Barefoot Blurb – September 11, 2018

Seventeen years ago, thousands of Americans lost their lives. Today we are lead to believe we are a racist nation. It is immoral to call America a racist nation today.

Just under 10 years ago we elected a black muslim who blamed the previous administration for all his problems. A community organizer who could not admit that he was a muslim and a communist and the most inept person to ever achieve the office of the president.

Yes Obama was the one… the one we can do without. His foreign policy and defense posture has weakened the United States but he did not do it alone. Obama is a product of the deep state.

Every economic indicator gives better numbers after less than two years of Trump than eight years of Obama.

Seventeen years ago we had a horrific tragedy and the world stood still while daughter Babylon was destroyed in a day. We will never forget.

Almost two years after Obama’s “departure” we are left with a media generated celebrity: Linda Sarsour — (can we call HER a racist?) who is calling for the dehumanization of the jewish race. There is no such thing as the jewish race, it’s the human race.

It might be more appropriate to say, Islam makes one incompatible with the human race.

For the sake of the nation we must come together behind Donald J. Trump and restore our nation’s morals and Constitution. We must ensure that no one is able to perform another sneak attack upon America. The swamp bureaucracy must be emptied out as the first step to national healing.

God Bless America.

One thought on “Barefoot Blurb – September 11, 2018

  1. So spot on. We cannot let our guard down. We hear what the Obamas and Sarsours of this country are doing and saying, yet we sit back and expect others to to all the speaking out against their racism and lies. This is a problem in our party. If we expect to keep going forward and not backwards again, STAND UP AND LET YOU VOICE BE HEARD. Get off your duffs and vote. Otherwise we will wake up after this next mid term and find ourselves in trouble. If you care about Trump and our country you must VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. The left is relentless now and if they take the house and/or the Senate, God help us. We will become Europe in no time.

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