All Things Subject To Change Without Notice. Please Move Along.

We want to educate Americans, well America, the FBI is the biggest mob. You know we had an FBI. Then, the outlaw FBI took over; the top was poisoned and they worked for the deep state. So many crimes were committed under Barrack Hussein Obama as president (Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State). The democrats could not afford to let the republicans (which is a joke) take a peek. But what was even worse…it was Donald J. Trump taking a peek. Another straight shooter just like Judge Kavanaugh — good is evil and evil is good.

Anyone ever hear of a west coast turnaround? West coast turnarounds are from the east coast to the west coast and back to the east coast in less than 7 days with a truck. The turnaround part could be best explained by this:

  • Driver #1: “hey driver, what’s that you got in your cigarette pack?”
  • Driver #2: “Why driver, that’s my second driver, he’s driving all the way back.” (See how workers have been punished? The lazies are elevated, and a lot of people get paid to lay up on dope in America).

We’ve made it so truck drivers can’t make a really decent living for suffering long periods out on the road, without a wage-an-hour, or without the ability to run their natural body rhythms and earn their way within the time they have.  You should feel sorry for them, with all the regulations piled up upon them (CPAP machines, virtual prisoners in their trucks for a specific amount of time, every tool: GPS, Cellphone, Camcorders, Satellite and all of their paperwork, that has made their life easy, can be turned against them in a court of law by a lawyer. Stay safe drivers!)

The FBI is without regulation. The nation is turned upside down. The FBI is a big tool for the deep state but imagine:

John Brennan, known in circles as “DOCTOR DRONE” is focused on domestic policy and why the CIA is so dangerous. (If as James O’Keefe has pointed out, the state department and the justice department, having deep state operators working from within, is a crime). It’s really a crime for the CIA to focus within our borders, against our citizens, oh, (and even the senate) John Brennan.

A “Director” who was into regime change at the CIA — Brennan, 5th Director of The Central Intelligence Agency with the addition of two words: the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency — “the” and “Agency.”  A cursory internet search using the new words, will give you a dead-end at Porter Goss. The old guys never liked Porter Goss, (and apparently the new guys didn’t either) but he was a George Herbert Walker Bush gopher. When you see the picture of Lee Harvey Oswald and Berriman “Barry” Seal at the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol Camp in the 1950’s… (that was Porter Goss who studied Greeks, bent over at the table with David Ferrie, flight instructor, in the helmet liner behind him).

There are zero degrees of separation between Porter Goss, George H. W. Bush (whose cellphone number was in Barry Seals’s back pocket when he was assassinated outside a Baton Rouge, LA halfway house at his 6 P.M. reporting time) and Barry Seal contract cocaine importation. You can thank George H. W. Bush in an oblique way for the change of the name of Director Central Intelligence this particular link will give you enough information that could lead you to discover and put together for yourself (say if you were a college student thirsting for knowledge,) to stumble upon Allen Dulles, (Director Central Intelligence — “old school”) and then more searching, (with a free internet) come up with The Warren Commission and then even find George Bush of the CIA per J. Edgar Hoover. (These were the days when George H.W. Bush was expendable — those days are over. George H.W. Bush who was to become Director Central Intelligence was in Dallas (11/22/1963) — a patsy within a patsy operation. [Want to know why there’s all these shootings today? It’s because Brennan is scared shitless and he works for jerks like George Herbert Walker Bush. “Sit down here, kiddy.”]) They have “MANDELA-ed” the history, and if kids don’t use the proper words in a search, they’ll be down a dead-end. 

It was the 2016 election of Russian influence and corruption. Up your ass John Brennan. Up your ass Uranium to Russia, Mueller… and up your Scooter Libby — James Comey. 

It’s like when Florida changed the exit numbers on I-10 and started naming them by the mile marker, rather than the number of the exits from east to west.

The truck stop at exit 70 is still named the LUCKY 13 truck stop.

I’ll never forget being in the Lucky 13 truck stop as an F-22 was making amazing turns in the sky. My phone cell phone rang… a friend in Louisiana had died in his truck. He had just left the house with a load of rice.

A drunk, hotshot driver was eastbound. My friend was coming up on exit 87 (westbound) around Church Point and Rayne, Louisiana. Hotshot is a name as old as the term “gypsy trucker” — they run time sensitive tools and parts for the oil industry, almost exclusively (mostly pickup trucks and gooseneck trailers). These were the days when America made her own parts, (in small machine shops across the southern United States for the oil industry) rather than crates with Chinese lettering.

The hotshot driver had two passengers who may have contributed to his drunken state. As they proceeded eastbound, they began to “hoot” a woman driver and hooked her car with their trailer, dragging it into the median (like a whirling dervish) where safely in her car, she was left on the fast-lane shoulder of westbound traffic. The drunken hotshots preceded into the westbound lane and struck my friend head-on. He was just a little over 6’7″ and north of 350 lbs.

jKVScAqB.jpg-largeI was able to look at his artwork on the wall of Kings truck stop — Port Barre, LA on US 190 in the Jambalaya Cafe many times after his death. (Anything west from there, is deep Cajun country). My friend’s log-book was up to snuff and he was legitimate, like America.

The Lucky 13 represents the U.S. in this analogy — it still has the same name Lucky 13, but it’s really exit 70. My friend driving the truck represents America and the hard-working people who made this place something — we did it, they did it, but it’s “us.” The drunk hotshot driver (and his two passengers) represent the rogue FBI leadership (and all of the intelligence apparatus we have, that is supposed to be focused on our enemies). The lady, spun out through the median and almost into westbound traffic — that’s Hillary Clinton, she’s just feeling the breeze, but she really doesn’t hear the footsteps.

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