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The Intercept was front and center on Drudge today — an article on The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities. Concrete monoliths were built to withstand earthquakes and nuclear explosions. We have known about them for quite a while, especially the cozy relationship between AT&T and the building in New York City (which the NSA has maintained with AT&T).

AT&T’s history is very much tied to the Forbes family (William Hathaway Forbes – President of Bell Telephone and father of Cameron Forbes – grandfather of John F. Kerry) who are very much tied to United Fruit, the Railroads and the Imperial period of Americanism in the latter days of the 1800’s. Cameron Forbes was principal in governing the Philippines where he ran a certain Army officer (who became an icon for all militaristic young men prior to, during and after WWI, leading up to WWII).

When General Pershing came home to a ticker-tape parade from The War To End All Wars, (World War I) he was whisked away from the public to spend a month with Mr. Cameron Forbes. Unbeknownst to the public, he had saved the Forbes estate in France where the Forbes had become rich in the 1800’s building railroads there.

Prior to attending school in the United States with Robert Swan Mueller III (have you ever seen his name in print like that? He’s an elitist) attended school in Switzerland with General Pershing’s grandson. (Have you ever heard of the Pershing Fund?) John Forbes Kerry (Skull & Bonesman) considers himself a citizen of the world rather than a U.S. citizen.

You may recall United Fruit built railroads in Central America which the citizens of those countries had no control over and were basically precluded from using them (because they were designed to “make money”). Any thoughts of the citizens of Central America making money were not in the minds of the principals of United Fruit. Fast forward to the time when this large slug (John Forbes Kerry) was U.S.Secretary of State, he declared The Monroe Doctrine to be no longer in effect (as a wave of socialism was whipped up by ACORN International and The Tides Foundation which have been shown to be one in the same. This was to coincide with the illustrious presidency of one Hillary Clinton who cannot even be considered in the slug category; she’s much lower).

This wave of socialism has come north and seeks to join the blue wave of ANTIFA, BLM and the Communist Party of the USA (formerly led by Earl Browder, whose grandson, William Felix Browder was the impetus for Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky’s death in Russia) which has become the Democrat Party/DNC.

To better understand this we must realize that the rich people of the world whose families have been working together for centuries, do not mind living under communism as long as they are the masters and continue to receive a 30-percent return on their money – year in and year out.

They are not a multitude but they own the movement for population reduction. These elites only need a few thralls and breeders. Hollywood has been on this game since before the 1950’s, producing movies along these lines. If you wish to really learn about the connection, please research on your own but especially be mindful of Aaron Russo who was approached by the Rockefellers to become part of the New World Order. He revealed this in videoed interviews before he died of cancer.

Want to know why the NSA has these buildings in America? Well telephony is only 142 years old (Patent# 174,465 issued on March 7, 1876) but when Alexander Graham Bell was brought to Boston to work on his technology, the Forbes had their hands all over it. They are agents of the Rothschilds (Lynn Forester, a baby boomer from New Jersey made her way into the ground floor of cell phone technology and moved to Europe where she immersed herself in wireless communications. It was a good move. She was to become Lady de Rothschild after marrying Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild.) This “Lady” is a rabid supporter of Hillary Clinton.

They Thought They Owned The World

If you are wondering why there is so much spying going on in the telecommunications industry, you must realize human operators are no longer there to listen in and pass on your information to intelligence masters. That is exactly what Aristotle Onassis did in Argentina when he was an overseas telephone operator for a British telephone company. He would pick up a call, and plug it into a hole which lead to an overseas cable which in turn, would be picked up by another operator (who may or may not have been listening like Aristotle).

Aristotle Onassis and Winston Churchill both drank on his yacht The Christina in Churchill’s last days. When you make many people rich, say like — Harvey Weinstein, even sluggish behavior gets a pass in high society.

Back to Russia and Uranium One, oh excuse me, has anyone heard anything about Uranium One?  No, it’s now a Russia investigation!  These new communists of the DNC ilk rushed into the collapsed Soviet Union to make a buck but also, to save communism from itself.

They went into Russia and the first thing they did was buy up and control the newspapers – you HAVE to own the media.

Who Owns The Media More than the Clintons and the Rothschilds?




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