The Whole Damn World Believes In Dynamite

Above is a photo of the girls but above that is a photo of the guys.

Twitter may have cut its own throat recently — Alex Jones has been banned on Twitter. Quite possibly (with the intervention of some as yet, unseen investors,) Jones could create a new social media platform. It cannot be said whether or not this would be a good or bad thing at this time. Laura Loomer interrupting Shakespeare in the Park or a congressional hearing, does not truly have juxtaposition with Alex Jones. It’s apples and oranges. Jones appears to be a modern-day Drew Pearson or Jack Anderson; Laura Loomer acts like a leftist.

The danger with Loomer is that she may encourage some newly rooted conservatives into thinking cause and effect, employing left-wing tactics of disruption. Good for the goose as well as the gander? If we are to truly have a reset under the Liberty Tree in America — it should not start with shouting.

This message is directed at the people who actually own the government — not a member of a minority, not a member of the majority, not any member of separate groups that modern Americans have conformed to. This message is aimed at Americans.

These are the Deep State Elite, families going back a few hundred years.

So be it that the modern-day American patriot lines up under the banner of the right; call a spade, a spade. The right should remain quiet and reserved — under no illusion that if push comes to shove, half-stepping is not the order of the day. In other words, there should only be one loudmouth in the lead-up to a fight.

Disrupting congressional hearings is more akin to muslims in prayer, clogging the streets of New York City. Islam and the left, are one. If it were not so, I would not have told you. (Did anyone else see a female assassin when Huma approached Lindsey Graham at the McCain memorial service?)

Social media is both good and bad. In the modern-day censorship of free speech, employed by media platforms where fake accounts exist plus trolls and bots, etc., to tromp on free expression of those they don’t like. Suspensions and time-outs for conservative users, sending them into the platform sewer (which ultimately serves the left-wing masters of the deep state) pushing their ideology as a religion. Recently, it appears that Twitter has partnered in part with Google. An account was locked out today and the user was asked to unlock the account by verifying a phone number and also passing a reCAPTCHA challenge with Google. When you tap “Start” Google may collect and use information about you, your device, and your browser.

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 5.47.56 PM

Might social media platforms turnabout and recognize — that to do a service for the nation, they should allow the free thought of individuals, across the board? Then, these accounts would either live on the platform or fall on their own. To regain a moral society would require social media to apply censorship with a biblical-based moral algorithm. Brotherly love, Agape, might replace this left-wing, hysterical discourse.

In our world today “they” would not let conservatives join forces on social media – that’s collusion. If collusion is a crime, which it is not – they would be guilty. But conspiracy is a crimeThe IRS hunting Tea Party organizations is a conspiracy.

Acts against the constitution need to be shut down with great haste. In other words, the IRS scandal with Lois Lerner, needed to have a special prosecutor appointed to investigate  malfeasance by the executive branch when it weaponized the IRS against its enemies. (A special prosecutor was never appointed because of corruption within the administration which was ultimately under President Barack Obama and his puppet, Attorney General — Loretta Lynch, the “tarmac queen.”)

The most “ethical administration” in U.S. history used the wheels of government to spy on a presidential candidate (of the opposition party) and subvert him. They were especially rabid in the last 173 days of this criminal administration after the 2016 election.

The tech nerds in Silicon Valley (population-wise) add up to the greatest of minorities. No one has told them that the United States of America is not a democracy, nor is it minority ruled. They don’t have the numbers in this case, so they use technology against us  because… truly, they do not like conservative principles. It would be interesting to know (when Barack Obama appeared before the 750 true believers at the Anaheim Convention Center recently) just how many techno-turds were in the crowd from Silicon Valley? (But it’s a sure bet, every time Obama takes a step, some of their cash oozes out.)

Leftists revel in minority. So reminiscent of the Rothschild/Bolshevik revolutionaries, unleashed upon Tsarist Russia, with plenty of money to go around.

