Goodnight, God Bless You, And Pleasant Dreams.

Barefoot Blurb – September 22, 2018

With what we see today in the outright assault on decency by the Godless left… Ashley Kavanaugh getting emails from the crazed left which then results in Secret Service protection.

That’s the left, they don’t care what the cost — its their way or no way.

But here today… the rabid left proves the point of many thinkers in America: that the 2008 and 2012 elections were stolen. They can’t seem to get the ball rolling! Ferguson did not ignite the country, so they had to slow-roll it to gain more. They are a sorry lot. I hope they gain a lot more before we crush them. Because that’s what this scenario is coming to.

When you go after Sarah Sanders and Ashley Kavanaugh and Kellyanne Conway (and any other woman) and profess to be a champion of women? You need to be taken out and shot.

If you link up with gay blades, bull dykes and Islamists, you are a most conflicted individual i.e., a movement of yapping dogs.

Do not be surprised when the right has finally had enough of your shrill, feminazi, kicking at the goad, abortion movement. Our Lord named each and every one of us before we were in the womb and when he calls you by that name?  (You’re gone, for better or for worse).

A conservative may put pictures of firearms up on social media because that’s what he or she is into… that’s his (or her) toy. Some people have pussy hats, some people have boats,  it’s America (and you get what you pay for  — because we’re free). When someone tries to upend America and especially from within, they are known as domestic terrorists and are the domestic enemy — delineated by the Constitution. James O’Keefe has pointed this out — we have domestic enemies. Did you see the Marines running for the fire at the old folks home? Or should I say senior center?

Well that’s what it looks like when they start coming down the street and you’re a domestic enemy. Get ready to get run over! People have had enough of your trash.

As America is dragged down by the pit dwellers, good people get hurt.


America’s future is its children and the culture of death wants to run the show.

Have you been on a thread on twitter, crying out to God for protection of our president as he engages the people? No president has been more beloved by the people since Andrew Jackson. This president is more comfortable with a civic center filled with everyday folks who are more than willing to back him up. We can’t let these crazies go any further because they will ratchet this up until harm comes to our leader. This cannot be allowed to happen — we are in historic times and Trump must live his natural days. May God have mercy on America. Forgive us our sin of abortion Dear Lord, Jesus — and allow a healing after the dust clears.

One thought on “Goodnight, God Bless You, And Pleasant Dreams.

  1. Tough, if some do not agree and give him crap. It is all true and unless we start standing up, helping and hoping the younger voters see how the left is enabling and lying to them, we will be in hell. Unless we stand up for OUR rights we will go the way of Venezuela.China is waiting to swoop in and do to us what they are doing to Venezuela and Turkey. They will do it will a smile on their face, willing to help and then we will be slaves to them. Then you will hear the screaming, but it will be too late. Bless you Kevin for having the guts to point out the hypocrisy and danger we are in as a people and country.God save us all.

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