It’s God’s Creation, Not Marx or Lennon

John Lennon and Yoko Ono_s Bed-In for Peace - Room 902, Amsterdam Hilton Hotel, March 25-31, 1969 Photo - Mark and Colleen Hayward

In the debates with Hillary ClintonCandidate Trump highlighted the fact that Hillary Clinton has been on the peripheries (“The Watergate Committee”) and involved in government for many, many years. Her type of government is a failure because it IS the SWAMP. The SWAMP has many creatures: Rod “Rodent-stein” Rosenstein, James “Too-Tall” Comey, Robert “The Swan-Song” Mueller III. These are just a few bureaucrats who populate the justice department.

Rod Rosenstein wasn’t in the F.B.I. but it seems as though he has all the qualifications. We can thank God upon Hillary’s defeat that we will never be bothered by this scumbag again after all this trash blows over.

Love Upon Love For Our Great Nation And Our One Peoples

The president appears to be receiving good, legal advice on what the powers of the executive branch are. The liberals would have you believe the tainted history of the last 90 years — that the founders were not religious men but were in fact, deists. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our three branches of government are a direct compliment to The Holy Trinity. The founders created a government where rights were bestowed by God upon the people of America and the three branches of government were much like The Holy Trinity. You have the executive and you have the legislative — these are the elected branches of the vine. The judicial must be brought to the legislative branch by the executive, much like Christ brought the Holy Ghost to the Apostles on Pentecost.

The judicial was never meant to be the strongest branch of our governmental trinity and the justice department was not supposed to be an arm of the judicial branch – it is under the executive. The supreme court was supposed to be the wise men of our Constitution and as such, has failed. It has allowed congress to exceed its constitutional boundary and it has allowed the executive branch in prior years… to weaponize the bureaucracy.

This can go no further and the president seems to be getting the advice that he needs to properly deal with the minions in the executive branch. They have failed to properly execute their duties and they work for the president — in other words, when he says “you’re fired” …that’s it.

Crying in the media (which is the mouthpiece of liberalism) may whip up some feeble-minded individuals who adhere to the left’s dogma, their dogma is a religion. As adherents to this religion they will close ranks with a 7th century ideology as long as they can count on them to take to the streets. These folks are the new “burn baby burn.”

We must be prepared to meet them for the purpose of overpowering their revolutionary tendencies and to preserve The Union. If you think that this is a conspiracy theory – they seek to divide California into three, separate states to gain a bigger share of representation in the house of representatives — a den of snakes.

The senate is not much better with the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham and the debilitated home-boy, John McCain to mention a few.  We have not mentioned the republican leadership which is running both houses as if Denny Hastert was still speaker of the house in the midst of a renewal, generated from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It is up to us the people to bring revival to America before we meet these pukes in the street.

I Was Born A Poor Black Child ~ Steve Martin

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