The three wealthiest counties in the United States are around Washington, D.C.. (My how they’ve grown!) In our form of government, liberals have stacked the deck of government bureaucracy at every level. Example: the newly spun TSA is a master design of deep state politicians (both sides of the political spectrum). This offensive bureaucracy tramples upon the 4th amendment and prepares children for the future police state and is a multi-pronged attack upon the bedrock of our nation — the constitution.

TSA serves to prove to islamic people (another minority) traveling, that we are accepting of their 7th-century customs (and idiosyncrasies). Trash is then offered to Americans; the latex gloves are not for your safety; therefore, they are not changed from one crotch to the next. The bins that you drop your stuff in are dirtier than a public toilet because the government runs this mess, “THEY” are too lazy to clean it. This is the same government that will come into your place of business and shut you down for health violations, AND make YOU pay a fine!

All the while, a social order masquerading as a religion, is elevated and coddled. While Americans lose their 4th Amendment rights, 7th century customs, based on the primitive thoughts of a bedouin mass murderer, are respected.

But truly America can Thank God that a judge let expire the agreement between the RNC and DNC — whereas, the RNC could not sue the DNC for voter fraud because of shenanigans of republicans in NJ originating in 1981… which can only be described as a Roger Stone-type operation. Now what we see here at the DNC is a communist named Perez and a muslim-convert named Ellison. If one can think back to the voter intimidation in Philadelphia during the 2008 election and then the new attorney general, Eric Holder, dismissing the case, you will see the sowing of what would have been the new America culminating under Hillary Clinton. Yes! Bernie was a socialist but he wasn’t with the ‘in-crowd.”

For some it is hard to envision the deep state as having members of both parties within it. In fact, some of those involved in representing us in Washington D.C., may not really grasp this construct. They are oblivious to the fact, that the same people running the other side, are at the same time, their very own master.

Could it be what we are seeing are the two wings of the McCain-Feingold party?

The judiciary has been fertile ground for left-wing zealots. (Not to say the Supreme Court which is actually the judicial branch of the federal government under the constitution.)

The problem in America is that we have allowed inferior courts to rise up to challenge a co-equal branch of government. Inferior courts are addressed under Article 3 of the constitution. They are a creation of a separate branch of the government. In other words, a judge within the framework of the constitution could be appointed for a trial, be paid compensation, and then go back to doing what he was doing before that trial.

Just imagine if the executive branch got tired of the legislative branch, and sent the FBI into congressional offices to seize their paperwork, and put a stop to what they were doing? That would be the closest example of an inferior court judge putting the brakes on an executive order by the President of the United States.

The congress has taken upon itself to create a massive bureaucracy. A monolithic structure  where a tin-horned judge can be approached by a sharp lawyer (who may or may not have the financial backing of unsavory individuals) to challenge the President of the United States as an equal. This is not the intent of the constitution when it allowed congress to appoint from time to time.

Can you imagine how much money might be saved housing prisoners in a central location where the judge walked into the facility and banged his gavel in one spot? What we have is bloat — a system of perpetual pensions, saddled on the American taxpayer. A system used to procure reliable voting blocs and to effectively make justice so exceedingly slow that it may at times, fall through the cracks. If prime city property wasn’t loaded with U.S. courthouses, maybe federal cases could be heard in convention centers around the country. Of course, there’s always plenty of seating there. Could the American people pry themselves away from their devices? (They could effectively keep an eye on the judge — because power is ultimately from the people, not the judge). (Three body guards, that’s it judge — that’s the limit!) In this way, the judge would be closer to the people, from whom he derives his power.

The law enforcement arm of the executive branch is the department of justice and the alphabet organizations which are under its control.

Earlier in U.S. history we had the need for alphabet organizations, (the President had a cabinet, so most of these earliest organizations were known as “bureaus” — this is the furniture for our government) that were supposed to be functioning under the justice department. During the Teapot Dome scandal, the former head of one of these alphabet organizations was William J. Burns (a former Secret Service Agent who had formed a detective agency in 1909).

