during the 2nd debate? Remember Rick Lazio v. Hillary Clinton in the 2000 NY Senate race?  Hillary also accused Rick of invading her personal space! She also called Mr. Lazio a bully!  See a pattern here? The arch feminist calling for a personal space – a safety perimeter, yet is against border control?

Which is it Hillary? You are a feminist who uses her husband’s surname for political advantage! When you were defending the animal who brutally raped a 12 year-old girl in Arkansas, you didn’t have any faith in the Clinton brand because you were still signing your name Rodham, as if that meant something! Wasn’t that rapist-client a bully like Trump and Lazio? You can’t have it both ways, Hillary.

Hillary wants to take one of the smartest businessmen in America and demean him when she’s not capable of running the Clinton Foundation – legally or ethically.

What does it take to be qualified to lead America?  Taking illicit funds from enemy countries? Selling off America’s natural resources to Russia? Taking donations meant for victims in Haiti and padding your pockets and rewarding your servants? Internationally blaming an internet video for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi? What was that about temperament? Kill babies until the moment they take their first breath?

The Clinton Foundation was added to a watch list for problematic non-profits in March of 2015 as it came to light that it failed to disclose millions received in foreign donations from 2008-2012.  A rush to refile 5-year’s of tax returns followed. It seems as though the Secretary of State did not want to show the money trail that she left around the world. So they put some time between her tenure at The State Department and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton Foundation is just like the family – it’s unusual in its structure and players can maintain anonymity with benefits. These people are a menace to society and a threat to the world.





2 thoughts on “An Abuela Only Schumer And Sharpton Could Love

  1. If Hillary is elected I would question the veracity of the vote count. Her Lucifer-mentor, Alinsky, would approve every below-the-belt trick she’s pulled in this campaign.

    How the loss to Obama must send her over the edge every time she remembers it! The epitome of the woman scorned returning from Hell to grab her “turn”.

    If she loses will she burn America to the ground?


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