Barefoot Blurb – September 15, 2018

Calling Brazil! No, not Donna Brazile — she’s the nut who ran the DNC and who may or may not have been in and around the hospital where Seth Rich was laying before he met the bitter end. Her phone records however, are assuredly much more interesting than Donald Trump’s tax returns, (especially with all of the money he’s putting into other people’s pockets today).

No, hello Brazil —  because Brazil’s supreme court (no relations to ours) under its constitution (no reflection upon ours, unless of course, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has her way), has declared homeschooling to be illegal. Of course homeschooling is illegal! You can’t shape their heads, have some sick teach (maybe even a former crackhead baby) stick them in front of a computer, and have a Google executive from Mountain View, California, talk to the carrot.

Yes… when your children are in school and on a computer, people are looking at them. The same people who have 23andMe, may even have a special name for your child, indicating genetic structure, intelligence, or just plain sex toy qualities.

The people in Brazil (running for the elites [New World Order]) are going to make sure they have no problem overtaking the next generation. (Three generations past Brazil 66). This is the reason today you are told by your school board, you don’t own your children, after a particular point of transfer or at a fixed-timeframe.

Parental rights have been eroded in America. Mothers are now very comfortable dropping children at daycare (they themselves were once in daycare) so they can go run for a buck (and get deeper in debt). These kids make the latch-key kids of the 1960’s look like they had it good. Motherhood is a concept that has been divorced from childhood.

You can’t allow your child to walk the dog around the neighborhood without the system being placed into motion. You may get a call or possibly a visit by some form of the law.

On the other hand, a school may take it upon “themselves” to carry your child unbeknownst to you, and in the case of a female, to have reproductive healthcare performed on them. All without your consent, or without your knowledge. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

The kids are vulnerable. The children are the key to the future, Adolph Hitler knew this. The world at one time was enamored with Hitler. He was Time Magazine’s Man of the Year in 1938. The only dictator/tyrant to beat Hitler out was Joseph Stalin, who was on Time’s cover, more than once. Our children today are growing up to be the cannon fodder of tomorrow, as history repeats itself.

So where does Steve Bannon and any number of people like him fit on the political stage?

Well, they’re players of some sort, correct? Correct. In Bannon’s case, we can’t say he’s a victim of circumstance, but surely he is.

Seb Gorka (a Bannon associate) was a paid consultant to the 2016 Trump campaign. (Did Seb owe Bannon for this position?) Gorka was simultaneously under contract with the FBI. (Could this have been a back up plan for Mueller? Nazi collusion? Truly a viable point if the Russia collusion [which is absolutely bogus] can go this far. Our population is absolutely neutered.)

All these actors are performing actions, in line with their professed ideology, whether they believe the ideology themselves, or not. The people who enable these actors to go forward, do not tell them what the master plan is. (They may not know themselves.) The actors are only told what they’re needed to do which may satisfy their particular ideology or social order. Can you get this done? Or, would you see to this? And of course like a good soldier, salute the Burgermeister under the guise of their ideology and never know they are tools for a sinister cabal.

Case in point: Why do we have immigrants pouring into Europe from North Africa? Short answer: Hillary Clinton and Muammar Gaddafi…”We came, we saw, he died.”

Abracadabra, lo and behold! Libya is one huge slave bazaar that has an exhaust pipe: the Mediterranean sea. The same straits of Sicily can be closed by intermediate range ballistic missiles placed in Crimea. (But…that will only happen if we try to send a military strike force to help Israel.)

The immigrants are coming to Europe from all over the muslim world for the purpose of causing strife and to throw the continent into turmoil so that people are “forced” to take sides.

This is why Bannon has been labeled alt-right (coined by Paul Gottfried). Gottfried can be directly linked to the Frankfurt school through Herbert Marcuse. A direct correlation between the man who coined alt-right and this particular Frankfurt school professor who had stayed in the U.S. since before WW II. Marcuse even worked for U.S. intelligence and was a bigtime professor. Marcuse was the man who coined the phrase “make love, not war.” Twenty-years later in hip-hop, it was “throw that dick.”

Today, the Poles and Hungarians are standing up to the E.U. and the Americans are happy. Not all Americans are happy — the ones in Antifa have no idea that they are working for the same masters as what boils down to be… skinheads.

Did you hear of the U.S. Coast Guard contractor on the east coast who supposedly flashed a white supremacy sign in a news video bomb? Some Coast Guard Captain was reporting to the news media. The Captain thought he was a star, not just your average “full bird.” Supposedly, the contractor has been fired; but this can be viewed as just another opportunity to drive home the narrative that seeks to drive people apart. All is not what it seems.

There is much history in this white supremacy movement and it is decidedly democrat in nature. In the 1950’s the left and the democrats sought to hang the nazi label around the necks of republicans, while the KKK was still giving the nazi salute. Within 10 years, blacks would be decidedly democrat.

If you don’t believe this happened, please research for the pillar of liberalism at Fox News, defender of the jewish faith and Puerto Rican nationalist — Geraldo Rivera. Jerry gets his nose slapped down river after inciting his boy Roy, to start a fight. There are a bunch of actors around and they don’t know who has written the script, but they have become celebrities and in the broadcast brotherhood/sisterhood of celebrities, some even have Fox families. (Which is a subset of sisterhood).

Britain is behind this mess, even down to the Steel dossier.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to see Hungary and Poland (within a generation) be  brought into a Russian sphere of influence because of the EU’s behavior in allowing this insane immigration. The children can be easily swayed.

The same game plan is being worked on us and it is diluting our society but here, even further… God’s plan is coming to fruition. Not hard to imagine the gentile nations gathered around Jerusalem, and with Russia along with it’s newly formed European right wing, come down to Jerusalem and join them for a big ‘ole battle. (And China too.)

So today folks, study your Bible and turn off the constant barrage that has taken the world away from prayer. Pray for understanding that the Lord Jesus Christ may give you wisdom to see the future and to understand HE is coming again, for his people.

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