Burns — a Baltimore, Maryland native, was to become the 2nd Director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1921. (Burns still ran day-to-day operations at his detective agency while at BOI). His predecessor, William J. Flynn had changed the title from Chief of the Bureau of Investigation to Director of the Bureau of Investigation — and so this deep state tool had a run from 1908 to 1935 before becoming the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Burns was eventually replaced at the BOI by none other than J. Edgar Hoover, the 3rd Director of the Bureau of Investigation. Prior to the BOI, justice department would borrow United States Secret Service personnel for investigations. Attorney General Charles Joseph Bonaparte created the BOI. (The position did not face a senate confirmation.)

Burns had made his name in the period which can be described as an orchard of anarchy. The orchard had trees which produced fruit and when the fruit dropped — isolated, violent acts were perpetuated against the whole of America. This sold a lot of newspapers. As America became immersed in newsprint, it is not hard to imagine a conspiracy — a modern definition for it: “regime change.”

If you could… imagine the United States with the largest economy in the world, being viewed in foreign quarters as a banana republic… to be picked.

Assassinations and bombings swept the newsprint landscape of America — there were so many newspapers that in hard times, it doubled as insulation in the walls. Political runners for elite masters were but one puppet in the Punch and Judy presentation. Another puppet was the socialist/union-organizers who helped from yet another puppet: academia and the people were led by the media. 

Burns had been called in by the City of Los Angeles. Union activists/socialist organizers had bombed the L.A. Times Newspaper building and planted other devices around the city. Burns was hired to run down the individuals responsible and by doing so, became an instant celebrity. Hollywood kicked-in with the  1914 silent film “The $5,000,000 Counterfeiting Plot” in which Burns played himself — William J. Burns. Burns was eventually hired by President Harding.

During the Teapot Dome scandal which percolated during the administration of Warren Gamaliel Harding (involving his Secretary of the Interior — Albert Bacon Fall, and Harry F. Sinclair — founder of Sinclair Oil — Mammoth Oil Corporation and Edward L. Doheny — Pan-American Petroleum & Transport Company) in a sleight-of-hand leasing of Naval petroleum reserves (Teapot Dome located in Wyoming and also oil fields in Kern County, California) through the department of the interior. The plot was exposed by traffic into the Teapot Dome area as Mammoth Oil Corporation drilling equipment flooded this particular petroleum reserve. No one had said a word from California — but every driller worth his salt in Wyoming, knew the Teapot Dome was “off-limits.”

The investigation was heating up between the legislative and executive branch of a “good buddy, hard-drinking, gambling cabinet” of an executive good ole boy, Harding.

Burns was requested by Attorney General Daugherty to investigate Montana Senator, Thomas J. Walsh who was on a fishing expedition for criminal wrongdoing. Walsh vehemently opposed the leases. Now Burns was also caught up in what was known as the Daugherty-Burns Scandal which also included agents of the Bureau of Investigation who were intimidating newspapers editors across the nation, to influence public opinion.

President Harding had to die. And he did. “Silent Cal” became President of the United States. Harry M. Daugherty’s resignation was requested and accepted on March 28, 1924. Ten days later, Harlan F. Stone became attorney general upon confirmation, and entered the media spotlight. Stone reached immediate celebrity when he fired William J. Burns at BOI.

Stone and Coolidge were friends since their days at Amherst (Coolidge was to later appoint Stone as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court – known as the Taft Court. Taft, the son of one of the founders of Skull and Bones at Yale was also the only U.S. President to serve as a Supreme Court Justice [and Chief Justice].) Stone was to also become Chief Justice at appointment by Franklin D. Roosevelt, (FDR, another leftist who sought to weaken or strengthen the Supreme Court – anything BUT what was intended in the Constitution).

