Please Support Curt Schilling in his new podcast starting June 18, 2018

The tech turds who have made a ton of money sharing data to the deep state beast, would not let conservatives join forces on social media – that’s collusion.

Curt Schilling got fired from ESPN. The IRS shut down Tea Party with Lois Lerner. Social Media rabidly suppressed conservatives, and radio stations are doing away with some entertainers during radio play, because it doesn’t fit “their reality” which is not reality at all. So in otherwords, the whole thing is a RICO.

The left has made it so that when school is in session you don’t own your children! Why would the left seize control of the children in a fascist fashion? The only explanation is they are the fascists, fascists are socialists – socialists are communists and school is a community unto itself, populated by your children (and reprobates with some modern college education that is nothing but indoctrination). All independent thought receives a fascist boot in school. Do away with their unions, do away with tenure, and do away with leftists in education! They are perverted. Recall James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas people recently undercover, recording a New Jersey Teacher Union Official stating he was like a priest, getting a pervert off the hook.

This is why Mueller’s investigation is the way that it is. Everything in our life has been turned upside down by a trash culture that seizes our children and is nurtured in school.

Lawyers have no use for the constitution when it comes to their own ideals; they are the wolves among us. Not satisfied to control a whole branch of government, they seek control over all branches of government and seek to control the nation as well.

Mueller and his people are in the media spotlight here. The media (even the sports media) are educated by liberals at the liberal, higher-education, money pit. Higher education is designed to suck independence out of a recently formed skull and inserted with a deep state approved mantra that can be triggered and targeted by all media – because they own it.

When the deep state decided to infiltrate the campaign of the opposition party, which is not the opposition party because Republicans are democrat-lite, it sought the overthrow of the upstart billionaire politician who they feared. President Trump was an unknown entity and no one had a control file on him, so they went to invent one.

At this point they are investigating the Trump campaign of 2016 with Mueller’s blank check after using a spy much like a hoover vacuum cleaner, to see what they can pick up. ENTRAPMENT!

Justice Dept works for the Executive Branch.

The lawyers working for the deep state sought to overthrow Nixon by whipping him with WaterGate (including Hillary Clinton).

These lawyers foisted this unnatural separation within the Executive Branch upon America in this CIA PsyOp.

This is the deepstate on display:  The JFK assassination. The RFK assassination. The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. Watergate. Iran-Gate. Ruby Ridge. Waco. Bill Clinton’s presidency. George W. Bush’s presidency. Barack Obama’s presidency.

The democrat journey to the 1968 Chicago convention where the communists took over the Democrat party had to clear the way of some unnecessary personalities and institutions.

And they’re really pissed off that Hillary lost.

The Spirit of ’76

4 thoughts on “Please Support Curt Schilling in his new podcast starting June 18, 2018

    1. glad you do. been working on one for 6 months (you won’t want to look at on a cell phone). check the others and hit the follow button for the next Blog. wishing to educate people so they can better understand who what how and why we’ve come off the Constitutional rail. then, hopefully, they will go out and vote in droves.


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