Barefoot Blurb – September 17, 2018

Facts are source agnostic, where did I hear that before? It’s like the Twitter battle between George T. Conway III and President Trump’s twitter feed. The fact is, it’s one-sided. But here… everyone on the right will take issue with Mr. Conway; but ultimately, he could be protecting his wife’s job. That’s just a fact, Jack.

It’s like Johnny Bananas needs a remodel for his bar. He gets the note from the bank and then hands it over to his “general contractor,” the general contractor is a Shylock — Johnny Bananas works for the shylock and the shylock is a shylock general contractor. Shylock is a silent partner in Johnny Bananas — he owns the vending machine, the juke box, the pool table, and the back door on occasion. He provides really qualified workers who have gambling debts, and they will work their hearts out rather than have a leg broke.

Having one’s leg broken puts a dent in the family’s income. (The immediate family.) There’s just plenty of B.S. to go around — leftists will throw anything in their hand like a monkey at the zoo. I’m so glad it’s O.K.👌 to talk about this. It’s like one of my favorite youtube channels Buon-A-Petitti (“hi! I’m a Gina, I’m a so happy!”)

America’s critical thinking has boiled down to Al and Peg Bundy. There are all sorts of bad shoes and innuendo to go around today. Not everything’s as it seems. But one thing is for certain: a man is truly up shit crick without a paddle. Let me explain the situation to you.

In the 1960’s the deep state assassinated a president before they turned out a crew of American-hating, communist students. Welfare was ensconced as a monolithic bureaucracy. Welfare was to placate the black community — a trade for the draft. U.S. armed forces turned into EOE which opened up for them a short-term promotion. Abortion was allowed because the promiscuousness of the 60’s and 70’s made sure it would happen.

The roles of American men and women began to change. The white male was given his safety valve also. As the drug culture had taken hold of America, domestic disturbance calls to the police, became commonplace in the suburbs; no longer an urban problem. The police would arrive, break it up, and leave. No one went to jail, no one lost any rights, and no one had their place turned upside down and searched by the police. This was the modus operandi all over the nation until DOMESTIC VIOLENCE became a “cause” for the politicians.

At this time, the American male became used to having a loose woman. Men and women have been fighting for centuries. The children have always been in between — the children become men and women and they have children in between — generation after generation. Today the government is involved in every aspect of people’s lives in America. They even know, you will bend to their will, and allow them to make a pin cushion — vaccine bomb out of your child. What is this? What are they doing?

Truly, what kind of mother and father would allow the government to do that?

Are the American people so distant from each other that they are incapable of banding together in protest?

Parents in America should take every one of these assholes out into the street for justice. The people have allowed the government to bombard their children with vaccinations, and they are quiet (for the most part).

Abortion is set to tear apart our nation. Whatever Diane Feinstein’s doing, it is only to save the holy grail of liberalism — ABORTION.

You have the American male up against the wall here. A woman can go into an abortion clinic and murder child after child, but don’t lay a hand on her! (As the man is lead away in handcuffs, the empowered woman [who may be a psychopathic murderer at the abortion clinic] is standing there… alone, in her self-righteous indignation as another one bites the dust).

Don’t look at a woman, don’t say nuthin’, don’t whistle, don’t touch (if you do touch, have a contract) the woman may have had multiple abortions which makes her a serial killer, a murderer, a psychopathic killer. But don’t you step out of line, boy. Why kind of jerk-off psychologists figured this shit out?

Frank Sheeran came home after 411 straight days of combat in WW II — he was a psychopathic-murderer; his family had no idea. Richard Kuklinski, the “Ice Man” in North Jersey, was a psychopathic murderer, his wife and family had no idea. They had nice families, no abortions, and provided for their families. Kiddies your mother today could be a psychopathic-murderer and you would never know it. Only she and the abortionist know on this side of the veil.

I am sick and tired of sanctimonious, pusillanimous politically motivated among us, the  squeaky-clean ones, worried about women who don’t worry about their offspring (especially the left). Judge Kavanaugh go on about your business and do what you gotta do.

Kellyanne Conway was one of the pundettes — Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham and Kellyanne on Washington D.C., TV. When Laura Ingraham stopped seeing George Conway, Ann Coulter hooked up Kellyanne with George. You would hope its a marriage made in heaven — you’ll never know til they go to court but as long as George pokes a stick at the president’s Twitter account, I doubt he’ll fire her.

Women want to go about in a man’s world and have all the perks except they don’t want to have to tote an ass-whooping. Because of the left, Kellyanne Conway’s Secret Service handle is blueberry — which is far better than Hillary’s blackberries. Feminism of any stripe should be rejected until abortion has been banished from our land. It is the greatest sin women have ever brought to America.

Should they continue to foist the ideology of abortion through the likes of Hillary Clinton and Gloria Allred on us, just remember: 60,000,000 dead. Psychopathic killers. The most lamest game in town?  “I’m a strong woman”  Yeah, okay.

The above youtube is before the additional 10,000,000 lives killed since it was produced. TEN MILLION LIVES. Which would be 1,000 more BB’s into the can. Each BB represents 10,000 lives aborted.

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