Coolidge appointed two special prosecutors (one republican and one democrat) to handle the fallout from Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal. (Smells Deep State from here.) It is interesting that there were two special prosecutors appointed by Coolidge.

The only authority to appoint a special prosecutor is with the president and his attorney general.

The president is elected by the people in a direct election and then confirmed through the electoral college. The president then brings his pick for attorney general to the senate for confirmation. This is how the attorney general becomes empowered to appoint a special prosecutor. He must be confirmed in the senate which is supposed to represent the interest of the fifty-states (the senate has been corrupted in as far as the 17th amendment removed appointment of U.S. Senators by the state houses under the Constitution of the state or Commonwealth). In 1913 the 17th amendment was ramrodded through congress, so that senators would stand popular elections for six-year terms, making it essentially impossible for states to recall a sitting senator. Before the 17th amendment, senators were subject to immediate recall and replacement by the empowered state house.

In 1927, Harry F. Sinclair went on trial for conspiracy to defraud the United States of America. Henry Mason Day — an executive of Sinclair’s company, contacted Burns at the detective agency. William J. Burns balked at a direct arrangement but he did allow for Day to contract fourteen of his private detectives at a fixed amount (plus per diem). The detectives were tailing the jurors and were found out, resulting in an immediate mistrial.

All this made for great newsprint — many newspapers “extra-extra, read all about it” used the celebrity of all these folks to sell more papers to sensationalize crooked trials and justice.

(When the fugitives, which Burns brought to justice in the L.A. Times bombing, had their “day” in court -union money provided an attorney, but with this also came another set of problems. The dirty dealing involved jury tampering by Samuel Gompers. Plus malfeasance by the defendants attorney — Clarence Darrow. The resulting mess can be viewed as a big chess game from the banks of England. The same banks which ran the Freemasons, Skull & Bones, the U.S. government, the newspapers and all the other puppets — shifting gears like the Wizard of Oz — “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”)

“The whole damn world believes in dynamite.”  The L.A. Times was not supported by the public during the trial — the defendants were idolized by the public, they were isolated by their attorney (Darrow) and they had no idea that public opinion was firmly behind them, so they pled guilty. (This was a major wake-up call engineered by Rothschilds to mobilize the nouveau-riche. Pretty good job, wasn’t it?)

The deep state has sought to clip the wings of our new executive (stark comparison to the pen and cellphone which was used to taunt the American public while the former executive was doing everything to ruin national security). Security is the paramount duty of the executive branch.

The legislative branch is concerned with the purse strings (on the house side) and the house of representatives are elected to two-year terms in general elections, according to population size. (The number of each state’s representatives are based on population — this must not to be skewed by an illegal voting bloc!) This was to ensure that they were close to the people. In our modern time, we have been cursed with perpetual politicians in the house who are constantly drumming up campaign monies for their (never-ending) reelections.

The original intent under the constitution was for state assemblies to appoint senators under the constitution of the individual state or commonwealth. These U.S. senators were to represent the interests of each state: two for each state: 50-states, 100 senators, rather than the imperial senate that we have today.

The judicial branch determines the constitutionality of our laws. The Supreme Court is the judicial branch. It is up to the executive to determine if the court is correct or if it’s not correct — but the judiciary is NOT an enforcement arm. Once again, the chief executive officer, our president — nominates an individual for appointment on the Supreme Court and the nominee faces the senate. The senators who are representing their states, hold a hearing to ensure the president’s nominee for the position, will carry out his or her duties within the framework of the constitution and its law… to interpret these laws under the framework of the constitution.

To reinforce the point that the executive is not all-powerful — a sitting president cannot commit the United States to an all-out war without (both houses) congressional approval. The president is capable of appointing a special prosecutor and his attorney general is also capable of appointing a special prosecutor since he or she is part of the executive branch (cabinet appointment).

