Barefoot Blurb – September 19, 2018

So here we are… twenty years after Bill Clinton came out and admitted “that depends on what the meaning of is, is.”

Slimy, republican leaders like Mitch McConnell (who were there before Bill Clinton) are unable to function in front of the feminism. The feminism has been ridden (like an apocalyptic bad dream) by the feminists. Foremost of which is a former lawyer of the Watergate Committee; a rabid, Alinsky-ite from Chicago by way of the run-down governor’s mansion in Little Rock, Arkansas: Hillary Clinton. (She was dismissed as unethical by the leaders of the Watergate committee).

We can be thankful Hillary no longer works for the Rose Law Firm — even there she was a pain in America’s ass. (Yes… Keith Ellison’s accuser gets shut down like a 12-year old rape victim in Arkansas). Hillary wrote this game plan — mushrooms like Jennifer Palmieri have sprouted from under her trail.

Palmieri has been the spin since the 1st Clinton administration. Palmieri had worked in both democrat administrations (since the early 1990’s) and she was involved in the 1998 spin:  “It was just sex.”  Sidney Blumenthal (another mushroom) was also involved in all of this — another go-to idiot, who knows how to write in newsprint. It boils down to what you get when you have a young, coke-head president (we say young because he was young for a president, but he was a well-established coke-head).

Look at Bill today: a shot-out shell of a human being. He walks around catching flies in his mouth, which hardly ever shuts. That used to be the sign of a punch-drunk fighter. (It was substance abuse that made Bill punch-drunk).

It’s the pantsuit that wears the pants between that evil duo.

“Old Cankles” attempted to tear down Nixon for the CIA…which gave wiggle room for the real cocaine cowboys. These cowboys were CIA operatives, allied with Arkansas’ Governor in Mena. They used the mob to distribute their wares all over the country and especially, in the inner-cities.

In reality, “they” are the true segregationists. They used the RICO statute and the FBI to take out their old partners (mob) in the drug trade. They made way for their new partners in the drug trade: various hispanic gangs (do you see anybody else in congress supporting MS 13 except the democrats?) Because of the nature of hispanic migration around the U.S., it’s no longer an inner-city problem; drugs, and especially fentanyl, are out in farm country.  (Even in the jailhouse, fentanyl has proven to be a weapon of mass destruction. Enough fentanyl could be smuggled into a prison that the inmates could overtake the staff, in the prison-for-profit environment, many bad actors are on the top-side, start with SES.)

Now they want to segregate women from men in politics. It’s a democrat thing (and it’s their sweet spot), but in the midst of that, they have segregated women as a whole. If you are a conservative woman… you have no truck, if you are a liberal woman… you’re golden.

Hey babe, wake up! This feminism has gone into the halls of congress where girlie men, satisfying the desires of women-voters, herded by feminists, (for a more peaceful & civilized society) have risen.

Are you happy to see girlie men running the show? You couldn’t get a bar brawler elected today (not that he would be any good) but he wouldn’t have been cowed by this pusillanimous waste, thrown about by the monkey media.

The trash, masquerading as elected representatives in the house and the senate today, are a direct result of feminism. Feminism runs around in fake pussy hats.

You would have more respect for them if they were reality-based and wore a used maxi-pad. Hormones are notoriously volatile. Men have testosterone problems — while women, have estrogen problems. (That’s why we make good teams). One plays off the other — but when it comes to a fight, testosterone wins, every day. So truly, the girlie men in congress will dance to the feminists’ tune until they can get it to a place where they can snatch, absolute power. (Thanks to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama the gay mafia has become gay special forces and hit teams incorporated).

If the feminists believe their partners in politics — the girlie men, are forever partners… they are sadly mistaken. The girlie men are only riding this until they can make their move. For now, it’s incremental. If it weren’t for Trump, Hillary Clinton would have ushered in the absolute rule of the girlie men.

Remember the rainbow White House. It was effeminate men responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire. That was their power structure. The people were given over to bread and circus. History repeats.

5 thoughts on “Barefoot Blurb – September 19, 2018

  1. Absofuckinglutly! The truth, written in plain English, that puts Feminists in their pussy hat wearing places! I hope the fems are happy at the mess they have made. But I can tell you, they will never be happy because they are fighting their own inner hatred.

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  2. Hey girl, my emails to you being blocked? Didn’t know how else to reach you. Am getting yours, though. Sorry to use this site to get in touch.


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