Congress does not have the power to appoint special prosecutors. After Watergate, they tried to legislate that ability into law without a Constitutional Convention or — a convention of the states. (the Independent Counsel  provision that was swept into the Ethics In Government Act in 1978 by Speaker of the House — Tip O’Neill, was allowed to sunset under Denny Hastert’s speakership). Congress did not like the term “special prosecutor” (when they were snatching this authority which was not deemed to the legislative branch under the constitution) so they called it the Independent Counsel.

Enter the Deep State — the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Clinton cabal. It reminds one of a John McCain funeral. During President George W. Bush’s 1st term – White House Counsel — Alberto Gonzales, considered surveillance powers under a program known as Stellar Wind to be constitutionally legal. John Ashcroft came out and ruled as Attorney General that Stellar Wind domestic intelligence program was in fact, illegal. The day after the ruling, Ashcroft became critically ill with acute pancreatitis.

President Bush sent the White House Counsel (Gonzales) and his Chief of Staff (Andrew Card Jr.) to what could have been Ashcroft’s deathbed. Supposedly, James Comey (and another DOJ official) refused to allow Gonzales and Card to pressure a semi-conscious Ashcroft into reversing this decision by signing a document. Comey was acting attorney general because of Ashcroft’s condition… but the real damage done by Comey at the justice department was set in motion on December 30, 2003. The attorney general of the United States (upon whom the senate had confirmed constitutional duties as the chief law enforcement officer for the executive) was pressured from former senate colleagues (and the media and from those within the justice department) to recuse himself in a bogus bimbo-eruption known as the Valerie Plame Affair. The Valerie Plame Affair resulted in Comey illegally appointing a special prosecutor. Comey did not have the power to appoint a special prosecutor because he was never confirmed by the senate. His special prosecutor — Patrick Fitzgerald, got a grand jury to indict the ham sandwich — Irv “Scooter” Libby.

Libby’s trial even involved the “Prince of Darkness” — Robert Novak (It’s always so much better when there’s a celebrity involved – it looks better in the news when you can see someone you think you know, dancing around on a string. This is Punch and Judy.)  On March 6, 2007 — Libby was convicted of 4 out of 5 charges of lying under oath.  On July 2, 2007 — Bush commuted Libby’s federal prison sentence but did not change any of the  conditions so the felony remained in place. On April 13, 2018 — President Donald Trump fully pardoned I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby. All of this (except for Trump’s pardon) was a charade of the deep state.

There is no reason for an attorney general to recuse himself from his duties — he has been approved by the senate and his character is sterling at that point. The president appointed him and he was confirmed by the senate.

A deep state politician like James Comey or Rod Rosenstein having NOT been approved by the senate — have no power to appoint a special prosecutor (because they were NOT approved by the senate).

The attorney general has no duty to recuse himself (either he functions in his position or he tenders a resignation). The attorney general has a duty to fulfill the president’s agenda or resign. Otherwise, the executive branch would be watered down. The line of succession from (say, an emergency) the attorney general falls to the deputy attorney general but he does not have the full powers of the attorney general until he is confirmed attorney general by the senate.

This is a line of succession from an abdication of duty on the part of the attorney general — unable to serve the executive branch, (the attorney general is a member of the president’s cabinet) does not with the wave of a wand, or a hand full of pixie dust, elevate a political appointee. Jeff Sessions is NOT his own honcho.

There are many instances of government, run amok. The overstepping of bounds, the constant clawing for power, which only serves the deep state. A political appointee cannot appoint a special prosecutor, and a federal judge, sitting in an inferior court, cannot issue a court injunction against the agenda of the President of the United States.

The President of the United States today — Donald J. Trump, has shown that America has been lulled into thinking government is working hard. We now see by Trump’s success, that government is hardly working. We have many constitutional scholars throughout America and yet, we are still played by the worldwide cabal which seeks regime change in America, once again.

When the revolution comes, don’t be a chicken brother in a box!


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